Reviews for Solstice Spirit
Angie chapter 1 . 7/14/2014
I adore your preface and believe I am switching my faith to thee spaghetti monster!
I have no idea if you still read your reviews but I hope you will find this.
I am unfortunately nearly to the end of your one shots and they seem to have been last dine 5 years ago.
Moon dance and Star wind are among my favorite characters and you have captured them exceedingly well.
I suffer from chronic pain and am often bed/couch bound due to nerve bone pain from an injury. I much prefer controlling my pain thru reading than drugs and judge when I must take them by when I cannot lose myself in alternate realities.
Your work has not only only given me drug free time to enjoy with my husband (he also loves Valdemare and enjoys fanfic) but has given me many moments of outright laughter. Having enjoyed a 25 year career as an R.N. before my injury I can tell you laughter is one of the best medications in our arsenals. It reduces pain, relieves depression, speeds healing, improves the immune system and so much more. Hospitals now actually have teams dedicated to bringing laughter around to patients and staff.
So thank you. From the bottom of my my heart .
And I hope that where ever you are in your busy life your blessed.
perhaps you will once again find time to brighten the world with u our wrighting.
Anbessette chapter 1 . 1/29/2010
This was fun. Sweet, with an interesting plot - what could be better?

One problem: "naieve" should be spelled "naïve". (You get the ï by pressing Alt139.)
Paradisiacal chapter 1 . 1/4/2010
Cute, naturally. And from me, you know that's a very high compliment :D I can't believe no one else reviewed.

There's just one sentence that needs fixing (yes, I'm editing, that's just who I am).

“I will once I reabsorb the power I use in making the first is not as though we must leave it open.”

I think you need "first. It is not"

Voila! Cute, though sadly I seem to be the only one who has noticed.