Reviews for To Be Loved
RT89 chapter 25 . 8/8/2018
Intriguing tale, full of everything that makes a good story.
AiyaKnight chapter 15 . 7/26/2018
I would highly suggest if toyr interested in reading this to take my warning.

High amounts of rehash
Little to no harry x dahpne
Lots of heavy handed ooc characters
Highly unsatisfying to read
missgsmith51 chapter 6 . 7/24/2018
Too bad Daphne is being so unpleasant. She might not get on with Hermione, but your Harry is quiet, polite, studious, and intelligent, and he would make an acceptable friend. He doesn't seem to go in for idle chatter, which annoys her. It isn't as if she has so many people she can afford to throw away anyone.

Daphne is also one who should see a mind Healer, if Dumbledore had any sense. He knows the Mirror ensnared her - he said as much - yet he is doing nothing to see that she has suffered no long term damage. Dumbledore is rather careless with the lives entrusted to him.

I hope Daphne remembers what she saw Lucius do, because it might - no, it WILL be important. Harry has already shown that he is adept at putting together obscure clues. She needs to let Harry inside ... accept his friendship.
mumphie chapter 25 . 7/14/2018
Wow - good story - kinda dark - sad for many characters.
mumphie chapter 21 . 7/14/2018
You HAD to go there, poor Sirius
mumphie chapter 11 . 7/14/2018
Shame she doesn't know that she is destroying herself and her sister by her attitude.
mumphie chapter 6 . 7/14/2018
Aww - I so want Harry to befriend Neville Longbottom, he so needs better friends...and what's to become of Hermione? If her only friend becomes attached to Daphne, poor Hermione!
Crossxx chapter 25 . 7/8/2018
Love it
Keeper chapter 25 . 7/1/2018
Beautiful story, a little upset about the death of Krum tho.
Khavros chapter 25 . 6/27/2018
good read. I think Snape was the most tragic part. And there could have been more Harry and Daphne scenes in the early years. but still very good, thanks for posting.
Kendo chapter 2 . 6/19/2018
I love your style of writing : clear and concise

There are far too many overly descreptive fanfics out there.
Of course I've come across some riveting fics which are full of mindblowing details but those were scarce. Sadly, most fics seem to explain for the sake of explaining while sacrificing the flow of their plot.
Odumilcar chapter 25 . 6/18/2018
A competent Voldy is a rare one
D0 y0u even read br0 chapter 25 . 6/14/2018
Fantastic story! I'm not in the mood to leave a wordy review, but you're a great author who wrote an amazing story,
Glw4life chapter 1 . 6/12/2018
I really enjoyed your story. It was interesting and diverged from cannon wondwrfully. I hope you keep writing.
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