Reviews for The Accidental Bond
old guy chapter 8 . 2/23
very well done. judgment from above. I liked it a lot. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy
old guy chapter 7 . 2/23
nicely scripted. Wonder if Luna is next in the bond. I always liked Neville and wished he could have played a bigger part in the trio, as I always thought Ron was a waste of breathable air
old guy chapter 6 . 2/23
interesting twist. nicely scripted. I really like fawkes and always wondered why another phoenix never arrived to work with harry
old guy chapter 3 . 2/23
The Tri-wizard cup ranked right up there with the Hallows as just stupid, like putting that stone in the first place in a school with guards a 1st year could beat, but it was good sci-fi/ fantasy for bed times stories.
old guy chapter 4 . 2/23
kewl. I like it when Dumbles has headaches. It always irked me that he figured to train harry as a sacrificial lamb, instead of training him to defeat Moldyshorts and giving him a chance. Of course he wanted that Glory, until it became necessary for himself to die and leave Harry on his own. The Deathly Hollows was just way too much,left way too much to chance. Totally stupid.
old guy chapter 3 . 2/23
very nicely done, and Snape performed exactly as I expected. Look like you're following the rules, and Don't Get Caught.
old guy chapter 2 . 2/22
really liked this chapter, especially the wards. Dumbledore is gonna crap kittens when he finds out the wards have died or implded, that Harry is recognized in the muggle court system with real guardians now, and he ain't involved. The Grangers really need to get him to Gringotts and start figuring out a few things, like where his money is going and who is getting it. Bet Dumbledore is involved and is overseeing the Potter stuff...where is that Pesky will.
old guy chapter 1 . 2/22
nicely scripted. Lets see where and how far the bond takes them.
Trebores1 chapter 11 . 2/23
The movie might not have been out at that time, but it was in storybook form. Of couse I am not sure if the song is in the book or not.
GandalfTG chapter 11 . 2/16
I don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but Beauty and the Beast was written as a novel in 1756 in France. In 1742 it was turned into a play and in 1771 it was first turned into the musical that everyone knows so well (well, the music anyway). Being that it was a very popular musical ever since, it is very possible that Lily Evans had seen the show. Beyond the Musical itself, there was a movie made in France, based upon the musical, in 1946. Again, Lily could very easily have seen the movie. Of course, they would not have had the chance to see the VERY popular Disney adaptation in 1991, nor the 1987 adaptations (both film and TV Series). Even today it is still possible to get tickets to see Beauty and the Beast on broadway (and while I don't know what it's called in england, i'm sure that they have a similar venue, as i'm sure that there is one as well in france itself)

All that being said, good job with the story, I look forward to reading the rest of it! :)

p.s. wikipedia and IMDB are my sources for the dates for the above. I find that it's generally fairly reliable for such things. As such, don't be so quick to believe a fan is always right when they tell you you're wrong. I've gotten that a bit too with my own fanfic... :)
EzVibe chapter 33 . 2/15
Good story loved it gonna have a look at your other stories now
Rheya Ramsey chapter 1 . 2/15
Just one thing to point out as wrong - Harry was 15 months old when left with the Dursley's, not 18. He was 1 year old, 12 months, on the last day of July, then Voldemort attacked the last day of October - so August, September, October 123 15. I actually see this *a lot* for some reason.

Nice story, otherwise.
babiluv22 chapter 33 . 2/8
great story it could have been a little more spicier but it was great nonetheless
babiluv22 chapter 13 . 2/6
I'm highly upset that Ginny deliberately Kept Harry from saving Luna I will love Luna she my favorite I even cried that she wasn't going to get to be a part of something special why don't nobody like Luna the way I do she's such a good person since the story hasn't been updated in a long time I don't know if it's finished or abandoned but I can already guess that Luna won't be a part of this some other little hussy will I just like Luna the most out of all the females that's all
Dastardly Dragon chapter 33 . 1/9
I wish I liked this story more. It was relatively good and written well, but ultimately just not my thing. I had a few problems with it.

The author's notes talk about how this isn't really the story about Harry defeating Voldemort, but the big problem with that idea is that once Voldy is gone, so is all the action. The character interactions just aren't enough to keep the whole thing afloat.

The harem thing made me uncomfortable. That's my hang-up and I knew I would probably not go for it when I started writing, so I can't blame kb0 for that. What the author did that did bother me about it was Harry's seeming reaction to it. The girls are constantly asking his permission to do x or y, and at no point does he tell them that he doesn't own them (except one line during the epilogue). At some points it's like he just assumes that he does in fact have the authority to deny them whatever they're asking for. That seems pretty out of character for Harry.

The Molly bashing was there, as promised, but I never really understood what the problem was. She was controlling, sure, but not so controlling that it seemed over the top. What 11 year old kid didn't think their mother had control issues? It generally just seemed like a very flimsy reason to dislike her.

Harem fics are more like male wish fulfillment. I wonder how many are actually written by females. At least this harem fic wasn't as blatantly wish fulfillment as the other H/Hr/G fic I've read. I appreciate that you didn't get too explicit. I don't mind some adult reading, but thinking about 13-16 year olds engaging in anal play (I've actually read that) gives me the willies. Excellent job on keeping this relatively tame.

I don't like H/Hr. This is the third story I've read with some part of that pairing, and I just don't like it. Those two don't seem compatible to me at all. I do like Harry/Ginny, that will always be my favorite pairing. I have never really considered Harry/Gabrielle, but I will be more willing to explore that after this. So, you've opened me up to another potential aspect of fanfiction.
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