Reviews for The Accidental Bond
Guest chapter 21 . 3/2
how come harry save ginny he get a life dept but ron save harry life like 3 time and get nothing. or harry yell at hermoine for not writing him and that ok. ron throw a fit over big stuff be his sister being bond witch is rape and he the bad guy.
Guest chapter 7 . 2/28
With what Albus said about the sanke... has Sheba done bondy bondy bondy bond?
Stefan Bathory chapter 33 . 3/1
I really enjoy reading this story and it was probably the best in the "Soulbond" stories, I already read.

The first part about the bonding with Hermione was really great and I like how the two managed to be together and shared their new "problem". Some parts of the first night they spent together were really cute.

You managed very well the problems of the Weasley family, the meddling of Dumbledore, and how it will be better to destroy the Horcruxes and to kill Voldemort if others people helped. I already noticed that something must be dysfunctionnal in the Weasley family if the three older brothers have no problems to go work far away from home.

The concept of polygamy is a little strange for me, and I prefered monogamous relations to a Harry/multi story, but how the four of them were successful in their relations, and all your ideas about how this relations functioned are very good.

Thanks for writing this story, I really like it very much.
Lord Xantos A. Fowl chapter 21 . 2/26
Few deviations from cannon that seem to be oversight
1) butter bear is alcoholic, but very very mildly so. Compare it to coke when it was first made but with alcohol instead of coca leafs.
As evidenced when Winkie gets totally hammered and Harry says "I didn't think butter bear was very strong" (or something to that effect) and Doby responds "tis strong for a house elf"

2) while not directly stated as far as I can remember you can't have a secret keeper be part of the secret, or if you can it makes it less potent or something to that effect
Otherwise there would have been no need to guess which of the marauders was a traitor, they'd just use themselves as the secret keeper
And it's why dumbledore was the secret keeper for grimuald place instead of Sirius, because Sirius was living there and was thus part of the secret.

I had a third thing but I've forgotten it...

Anyway onto the qualitative review/what I thought in general
Your story was a bit slow to start but very interesting and detailed and involved good characterization.
Your use of Gabi is very amusing
I look forward to finishing reading it

Onto question(s)/thing(s) that may or may not have been intentional and may or may not have been oversights
Why did you minimize Crouch Jr's subtle help to Harry and keep him from having the other hogwarts champion try to pay Harry back with the prefect bath password, and give the book with gillie weed in it to nevil and just in general have him play jr chess master?
Guest chapter 33 . 2/16
I can only imagine Harry realizing much later that he STILL hasn't turned over the Veela control stone. Also wondering just what would happen if the process for creating the Philosopher's stone would be effected by adding the blood of Ginny & Hermione. Would it have a longer shelf life? Would it result in deaging too much? Though I am wondering how exactly the shelf life was figured out. Hopefully it wasn't by drinking it and rushing to fix the problem.
Guest chapter 13 . 2/14
I can only imagine Luna wanted to join the bonding, was about to explain, then shrugged it off and decided friends was good enough.
Wyrade chapter 20 . 2/11
Poor Fleur, I'm sad for her, others forcing her out of the fun and caring Harry would be. :(
Wyrade chapter 18 . 2/10
It IS in character, but Hermione saying "that's cheating" for cheking out the dragons in the forest? Really?.. It was pretty much her who started to check the rules to go around them as much as they could, so Harry can be more safe.. It's not "cheating" according to the rulebook, so what the hell?
Regardless of other contestants knowing or not, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing they were looking for in the rules, minimizing the danger while not breaking the rules... Talk about counterintuitive.

A few paragraph below that: "I wish I could do the Disillusionment charm,[...]"
Cloak of Invisibility anyone?...

