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alfredomedel4 chapter 15 . 11/24
the ring belongs to the peverells not the slytgerins. despite some minor errors im enjoying this fanfix
Guest chapter 26 . 11/21
I meant to mention this in an earlier chapter and forgot in a really early chapter when you talked about the cup you said it was silver but when they went to destroy it you said it was gold
alfredomedel4 chapter 3 . 11/23
marvolo gaunt, not marvolo riddle
DennisJayHawthorne chapter 26 . 11/20
DennisJayHawthorne chapter 7 . 11/20
I love your author's note, well written.
missgsmith51 chapter 4 . 11/13
"Mate, you've only had one lesson. Dumbledore never spills the goods. He likes you to work it out on your own, he just kind of points the way," Ron offered, but Harry glared at his friend.

"Ron, don't you think this would be a good time to just tell someone what to do?"

I agree with Harry. This is NOT the time for DumDum's little games. Think of all the people who died - who might not have if Dumbledore had been honest and direct ... not to mention less arrogant. Had Dumbledore shared his suspicions about the Horcruxes sooner and with people like Sirius and Remus and maybe the Goblins, who might have helped, the whole thing MIGHT have ended much sooner and the death toll PERHAPS greatly reduced. His addiction to hoarding information and not giving Harry the information he needs is pretty much responsible for the debacle which led to Sirius's death.

Hermione: "It would help to end things. But there's got to be more to this than we know. I know you don't want to, Harry, but perhaps you just need to be patient." I don't think Hermione is very patient when she is after information. She's in Harry's face until she finally drives him so crazy he just gives in. It's just another example of her Dumbledore worship, IMO.

I'm surprised that Dumbledore is favorable toward the contract.
OllyOllyOxycodone chapter 9 . 10/24
I give up. Teenage drama Tracey's personality Daphne's personality Unreadable. All anyone ever does in this story is whine.
OllyOllyOxycodone chapter 8 . 10/23
Yes forgetting to meet someone warrants them a fist to the face. She didn't overreact at all and he should do something big to make it up to her. What utter bullshit.
OllyOllyOxycodone chapter 3 . 10/23
I don't think I have ever hated someone as much as I hate your Tracey. Out of all the HP FF's I have read and out of the hundreds of characters I have hated in those, she has already broke into my top 10 after just 3 chapters. Bravo.
PoseidonPrince chapter 26 . 10/22
capo327 chapter 10 . 10/18
Except for the glaring event of the overreacting decking of Harry by Daphne she hasn't been too bad until now. Laughing at him on their date and calling him full of himself was horrible. Especially since she now knows of how often Voldemort has gone after Harry and that there's even a goddamn prophecy saying they will have to face each other.
capo327 chapter 9 . 10/17
Again Ron and Hermione laugh at him because his betrothed struck him. Would they be laughing if it was him who punched Daphne in the face? You'd think Hermione would know of the terms double standard and sexism. I think from now on I'll skip any scene with those two assholes in it.
capo327 chapter 8 . 10/17
Maybe Ron would find the physical violence funny but Hermione most certainly wouldn't. Great way to start a relationship. Maybe there will be domestic violence when they're married and Hermione will laugh that off too.
capo327 chapter 7 . 10/17
Ron and Hermione were annoying as all hell in this chapter. If he wanted help he'd ask for it, he doesn't need them yelling their shifty opinions at him.
HarvardAU chapter 1 . 10/9
Oooooh this story looks promising! :)
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