Reviews for Secret of the 327th
MrMasterplan chapter 152 . 4/11
Dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! Insert epically creepy music right here! The time has come for Order 66 to be put into effect! What will happen now? Read on to find out! :)
MrMasterplan chapter 151 . 4/11
Oh, yeah; Cad Bane vs. Darth Sidious! That's the Clash of The Titans right there! Two words; E-PIC!
MrMasterplan chapter 150 . 4/11
That GranDracmon is one hell of a tactician! Nuff' said.
MrMasterplan chapter 149 . 4/11
Dah dah dah, daaah dahdah, daaah dahdah! (The Sith Melody, or whatever it is called) Finally the hood drops! Evil, thy name be Palpatine! :)

Apropos Sith, will either Darth Maul or Savage Opress show up? Those two are just so BADASS!
MrMasterplan chapter 148 . 4/11
Appropriate defeat for those slavers, I'll say. :)
MrMasterplan chapter 140 . 4/9
Jiminy Christmas! You must have thought a long time about that prophecy and how it should sound like. Nice work! :)
MrMasterplan chapter 137 . 4/9
I think it's a bit odd; in The Clone Wars series, Chairman Papanoida and Cad Bane were both voiced by Corey Burton. How he can manage to sound both as noble and as evil, is beyond me.
MrMasterplan chapter 134 . 4/9
Cad Bane vs. Renamon! That was an epic fistfight! Too bad Bane cheated at the end there, but hey, that's just how he is. :)
MrMasterplan chapter 112 . 4/7
Wowzers! I can understand why Palpatine was so angry with Anakin in the previous chapter; all his plans for turning him to the Dark Side pretty much went up in smoke. And so, he tries to regain some of that a little by killing the Zillo Beast? If Sidious wasn't #1 on my Top Ten Most GoshDarned Sunnuvaguns (I could use stronger swearwords, but I don't like useing them), then he certainly is now!
MrMasterplan chapter 99 . 4/4
THAT WAS FREAKING NICELY DONE! A Digi-Gnome at the end, granting Suzie's wish? That was BRI-LI-ANT! And WereGarurumon will return; Hurray! He is so cool, (pardon the pun), so I would have hated to just see him being deleted. :)
MrMasterplan chapter 92 . 4/4
Nice one with the Kung Fu Panda quote there. It's just so wise and sage-like, that I wonder why they did not include it in Star Wars in the first place. :)

BTW, there is a third Kung Fu Panda film coming soon and the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen actually was a voice-role in it.
MrMasterplan chapter 87 . 4/4
Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa! Jar Jar is always so funny! Nice going with the slap-stick style accidents he had.
MrMasterplan chapter 78 . 4/3
If you ask me, the Acolyte that Rapidmon was fighting against was stupid; I would have used the Force to first slowly Force-choke him close to death/stop him in his tracks, then use a Force-pull to send him towards me and then run him through with the lightsaber, as he passed me. (Insert maniacal laughter here.)
MrMasterplan chapter 77 . 4/3
Talk about coming out of the frying pan and straight into the inferno, eh'? :)
MrMasterplan chapter 47 . 3/28
Hey, will Anakin and Obi-Wan really go to the Tamers World in your other story?
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