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Simianpower chapter 20 . 4/21
Harry saved Luna in book 7, but you explicitly refuted her bond earlier... He also (with help) saves Katie in book 6 from one of Malfoy's idiotic "assassination attempts".
Simianpower chapter 19 . 4/21
Ahh, the irony of Ron Weasley saying that someone else is selfish. RON! Possibly the single most selfish character I've read about in any context.
Simianpower chapter 18 . 4/21
Since when did Harry have a Firebolt? He never lost the Nimbus because the Dementors never came onto school grounds in your story. Continuity issue.

Also, who gives a fuck if it's "cheating" in a contest that's a) life-and-death, b) unwillingly entered, and c) victory doesn't matter? Literally, who the fuck would care about being called a cheat in that situation? It's not for points, it's not for honor, you didn't want to be there, and your life is on the line. Hermione is a total asshole for complaining at the thought of cheating in that situation.

Plus, a free Sirius who's active in the Wizengamot would more than likely fight back against a Skeeter acting as in canon. The only reason she got away with that crap in canon is the same reason that everything else happened: Harry had no advocates.
Simianpower chapter 17 . 4/21
They should have argued for a private trainer for Harry, too. The rules explicitly rule out the judges and school staff, but say nothing about hiring private tutors.
Simianpower chapter 13 . 4/21
Why is Hermione wondering what she'll take next year? Electives are already chosen. She'll take the same she took third year. Did you forget about that, or mean Luna said it, or what?
Simianpower chapter 12 . 4/21
Why would Harry see Prof Tonks in class? She was only supposed to teach 1st and 2nd year potions, and he's a third year now. I think you dropped a plot point on that one.

So far Harry has NOT been basilisk poisoned or cured by Fawkes, both of which should have some sort of effect, and he has not learned the Patronus charm because he never actually needed it. He's growing up weaker than the Harry in canon because he doesn't have to face the same dangers. He also doesn't get a Firebolt because he never loses his Nimbus to the Willow due to a dementor incursion. I believe he also hasn't done jack or shit with the thousand-year-old friendly snake in the basement. You're changing plot here and there, and then not following through on any of those changes.

I do like what you're doing with Croaker. I've seen him used as everything from a deus ex machina to a Q-style supplier to a horrific villain. If he's the same "Uncle Algie" who dropped Neville on his head from a large height to prove he's a squib, I can understand the latter one! But this competent but not overwhelming version is interesting.
Simianpower chapter 11 . 4/21
Sirius should've been sorted with a lot more than 8 other kids. I'm pretty sure that it's canon that Harry's class was the smallest Hogwarts ever had, and it was only due to the war.

Some other inconsistencies:
1) The Potters' alarm went off, and Sirius, an Auror who presumably wanted to come to his best friend's rescue as soon as possible, RODE HIS MOTORCYCLE instead of apparating. And then, when Hagrid took Harry, he was also in a hurry to chase down Pettigrew, but this time he gave up the motorcycle and apparated instead. WT-everlovin'-F? Either he didn't really want to save the Potters, or he wanted to kill Pettigrew more.
2) Now that he knows what Hedwig looks like, he'll "accept a letter from her"... Uhh, he already did, even though he did NOT know whose owl she was, or else that correspondence would never have happened. So, it would be really easy to track him down for anyone who's not a moron: enchant a letter, rock, or collar with a tracking charm like Harry used on Malfoy, send a letter to Sirius, victory.

Plus, Remus: ugh, what a horrible person. "I asked Dumbledore to see you once, and then forgot you existed, and when I saw you here at Hogwarts I pretended to be nothing to you at all. Because reasons." Fucker.
Simianpower chapter 6 . 4/21
"He wished he'd learned more spells." Yeah, again, problem here. With his closer relationship to Hermione, and her personally tutoring him not only on homework but on how to learn better, he's still the idiot he was in canon. He hasn't learned anything, he doesn't think or plan... You can't fundamentally change something and then later have it remain exactly the same just because you don't want to write a different plot! The slight differences with Lockhart led to the exact same result. The ONLY differences at the end of this chapter are Ginny bonded (which was the whole point) and the basilisk alive. Oh, I guess the lack of the basilisk-infused sword might make a difference later. This story is starting to feel like it's on rails, though, and can't deviate much from the canon plot despite the rather large personality and situational changes you've introduced. It's only chapter 6, though, so maybe in the future the plot will deviate at least a little from canon. For one thing, being able to speak with a snake that knew a founder, and who knew that Slytherin wasn't evil, should make a HUGE difference down the line... if you use those factors at all.
Simianpower chapter 5 . 4/21
So far this has been an interesting take on the story, and the changes made sense. But this chapter wrenched the plot back to almost every major point of CoS. Harry was smart enough NOT to fall for the stupid flying car crap, and had dodged the bludger the entire game, so how come it suddenly teleported so close to him as to break his arm as per canon? Was it just so that he would wind up in the hospital and hear about Colin? I mean, really! Sometimes he's different from canon, and other times exactly the same, and the sameness seems really forced and OOC with the character you're writing. Same with other things. For example, no way in fucking hell would the Grangers leave Harry at Hogwarts after what happened to Hermione. The way you've written them so far, they're not the sort to say "Well, one of our kids nearly died, so it seems fine to leave the other one there despite not knowing the danger. Heh heh!" I know you're setting up the basilisk event so he can save/bond Ginny, but it doesn't have to be this forced. The latter half of this chapter is very clunky. Other than that, great story so far.
Simianpower chapter 4 . 4/20
I always wondered why Voldemort didn't take any precautions while he had a perfectly willing idiot to possess. If Wormtail (!) could make a homonculous for him, why didn't he do something for himself that would be a good backup in case Quirrell failed? And in this story, why didn't he take his working idiot body and scarper to come up with another plan? Why kill him, just to become bodyless again?
Simianpower chapter 3 . 4/20
Friends don't put one another down? Huh. A good friend of mine in college once said, in a big group of us, "It's great having the kind of friends that, at any time, one of us can look at another, call them an asshole and mean it, and still be friends five minutes later." Of COURSE friends disagree, and put one another down, especially adolescents. And they mean it. But because they're friends, they get over their issues and work out their differences. I, for one, agreed with him. Even if he is sometimes an asshole.
HPFanfictionIsGreat chapter 33 . 4/19
This was an absolutely incredible story. The plot was unique, the pacing was excellent, and it had fabulous resolution.
william01pd2018 chapter 2 . 4/19
The moment I read 'Scoil ar Draiocht Glas' I burst into laughter. That was an awesome place to put that. It was also an awesome story. Great job
wierdscience13 chapter 8 . 3/30
I'm curious how Harry could cast spells outside the wards without being detected.
wierdscience13 chapter 5 . 3/30
I'm quite confused here, seemly Harry and Hermione are really close, a student has been petrified but Harry doesn't remember to tell her that it happened before fifty years earlier and Hagrid was suspected of it, he just forgets this important information for months.
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