Reviews for Ginny's Deathly Hallows
ThunderSphinx chapter 2 . 1/22/2017
Uh Ginny never went back to school after the Easter Holidays. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were captured, remember? It definitely wasn't safe after that.
ThunderSphinx chapter 1 . 1/22/2017
I don't believe any of the students died during the 1997-1998 school year, at least not until the Battle of Hogwarts. Imprisoned? Possibly. Raped? Maybe. Tortured? Most definitely. But not killed.
Guest chapter 2 . 2/28/2016
Wow!next chapter!
AvidReader2236 chapter 2 . 8/17/2014
I liked this chapter. It was true to Ginny's character. However, I think it would be better if you tried to use more British terminology- seeing as the series is British.
AvidReader2236 chapter 1 . 4/23/2014
I really felt for Ginny in this chapter. Well done!
Guest chapter 2 . 7/6/2013
Keep writing!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/6/2013
I love how it was George who comforted her, as i am halfway through the Harry Potter books (for the 20th time!) and I've realized it's always Fred who seems to speak! That's injustice in my eyes! Well done, this is so detailed!
Toothless123465 chapter 2 . 6/21/2013
loveing it
zvc56 chapter 2 . 1/19/2013
keep going
Bambi chapter 2 . 1/14/2013
This is really goood! I like the whole 'protective older brother' stuff too!
harry potter headtwi-hard chapter 2 . 4/7/2012
its very good and I want to know what happens but its quite depressing
stuffedmonkeys chapter 2 . 1/22/2012
i love it please continue!
XoxMountainGirlxoX chapter 2 . 6/9/2011
please update...I wanna see what her brothers say and do when they find out what happened...
Mika Tenoh chapter 2 . 6/29/2010
Somehow this doesn't feel complete. Like what you've got though!
RisingFire chapter 2 . 4/24/2010
I love it so far, I think it'll be brilliant! Can't wait for the next chapter...
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