Reviews for Yule Tide Happenstance
swim-with-sharks chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
This is the most ridiculously adorable thing I've read in a very long time. Straight to my favorites list.
WinterOrion chapter 1 . 3/12/2012
Awww, now you've gotten me all choked up and misty-eyed. This was magical. No pun intended. sniff
the unknownn writer chapter 1 . 12/19/2011
I have to admit, this is not my kind of thing. I prefer to read Tomione romance only but while I was trying to find a story to read, I stumbled onto this.

This one-shot is VERY well written and I loved it! Great job!
Keira-House M.D chapter 1 . 12/24/2009
I loved this story so much, the ideas you used for the presents were brilliant and unique to each character. I can't wait for the sequel to Operation: Black Dog, but I really hope Sirius survives, he's one of my favourite characters. I also hope you don't kill off Remus, Tonks and Fred as well, like J.K. Rowling did to us. Again, well done on the story, you are an amazing writer.
hukomuyo chapter 1 . 12/23/2009
I really like your stories, keep on with the great work!

Adryana (hukomuyo)
Black Mirror chapter 1 . 12/23/2009
That was lovely! Please, please don't let Sirius die ...