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Dante siegfried chapter 33 . 1/17
Why couldnt fleur be added T.T
u left out my precious.
at-nightfall chapter 33 . 1/17
What is the point of going to a preparatory university?
Missing the normal education due to getting a magical education?
In Europe you normally go directly from primary school (years 1-13) to University.
In between schools are usually for those that did an apprenticeship instead of a full primary school.

The whole compound interest thing only flies after 1600 or even 1700. The money system worked a lot different during the middle ages.
at-nightfall chapter 32 . 1/17
Free energy is a big no in every serious story.
Converting Magical energy to Electrical energy is quiet acceptable as long as the result is not to cheap.
1MW is a helpful size in various industrial and residential environments.
Modern wind turbines are in that dimension. 1998 wind turbines were smaller then 1MW.
Diesel train engines are currently limited to around 3MW in Europe (limited by loading gauge and weight).
A train engine with 500kW makes a nice switching engine.
In Europe a common transformer size is 630kW for feeding the 230V/400V electrical distribution net. (240V/415V in the UK.) You could replace a transformer 1:1 with a generation unit.

Harry and the girls calling the Famels by first name is a very US thing to do. The Flamels are from back when. It just wasn't done even during WW2. I had some of my earlier apprentices call me by first name; but as the company grows larger it is helpful to be more formal.
at-nightfall chapter 30 . 1/17
There should be coal or peat in the fireplace, not wood. The UK was denuded of wood when the British fleet was build. The industrial revolution started when the UK had to switch from wood to coal as fuel. In Germany the forests were replanted after 1800. In the UK that was not done. A lot of the denuded hills became sheep country.

Agriculture requires training as do most jobs. You can do a hell of a mess, and destroy the soil more than it already is. A normal apprenticeship is three years, and that is not sufficient for some agricultural tasks as they require knowledge about the local situation.
You are in Europe, not in the US. Europe is generally short on resources and land. Europe is not short of trained people. You do not put someone untrained to a job. Hire a squib for three years to teach Remus.
at-nightfall chapter 27 . 1/17
I can see that happen in an US institution.
For the UK, I see several problems:
- throwing the on site staff out of their quarters. The should have been required to organize and pay quarters in hogsmead for at least a month.
- throwing out Filch and Trelawney without notice.
- withholding Snapes pay.
at-nightfall chapter 26 . 1/16
The ancestral home sounds a bit to US to me.
The house is in the UK. You can assume it is more than 100 years old.
That means:
- Most walls are from stone, even the walls of the first floor. Only some of the walls in the attic will be drywall.
- There will be several chimneys.
- Heating might be by central heating or by coal. The last can be by open fireplaces or by ovens, but the British love their open fireplaces. Heating by gas would not be possible as far out in the country side as they are. Electrical heaters in the open fireplaces were/are sometimes used in the UK.
- En suite bathrooms are rare in Europe. They are mostly limited to hotels and newer dormitories. Older dormitories have communal showers. In old British hotels you might have your own bathroom, but you will have to cross the hall to reach it.
- There will always be a bathroom on the ground floor, or at least a toilet or a toilet and a shower in the country side.
- Bathrooms or toilets in the cellar are usually a problem. They only are reliable if the house is build on a slope, so you don't need a wastewater lifting system.
- Bathrooms are expensive in Europe. Assume $15000 for a simple one.
- For a family home it is nice to have a family bathroom in a normal sized room, with two sinks, toilet, shower, optional bathtub and optional bidet. (I am not sure about the bidet in the UK, but we have them regularly in Germany and in France.)
- For a flat the 1930/1950 solution with the toilet split of into an extra room, and a bathroom without a toilet is a very nice solution at minimal cost.
- The UK is wet. Assume at least one entrance with a cloak room to shed wet cloth.

You describe a house of a well of family. You do not describe a manor house.

Some main points for a manor house are:
- The kitchen, staff rooms and secondary rooms are on the ground floor.
- Representative rooms and some family rooms are on the first floor.
- There is a grand staircase outside with an entrance to a hall or saloon. This is not the every day entrance. This is the entrance during representative functions.
- Most family rooms and guest rooms are on the second floor or above.
- More staff rooms are in the attic.
The first floor or bel ├ętage / piano nobile used to be a major feature in representative buildings all over Europe. The ground floor was nearly always damp, and the upper floors more difficult to heat than the first floor.
at-nightfall chapter 22 . 1/16
What is the point of Harry trying to rename the girls?
I was always heavily annoyed when someone tried to call me by something else than my name.
Especially while I was in school.

I consider switching names in the middle of a story a disfavor to me as a reader. It introduces extra and unnecessary complexity in a story. I consider a name an identifier. Yes, in real life you have name different people with the same name. In written fiction you normally don't reuse a name as it is the only identifier the reader has.

