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Nasexsavkifs chapter 4 . 6/1/2013
OMG Saix is such a slut! XD
SixthAngel chapter 19 . 4/28/2013
Let me just say I love you. You write amazing things and I just. I can't even explain.
The DigitalNinjaDuelist chapter 19 . 1/5/2013
YAY! Thank you, you made it so nicely that I couldn't help but squeal with joy! You made me feel special. u And horray for finishing your first quarter! Keep up the good work!
The DigitalNinjaDuelist chapter 18 . 11/28/2012
Firstly I would like to say you are amazing at making stories both plot and the graphic contant. Secondly, if you are still taking requests for new chapters, I would love to make a request. Could you make a Xigbar/Saix chapter, Saix as top and Xigbar as bottom at the end of the world beach. Thank you and please continue to write more Saix's sexy adventures. ;D
kickcows chapter 18 . 3/3/2012
LOL! Poor Drake. XD

So freaking hot. Thank you for updating this. I don't know what it is about Saix and Roxas, but Gaia, it's ridiculously hot. And you totally do the two of them justice. :D

Really nice work, AC. I sure hope the bug bites you more for this story as it's always wonderfully delicious. _
RikkuFukaimori chapter 17 . 5/4/2011
Hell... I want this threesome so badly right now... btw... I'm xXemSaiXx ;D
Shironami-Whitewave chapter 17 . 4/16/2011
You are now my new favourite author for writing those three. My favourite threesome ever in hot, sweaty glory. Thankyou.
Please Deactivate This Account chapter 17 . 4/11/2011
The title made me think I should write a sequel to that SaiAkuXem for the Fourth of July...XD
kickcows chapter 17 . 4/10/2011

This was amazing.

I loved the bit about the hunter catching his prey. That was an excellent analogy. The unspoken agreement between the three of them.

Man, I don't care. Axel and Xemnas together is totally freakin' hot. That kiss? Dear Gaia.


Excellent work. _
Loves Ironic Tragedy chapter 13 . 11/21/2010
This chapter... was the most disturbing thing I've ever read in my entire life. *applauds* BRAVO! I've read some really disturbing stuff, but this just completely blew that out of the water. Disturbing pairing lemon is a sure-shot for awkward chapters. I've been trying to keep up with this because it's one of the funniest stories I've read as well, but I've been awfully busy so it saddens me to say I just read this one today. :X

But dammit that was funny. XD
Please Deactivate This Account chapter 16 . 11/6/2010
God, I was hoping for some Xemsai sneaky thing!
kickcows chapter 16 . 11/6/2010

Oh my gosh, so so hawt. Loved this. THANK YOU! You're the bestest!

Seriously. _
kickcows chapter 15 . 10/22/2010

Ruh-roh. Looks like someone was watching from the sidelines.


Nice work! D
familiar fan chapter 14 . 10/12/2010

...What about Xion? Doesn't she get a chapter?
kickcows chapter 14 . 10/12/2010
so so so so so hot.

thank you. :)

OMG. WANT MORE. TALK ABOUT A CLIFFHANGER! i sure hope you come back to this threesome soon. _

nice work, my dear. seriously. you're awesome.
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