First task description: "You must complete the task within one hour, or get a zero score."
There you go, he should just sit out the one hour if the dragon doesn't preemptitively attack him. Though he should think through / try if he has a sufficiently safe plan which would get him out of the arena much earlier, but it would be nice if he at least noticed the sitting-it-out option.
Safety should be the first for him, he has both money and fame.
Wyrade chapter 16 . 2/10
What's up with their selfishness (regarding dance partners)?
I guess based on the books anything is acceptable, both Harry and Ron were prats and not even Hermione was really that clever (except compared to all the foolish people in wizarding Britain), but..
Dancing is just that, dancing. They supposedly trust each other, if for nothing else because of their magical bond. So why would they doubt that the other would be unfaithful because of a dance?
If they wanted to dance with someone during a party, would not limiting their bond-partner's fun be treated by themselves (Harry) as causing "harm" to the other by not trusting the other and not letting them do as they like?

They were practically glued together for years, why get upset over something minor (at least as I see it) like that?
Maybe going with another parter is much, as the school and the rumor mill might see as if they are together, but if one of the girls go seperately, why shouldn't all three of them dance with whomever they want to when they're not otherwise occupied? (I can see Harry only wanting to dance with the two of them, and that can fill his time, but the free girl should be able to dance too...)

Harry's initial flinch over Hermione suggesting one of them going with someone else is understandable, but his continued possessiveness is not, and the girls going along with his possessiveness instead of helping him out of it is even less.

If they really all don't want to dance with anyone else that's fine, but I didn't get that impression from how you wrote it - more like the girls being neutral about it initially, treating a dance as just a dance, then going along with Harry's possessiveness.
In a way I'd say the girls hurt him more by letting him think like that than trying to show him that's not the best way to think about it.


"You must compete or suffer the consequences of breaking a magical contract - which would be loss of your magic."
Only it would not be his magic lost, as he did not make that contract, but of course everyone is too dumb to realize that. Otherwise organize another Triwizard Tournament immediately after with Voldemort's name...
Then again there are other fanfics skating on that, he has to get into the tournament for the plot, and it can only be done in a stupid way, sorry for even pointing this out.

I don't see though why they blame Dumbledore for this in the end. Though he really is involved in many level, it's not exactly his fault.
There was not enough protection around the goblet, as this all happened, but maybe there WAS enough - Moody was in charge of security if I remember correctly, and it is a rather damn privileged position to mess with the cup from.
Dumbledore came up with reinstating the tournament (again if I remember correctly), but he most certainly did not mean for this (at the very least seemingly) and made protections against this specifically by limiting the age, which was not done before.
Maybe he didn't handle the situation well, maybe he should have and could have done better, but I feel like they're blaming him just because of their past experiences - valid reason for them, but nonetheless not logical.
G the Headmaster chapter 32 . 2/10
I just finisher re-reading this story. It was just as good as the first time!

Thanks for writing

Wyrade chapter 6 . 2/10
I like your description of Salazar, he seems very likeable. :)
Wyrade chapter 8 . 2/10
I find it rather surprising that Malfoy manor could be demolished like this, but then again wizarding Britain is dumb, so it might be plausible I guess.
Wyrade chapter 4 . 2/9
I guess you might have the same idea, but maybe wizards wear glasses not for eyesight, but for other kinds of enchanced vision, like Moody's eye.

Harry's bad eyesight was not corrected for the same reason all the other ridiculously stupid/abusive things were not corrected in his life. Moody's original eye was cursed off, so they couldn't regrow it.
I think I remember some interview where JKR said her idea was that pretty much all non-magical ailements and illnesses could be cured with magic, but they have trouble with magical illnesses and curse-caused damages.
Wyrade chapter 1 . 2/9
""And I'll also stop nagging you and Ron, but in return," she smiled at him to make this easier to take, "I want you to promise to do your best in school. Just try very hard and I'll be happy, Harry. I think you'll be happy with your grades, too.""

Wow, Hermione IS really clever. xD
No singe student has that kind of motivation to actually learn and do something, they don't have a connection so strong with someone.
She just singlehandedly made Harry pretty much close to a genius, unlocking Harry's base cleverness that was locked away by Dudley and giving him reason to be hard-working.

(Okay, maybe not genius, but moderately clever plus hard-working is a very good combination, and since he was a rather average in the original books, it should make him nicely above average now.
Also, it's not an instantaneous change, but it will have continuous power as they will be together for a sufficient time.)
Guest chapter 6 . 2/5
This story was ok, till you bonded Ginny as well then it just became stupid.
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