Reviews for To Be Loved
Romily chapter 5 . 9/17
I stop reading now... i really can't get into the story and i don't like any of the characters you introduced so far.
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 12 . 8/20
Hermione wasnt there when he died.
Juliethobo chapter 25 . 8/2
You are as bad as JKR you did not need to kill Sirius. Dumbledore I don't mind, Snape, even though he was a good guy deserved to die for the atrocities he had to consciously make to become a death eater. But Sirius did not. He deserved to finally have a happy life after helping to take down the Dark Wanker.
Excellence impersonated chapter 25 . 7/23
the story was excellent but it reminded me too much of FMAB
Heroes win at the end
Guest chapter 25 . 7/8
What a wonderful ride this story has been
Guest chapter 18 . 7/8
This is the dumbledore that I wish was canon. Instead of the bumbling idiot we got. This dumbledore is brilliant.
keyblademeister88 chapter 25 . 6/30
Thank you
Blitzstrahl chapter 4 . 6/1
Really, that doesn't match this Harry at all. He should have been more interested in the restricted section than the forbidden corridor.
Squarekiddo chapter 4 . 5/24
What is this? I thought because of all the favourites that this story would be at least mediocre, but its a damn notebook! Its not a story, it just tells us some notes and skips to everything.
xNaruHina chapter 25 . 4/23
Wow, Daphne loves Harry so much that she withholds the information Snape had given her... That is really fucked up and Harry deserves to know about his "contribution" as she put it. If she loves him so much than she should be open and honest with him, not closed off and secretive...
Phillies2 chapter 25 . 4/12
Well, they might as well have lost, everybody is basically dead. I mean the demontors killed all those against Fudge, then the attack on the school, the final assault? Who actually is left alive in Britain? This all could have been avoided if Dumbledore had just stopped Fudge in the Wizengart, I mean it was Fudge. He's an idiot, there is no way he would have been capable of getting all that power, even with a few aurors. Fudge wouldn't have made it that far, just like the public wouldn't have followed Malfoy to overthrow Fudge. Everybody died
NoticeMeeeeSenpai chapter 25 . 4/10
This started off as an incredibly promising fic, unfortunately it lost its depth over time. There should have been more character development with Daphne, as well as Hermione. The death of Snape was actually what got me. Harry would never just kill him off like that!
langeline chapter 25 . 3/17
Poor VKHG...
langeline chapter 24 . 3/17
Good incorporation of a wily, intelligent Daph here.
langeline chapter 17 . 3/17
I prefer your expedient plots over sometimes waffley JKR's...
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