Where does the guy without shirt fantasy in US fanfiction come from?
In Europe the girls should be used to see shirtless guys in the summer
- during outside work
- on the beach
- in a summer camp
at-nightfall chapter 21 . 1/16
This is probably your worst chapter up to now. The story reads as well as your older chapters, but you are pushing to many US ideas and customs onto British and French characters and a British environment.

The whole concept of a middle name is a US custom and does not apply in England. We have multiple first names in Europe. We do not have any middle names in German. The English wikipedia page on middle names is disputed as being to US centered and plain wrong in other parts.
Being able to change the middle name on marriage is a special US situation.

You could drop the name change part without damaging the flow of the story.

No sex before marriage is a very US social current. Yes it is pushed by the church, but in Europe usually only by the more fundamental churches and the Muslim. In the UK, France and Germany the church has a lot less influence than in the US. You marry when
- the woman is pregnant, or shortly after the child is born
- you plan on creating a family, after you have a real job
- you are buying a house
In all cases the point is settling rights and responsibilities.

e.g. in Germany the whole concept of a virgin bride was only pushed for the nobles.
For non nobles the traditional order of business was:
- engagement
- getting the bride pregnant
- marriage
Which is the reason breaking an engagement used to be such a big thing. It could socially and financially break both of the involved families.

In Europe marrying of child brides was a very limited thing.
Over the last 500 years the marriage age was around 25 in a lot of regions.
The cultural and social background was:
- In the US: to have as many offspring as possible to breed faster than the natives
- In Europe: to have just enough offspring for a stable population size.
Europe has been food and resource limited for 1000 years.

It is nice to have a Harry/multi story, that is not sex or sex magic driven.

But the "No sex before marriage" slogan will get you laughed out of the door in a lot of Western Europe.

It is bound to several unresolved social conflicts, which are different in the various European countries:
- It nearly always only applies to girls and woman.
- Several large minorities try to keep their girls out of the general datingmarriage pool, with the boys going into the dating pool.
- It classifies you either as overly religious or as a member of one of the minorities which try to inhibit interbreeding with the population majority. (Fear of assimilation.)

Also not that dating in the UK is a lot different than in the US.
Dating between US soldiers and UK woman was a cause of conflict during WW2. Read up on that story, it makes for some interesting reading.
at-nightfall chapter 14 . 1/15
Between 1990 and 2000 in the UK, a lot of small shops closed at 17:00. Larger shops often closed between 18:00 and 20:00. Only very few shops were open later than that.
Do not expect shops in the UK to open on Sundays. Exceptions are some holiday destinations and airports.

Harry and Hermione shouldn't be able to do the basic slow walz step on the first evening. I have no problem with them getting the basic step right on the third evening.
Dan and Emma might get it right on the first evening if they danced it years ago.

Teaching a girl about contraceptives when she is going to be married is a bit late in nearly any society.
Teaching about preventing STDs is even more important.
at-nightfall chapter 13 . 1/15
About inviting Sirius for Xmas,
In Germany Xmas is somewhat like Thanksgiving in the US, a family holiday.
I don't know the true significance in the UK.
Would they invite Sirius over for Thanksgiving in the US?

Of course inviting him over for the 25. or 26. has a lot less significance in Germany than inviting him for Christmas Eve evening.
at-nightfall chapter 8 . 1/15
Hope Harry and Hermione can keep Harry's attack on Malfoy manor under the wraps. "Landfriedensbruch" is a very serious crime, and the Ministry has to come down as the hammer of good onto Harry. (I can't get a translation from wikipedia, and "violation of the public peace" from .org is not necessarily the same.) The problem is the monopoly on violence a European state has. (I do not know the exact rules in the US, but they _are_ diferent.)
The backgound is to suppress feuds and vendetta inside a modern state.
at-nightfall chapter 4 . 1/14
My recommendation would be for Flammel to take the real Philosopher's stone away, die officially; and reappear elsewhere.
Biblio388 chapter 33 . 1/14
That was the best relationship story that I have read on this site. The focus and writing make it especially good in this regard. I would like to thank the author for all the time and effort that they put into bringing such a great story to life. This is the sort of thing that makes me glad I read fanfiction.
Dragon and Sword Master chapter 33 . 1/13
I have to admit that reading this story over the last couple of days has filled me with such a wonderful feeling that I can barely put it into words. I thank you for taking the time to slave over your instrument of writing with keyboard (or Pen) in hand to create such a wonderful story.

Henshin Complete
Biblio388 chapter 29 . 1/13
Very good piece of writing. It is refreshing to see a story go this far to make everything work.
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