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DJexe chapter 15 . 5/22
I love the interactions between Mari and Shinji. Very funny and heartwarming. I was laughing when I saw the Flash singing the opening lyrics to Sonic Heroes. I can only wonder how you plan on having the Evangelion pilots take on the 15th Angel. Keep up the good work.
Rassilon001 chapter 15 . 9/18/2014
Hooray! All enemies are defeated! Impressively done for Mari as well, draining all the speed from everything, everywhere. Inhuman. Frankly at this point I wondered if anything can truly stand in her way anymore. Even a small army of superspeed assassins didn't seem to do much more than bother her, though their teamwork kept them from being completely boring.

Her interaction with Shinji is so cute its almost unbearable. I think I got a cavity from all the sweetness. Naturally, I'd like some more please. Mari is so wonderfully open about her feelings it's a wonderful change from other awkward, repressed or downright tsundere love interests.

A Megas XLR quip. Cute. We all know it's true though, chicks do dig giant robots.
animefan29 chapter 15 . 9/15/2014
A very fun fight exploiting quantity over quality. Very enjoyable how that went.
Guest chapter 15 . 9/15/2014
The Good: You had a lot of great one liners in this chapter. These were my favorite;

Chicks dig giant robots...

"Mmm, strawberry."

Both were pretty hilarious, especially the last one. I hope we get to see more of this kind of stuff. The relationship between Mari and Shinji continues to develop nicely. I like the fact that while Shinji is still pretty shy, he is having some normal 15 year-old reactions. Mari continues to amuse me greatly. Like I noted above, her conversations are often a highlight of this story. The fight with the Velocity 9 guys was pretty good. it wasn't as desperate (as you noted) as the fight with Zoom, but it was exciting and had a pretty unique conclusion.

The Bad: So if Jesse shot Chiron and he was dead. (I assumed this since he fell over and then Jesse and Kaji had a detailed conversation.) How could Gendo and Fuyutski order the Velocity 9 guys to go into action through him? Also they had no reation to that happening. Kinda weird. Asuka also seemed to get the short end of the stick in this episode. I hope we get to see more of her motivation in the future than just "typical angry girl".

The Other: I have to admit I had a Guardians of the Galaxy moment when Mari started her "Dance Off". Keep up the good work!
reality deviant chapter 15 . 9/14/2014
mari for the Ilustrious win
Gundam Kaiser chapter 15 . 9/14/2014
Poor Shinji, you really should've known. The grapevine always finds a way. ALWAYS.

And Asuka seems to be losing her battle with the green-eyed monster, I see.

Speaking of battles, the action sequence was great as always, and the omake was also pretty amusing.
Quathis chapter 15 . 9/14/2014
Shinji is getting happy and confident, good to see, especially since it doesn't seem to be going to his head. Mari really is doing right by him, though it looks like at least a couple of ladies aren't happy about it, for differing reasons. Liked the fight there, good to keep her on her toes, but nothing more serious than she's already faced. Until next time.
VentXekart chapter 15 . 9/14/2014
Not a bad chapter! Also near the end of the first paragraph, I see what you did there.
OBSERVER01 chapter 15 . 9/14/2014
excellent like asuka has a thing for shinji and is simply fight for the omake
Gundam Kaiser chapter 14 . 5/10/2014

I think this is the first I've heard of Velocity 9, but it definitely sounds like some serious shit.

Also, I now find myself feeling a little sorry for Zoom. He really did just want to make the world a better place - only problem is, he was completely and totally FUBAR'd in the head.

Also, Mari's victory over Zoom wound up being set to "Majin Kenzan" from the Mazinkaiser movie. Worked magnificently.
Quathis chapter 14 . 5/9/2014
Hmm, very eventful. Mari shows she's more than just a friendly face. Shinji almost seemed brain fried from that kiss. Very fun scene that was. Until next time.
OBSERVER01 chapter 14 . 5/9/2014
Finally!shinji and mari make it official!now all we need is for shinji to go into berserker fury to save mari to make this even more have to admit his berserk mode when he fights the 14th angel is epic no matter which version youre using although i do consider the zeruel smackdown in the rebuild version to be the best
Guest chapter 14 . 5/9/2014
That was a very nice and well executed Shinji x Mari sceneā€¦.
swartzvald chapter 4 . 2/10/2014
I kinda wanna see that picture.
Gundam Kaiser chapter 13 . 12/15/2013
I must confess, Zoom does have something not totally unlike a point, in that heroes (moreso people in general) learn best from experience, and sometimes the most important experience is having that One Big Tragedy that spurs them on to never let it happen again (Frank Castle's family says hi, along with Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy)... but at the same time, that doesn't make Zoom any less full of himself.

I will say, though, Zoom seems like a MUCH cooler archnemesis than that lame-o clown based out of Gotham...

I assume that by 'do what's necessary', Zolomon's intent was for Makinami to kill him? Wait, on reading it again, yeah, looks like that's the case.

Also, as to the appointments, I just realized this, but Zoom was being totally serious when he approved the first three pilots for duty, wasn't he? He wasn't being 'corrupt', or 'doing what NERV/SEELE asked him to', or any of that; to his mind, they really WERE in an ideal state of mind for piloting EVA, precisely because of all the crap they've gone through that makes them varying degrees of unstable, his theory being that they'll be able to go further, and fight harder than normal people would. That... that's brilliant, and I totally missed it on my first read-through.

Although, it now begs the question: why didn't Zoom use his powers to go about fixing/preventing tragedies himself, like (and I sort of hesitate to make the comparison) Spider-Man's archfoe-turned-uneasy ally, Venom? (technically one of the good guys, and yet he goes around eating people's goddamn brains)

I mean, the obvious answer is, Zolomon's pretty clearly a whackjob on one level or another (then again, few supervillains aren't), but still? Zoom and the Flash could've still been archenemies fighting a war with each other across spacetime: Zoom heedlessly trying to 'repair' past events for what he perceives the better, Flash trying to stop him and preserve history.

... Dammit, if I didn't already have too many fanfic projects to work on (and sometimes, too many to even keep track of), I'd take it up myself. ... Still might take a stab at it anyway...
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