Reviews for The Elephant in the Room
Lucia-Swanne chapter 1 . 12/28/2009
Malsin, that was BRILLIANT! From start to finish I was intrigued, and I must say, your characterisation in this story is some of the best I've seen you write. I greatly appreciated Alexis as well, which I'm sure was done on purpose, and the Oliver/Percy conversations were hilarious.

Best line : “If I stay very, very still,” my voice muffled by the napkin, “you may not see me, and move on, leaving me unscathed.” It's exactly what I would say if I was somewhat more 'fast on my feet' with my verbal responses

Overall, the story was cute and well-written and amazing, and I really hope you consider writing the Hogsmeade trip, if only to please my eagerness to read more of your writing! LOVE YOU!