Reviews for Harry Potter and the Betrothal Contract
Shinra-Tensai chapter 26 . 9/25
Epicweaver chapter 26 . 9/14
Fun read. Thanks for posting.
Damon-1995 chapter 14 . 9/14
KalKir chapter 14 . 9/1
I am a bit surprised that Harry did not call Dumbledore out on his change of plans at the infirmary which could easily connect to that he knew Draco was a DE. Also, quite surprised about the amount of forgiveness Harry is showing when in earlier chapters he clesrly showed he would not be as forgiving. Also Dumbledore and Snape did not really answer his questions in regards to Snape and Draco which would have increased the tension between the two groups which would be another fuel to the fire as to Harry should have opposed Draco hiding at Grimmauld Place. Overall, I felt that Harry is a pushover when you and the character tried to depict him to be the opposite. He made the compromise with Dumbles about the memory, with Daphnes help compromised with Slughorn. Just surprised that he would be this easily influenced considering the years of hatred and the fact that they are marked, plus Sirius death would make Harry more inclined to face justice. Now Dumbledore could have stated other reasons, but I feel that Harry would have still demanded justice even at the cost of Snape's life. His reasoning would be that Malfoy is a DE and more than willing to harm him and those he cared. He is following his father's foosteps and not regretting it. He also harmed a gril who he is bethrothed to and is falling for. Not to mention that Snape would not provide anything to Harry when asked to justify his action. So if Snape is goung to die due to his viw, as a DE, who is also associated with his parents death, and who hates his guts, Harry would not have issues with that... especialky when Snape also insults Sirius beofe and after death (that is if the canon story from 5th book and before is the same in your universe). So yeah, either Harry is a bloody saint who csn even forgive Voldy, or there is something I am missing cause the reasons and info are not adding up for his reaction to Dumbles explanation. Still interedting stiry and looking forward to this story though. Just that section really bothered me.
harry4eve chapter 17 . 8/29
What about dementors? Could they suck the soul fragment from Harry?
echo27fire chapter 26 . 8/27
Just reread this story. Still one of my favorite, and best, Harry/Daphne stories.
counter12 chapter 26 . 8/26
Loved your writing man. On to the next one.
N Flamel chapter 11 . 8/11
Hi James, I'm reading this story again, and it remains as charming and well thought out as I thought in the several times I've read it before. This chapter deserves special comment, though. The kiss between Daphne and Harry and the lead up to it may be the best I've read in HP fan fiction. Daphne's thoughts after the kiss ended portrayed the first understanding of love (for a non-family member) about as well and as poignantly as they can be conveyed. Exceedingly well done!

Your Dumbledore is well and fairly portrayed. He has the perspective of well over one hundred years, so, of course, he's going to move slowly through the education of Harry, which is sure to frustrate the young man, who is somewhat less than one-tenth Dumbledore's age. You're doing a very good job in showing the innate contradiction between these two people. I loved how you had Dumbles extract his pound of flesh from Harry by requiring that Harry get the memory from Slughorn before he would 'get to the point' and actually teach Harry what he needs to vanquish Voldemort. Lurking behind these interactions is the obvious question of why hadn't DD researched, found and destroyed what Voldemort used to tie himself to the earth during the time Voldy was in spectral form.

Well, back to the story to see if Molly will have a heart attack over Harry's marriage contract with the Ice Queen (and certain Death Eater, in Molly's highly biased opinion). It's really fun re-reading this fic. Thanks for all the work you've put into your stories. - Nicolas
Shira Lynn chapter 7 . 8/8
First, I am re-reading the story and like it just as much as the first time around.

Secondly, I can only applaud your A/N because at the age of 40 I had to learn that lesson the hard way, too: Sometimes, everything adds up and just becomes too much. In my case, my own illness, my mother hospitalized for having heart problems again, my sister dying of liver cancer, my brother dying of a heart attack, both of my cats dying and loosing my job due to a corporate sale - all within two years.
My reading of Harry Potter fan fiction has become much more critical since, because it is difficult for me to believe that a teenage boy was not more affected by his home life, threats, abuse at school and deaths surrounding him than it is shown in canon.

Keep on writing and putting you own spin on both story line and characterizations!
lifelovelaugh chapter 26 . 8/5
Omfg i love this!
G the Headmaster chapter 26 . 7/14
Great story!
HelpmeHermione chapter 26 . 6/30
Loved it!
Thekingofpwn chapter 26 . 6/29
Beautiful story, the ending might be a bit cliché but hey i like it. Grammar was amazing and the pace was perfect.
delia cerrano chapter 26 . 6/26
Jamr chapter 8 . 6/23
why don't they get married and then go their separate ways
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