Reviews for Poetry
purplemusic18 chapter 1 . 3/30/2010
I really really enjoyed your poem. it was deep. (being completely serious) it gives me something to think about it's really good.
Sauron Gorthaur chapter 1 . 12/31/2009
After reading this poem, it is very obvious to me what you want from poetry - for words to come from one's heart and soul. And I certainly agree with you there. Poetry is a very different form of writing than prose and definately has more emotional connections. I loved how you expressed this sentiment with these two lines in your poem:

"Written with art,

Which comes from the heart"

I also liked the line that follows close after:

"Or meaning with hard labor"

Anyone who has written a poem knows that truth of that statement.

As for the poetry itself, you have used several poetic devises throughout. Your rhyme scheme is a bit erratic - I prefer a regular, set scheme, but that's just my opinion. The irregularity in itself is a poetic and emotional statement. You also use a lot of repetition, another excellent poetic devise, throughout to great effect.

To sum up, you clearly have some strong feelings about poetry and you express them well. You are telling us your feelings in the sentences themselves, but also showing them to us through your use of poetic devises. Well done, and I encourage you to keep on writing.

-Sauron Gorthaur