Reviews for A Dickens of a Dream
Lady Dragona chapter 3 . 1/19/2010
This is certainly getting better. I love how Bella is seeing herself, but also seeing what is happening in Edward's world. I am sure this is going to get even better when Alice and Jasper take over. I love how Bella is learning what Charlie is feeling in this chapter.
wandamarie chapter 3 . 1/17/2010
wow it was a good one thanks hope you up date soon thanks
wandamarie chapter 2 . 1/17/2010
wow it was a good one thanks hope you up date soon thanks
wandamarie chapter 1 . 1/17/2010
wow it was a good one thanks hope you up date soon thanks
Yriska chapter 3 . 1/17/2010
Great chapter. You are doing amazing job, girls. I can't wait for another chapter. It made my day. :)
sammy55 chapter 3 . 1/16/2010
Aww this chapter was awseome.

I LOVED Emmetts present. Its perfect for him!
LibraryLady08 chapter 3 . 1/16/2010
I loved the Dickens quote "If these shadows remain unaltered by the Future. . . "

I'm looking forward to the Future.

Essay33 chapter 3 . 1/16/2010
I couldn't get through this chapter without erupting into loud laughter several times. And what on earth: "Was it first grade when Renée got the Flowbee?"

I can't believe you brought the Flowbee into this story!

Poor lonely Marleyward...*sigh*

The only bad thing about this tale is having to wait for each new chapter. I want to open them all now!
kathi773 chapter 2 . 1/9/2010
This is really good. Especially the fedora!
Lady Dragona chapter 2 . 1/8/2010
I love this story. I have been reading it on blondie's account. I hope she will share my reviews with you. I just thought you should know that I think you are doing a fabulous job of fusing Dickens with the Cullens. What a great idea. I look forward to the next chapter.
Long Live Nelly chapter 2 . 1/3/2010
Interesting idea...I like it so far, I look forward to see where you're going with this.
Isa-Mikado chapter 2 . 12/30/2009
Got a FF huh? (Fedora Fetish ;D)

Still pretty amazing...

Looking forward as always
Isa-Mikado chapter 1 . 12/30/2009
Wow wow wow i smell a success!

I love a christmas Carol by the way...

So lookig forward

Happy new year... ;D
ColdComfort4 chapter 2 . 12/30/2009
Gah! I was fine until you mentioned your fantasies of Edward in a fedora. Now I know what I'm going to be thinking about all day.

I hope that you and blondie will read each other's reviews, cause I give no promises as to which version I'll actually read. I want to tell both of you how much I'm loving this story. Carlisle and Esme as the ghosts of Christmas past are perfect. I keep debating who I want to see do present and future, but won't make you listen to all my internal ramblings.

You made me laugh so much at "Whatever had spawned this fantasy obviously wasn’t paying much attention to the tenants of ‘A Christmas Carol.’" Very nice job making fun of yourselves!

I do have one tiny complaint. I love how you had Bella receive a silver spoon that had been in Charlie's family for generations and that Carlisle had given it to her, but Gran Marie is actually Renee's mom. Charlie's parents are Helen and Geoffrey and both passed away shortly after Renee left Forks.

Other than that small (insignificant) thing, I loved it all!
Yriska chapter 2 . 12/30/2009
Wow...this is so good. I can't wait for next chapter. And really awesome idea!
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