Reviews for An Angel At My Table
frostedglaze chapter 54 . 5/18
This story was just wow. I binged this in a couple of days. It had the perfect ending, though I wish Bella would have had her own therapy. It seems like once Edward was better. everyone ignored that Bella needed help as well.

Can I just say I am so glad Rosalie didn't end up pregnant with a little Aro.
frostedglaze chapter 53 . 5/18
Bleurgh! I am going to go off and vomit, yet again. Though I will say if Aro were young and handsome. no way would Emmett be okay with this. Victoria was young.
frostedglaze chapter 52 . 5/18
Well for once, Edward is finally putting Bella first, it took him too long to realize that is what he had to do.

So Tanya is dead, she was too evil and selfish to commit suicide. I don’t believe Irina, Edward, or Bella, when they claim she was a lost soul. She wasn’t Thanks to you, we knew exactly how evil Tanya was. Hopefully Carlisle paid off some guards to “suicide” Tanya.

I’m pretty pissed that Edward offered Cullen company money to fly Tanya to France. Let Marcus do that. He is rich as well, and it was his murderous spawn who is dead.
No Cullen should have to use money to help a woman who disfigured Bella, and cost her a child.
frostedglaze chapter 50 . 5/18
I’m not happy with Apple abusing Bella for so long. That kid needs a psychologist and a serious time out. So what happened to Tanya?
frostedglaze chapter 49 . 5/18
Poor Bella, she is right about Aro, and everyone around her, Edward seems to take top priority at the expense of Bella’s well being.
frostedglaze chapter 48 . 5/18
Okay, so Edward has healed emotionally, but Bella is still so messed up. I’m kind of angry that everybody just all seemed determined to rally around Edward, and fix him first, but what about Bella? She was alone with her children and Jake. The poor boy is too young and honestly he shouldn’t have had to shoulder the burden of Bella’s demons.

Where the hell were her family members?!How can they just be OK with breezy phone calls? They should’ve gone to visit Bella. I am truly disgusted with Alice and Rosalie. They seem to care only about their lives, the selfish twits.

As for Jessica, she needs to get fired. Damn, I have a list of women who need to be tossed into a volcano.
frostedglaze chapter 47 . 5/17
I just don't get why Bella is not getting the support from her own family. Where are Rosalie and Alice? Why is is always Jake? Bella needs serious therapy as does Apple. Edward has a lot to atone for.

Seriously though,how the hell did Tanya get away with just a slap on the wrist? She tried to kill Bella by crashing her car and killed her unborn child. Can't Carlisle or Edward destroy Tanya's father and their business? She got away because she was rich, is she out on bail now?

I can understand Bella being pissed off at Irina. She is the person Edward trusts the most, when he shouldn't. If it comes down to it, I think he would side with Irina over Bella if he had to chose a side.
frostedglaze chapter 46 . 5/17
It really would be great if he died and Bella married Jake, but I don't think Edward will be smart enough to die. Poor Jacob, he is always putting his life on hold for Bella, and yet she will never love him the way he deserves to be loved.

As for Apple, the poor kid is just broken, she will never fully trust Edward again.
frostedglaze chapter 45 . 5/17
I hope he lives, to see Bella and her children happy with another man.
frostedglaze chapter 44 . 5/17
So let me get this straight, Tanya is not in jail for being a lunatic, Edward and Bella stupidly stayed in the same house where Tanya knew how to get in, they didn't get armed guards or any security, and they are surprised this happens?!

Tanya needs to die, they are rich enough to have her killed. As for Edward, well he is just a little shit, Bella would be better off without him.
frostedglaze chapter 43 . 5/17
I hope Bella ruins Heidi socially, economically and is she want to sell Heidi into slavery, well. everybody can look the other way.
frostedglaze chapter 39 . 5/17
I am going to go and cocoon myself in a blanket and dry heave.
frostedglaze chapter 38 . 5/17
yeah, the wedding and lemon were just a blur to me. Aro and his ...yeah, I am just struck stupid.
frostedglaze chapter 34 . 5/17
I just want to tip Bella over a boat and let her drown. I am so sick of how she always takes the blame for things that are not her fault. She needs professional help, and maybe a slap or two to snap out of it.

As for Edward, well he was stalked by a psychopath from the beginning. He didn't turn Tanya insane, she was like that from the beginning. If he is going to blame himself it should be because he chose to be in a relationship with Tanya instead of fighting to get back to Bella.

They should sell the house they currently live in, since it has bad memories, and the taint of being spied on.
frostedglaze chapter 33 . 5/17
Tanya deserves more than a punch. I want her to steal the aston martin and hurdle over a cliff where she burns to death...though I am still pissed off at Edward and Carlisle. More at Edward really, he is the weak puppet who chose to stick his dick in Tanya. So all of this is really his fault.
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