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Amy-The-Dragon8 chapter 17 . 9/25
Please finish this story!
Arandomfan chapter 17 . 9/20
I don't know you. I don't even live near USA (forgive my horrendous English). I don't have a stable career that allow me to travel across the world searching for you yet. So may be not this year or the next or the following after that, but I'm gonna search for you. Because someone who can bring life to such amazing characters is definitely someone who deserve I spend my time looking for, just to be able to have a chat whit (and may be convince her to finish the story? wink, wink). Whatever, I love you and I'm sure we will meet eventually, so you better don't die before that!

(I'm not psycho? Really, don't worry)
AyaEmett chapter 17 . 8/6
Guest chapter 2 . 7/19
I love your stories however I don't want Danny falling for vlad for several reasons
1: It would be Stockholm Syndrome
2: Hello! He's been kidnaped and raped
3:vlad is evil has nothing to justify his actions! And if he himself doesn't neither will Danny
4: He's killed millions of people
5: Did I mention it would be Stockholm syndrome?
lollie chapter 3 . 7/18
I really hope Danny's not going tp fall for vlad this is Stockholm syndrome t the max. You mean to tell me he hasn't tried to escape even once!
I hope his parents come and save him.
Guest chapter 17 . 6/12
It's been longer then 90 days lol
SneezySoul chapter 17 . 5/27
is she going to be dead?

shes going to be dead isnt she

no elysia

dont be dead

thats bad for your health
SneezySoul chapter 16 . 5/27
for a minute i thought the mean butler would do something horrible to her and i just got so panicked and shit and oh my gosh i had a mini heart attack at that

but omg i hope her plan works

too bad theres only one chapter left before im left to imagine what happens ugh

dont you just hate that like youre in the middle of a book or a movie and youre forced to shut it off and youre left to stew over it all? not that its super horrible or anything but dude sometimes it goes waaayyyy offtrack

anyway i enjoyed this so so so much! Your writing is perfect, you add enough emotion in this story to make me bawl my eyes out over and over again! its so good! :D ( even if i got mad at vlad haha this is a great story )
SneezySoul chapter 14 . 5/27
i -


*internally screaming*
SneezySoul chapter 13 . 5/27



SneezySoul chapter 12 . 5/27
Okay i love elysia

i hate ocs to bits when it comes to fanfictions but elysia was amazing

though i have a sinking suspicion hell die later, right?

I mean id prefer if danny got the mean butler out of the way but that means murder or something and danny is such a sweetheart to do something so mean ugh

but omg im not sure how angry i can get at vlad
like i just tore through a pack of soda trying to calm myself down
geesh i need to chill

but thats all a sign that you did great so eh whatever you look at it
SneezySoul chapter 11 . 5/27

now that they have him theyre practically indestructible! ( haha no kidding, but they can get around and stuff! Which means they could go places, see faces, eat laces )

( wait. people dont eat laces sorry not sorry. )

I laughed so hard when Lancer found out wulf could have brought him home - and wulf's answer xD
SneezySoul chapter 10 . 5/27


gosh this story has me in a tizzy im trying so hard not to curse like a sailor but man this is such a good story you did a wonderful job on it omg

and ye im still angry at vlad B( ill never look at him in the same way again
SneezySoul chapter 9 . 5/27
gosh diddly fugnugget wire nut bouncy ball hurricane noodle fart

im so angry omg
SneezySoul chapter 8 . 5/27
that speech tho

that speech
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