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fngrdust chapter 21 . 6/4/2011
'"I went into your tent the next morning and thought you were dead." I could picture him, arms and legs spread out in starfish formation, his sleeping bag unzipped and thrown haphazardly over his prone body, and my increasingly frantic attempts to wake him up.'

LOL forever.

'The grin morphed into a smirk. "You in my letterman jacket."

"Am I naked?"

"Oh, yeah."'

I know we're going backwards here but I think it says something that your Em here was about his letterman jacket and our Em in RPT is about the hoodie. Like, it shows the differences (yet similarities). You get what I'm saying, I hope.

fngrdust chapter 20 . 6/4/2011
"They both stood up, Garrett dropping a quick kiss on Kate's mouth. I felt the gentle pressure of Emmett's lips against my temple and I started a little, surprised by the contact. When I looked up at him, he seemed a little surprised, too, like it had been unconscious, an instinctive thing. He smiled, a little sheepish, and I reached out to brush my fingers against his, silently reassuring."

SO CUTE. So wait, it Kate like Jo? Because that works for me.

"There was a brief silence while I tried to figure out what to say, what to do. I was more than a little distracted being so close to him, too; his solidness and warmth, his touch, made it hard to think. "So, where are you staying?" I asked finally, pulling away and turning so that we were facing one another. The wind whipped my hair up and out in the wind and he wrangled it, wound his fingers around the wayward strands, and tucked it into the upturned collar of my coat. His knuckles brushed against my throat, right where my pulse pounded."

The correct answer is MY PLACE. Come on now.

I love you. BE BACK LATER!

Here's Where the Story Ends chapter 24 . 6/3/2011
Westie. I don't even know what to say. There are a million and one little details I want to point out to you that just touched me right in the that spot. You made me laugh, a lot. You made me cry even more. You gave me shivers and goosebumps and made me want to call my best friends from childhood. There was so much care put into it, so many seemingly tiny parts that you pieced together into something massive and resonant and powerful and real. You wrote them a love story I could believe in, but even more, you wrote them a life story.

You are amazing. Someday, we'll sit on a couch and I'll tell you every little part that spoke to me. ILY.
fngrdust chapter 19 . 6/3/2011
I want pie. I'm hungry, dude.

fngrdust chapter 18 . 6/3/2011
'"Twelve. Her name was Victoria. She hit me afterward, then kissed me again." His laugh reverberated in the air, against my skin, and it was stupid, but I was jealous of this little twelve-year-old girl, that she knew him then and got to be such a permanent memory to him.

His arm lowered to the door handle and I was pinned against him, though he wasn't holding me down. He had to know what he did to me, had to understand that his closeness affected me in a way that wasn't normal. My hands went to my lap and I intertwined my fingers so I wouldn't touch him like I wanted to.

"Well, I hope it was worth the pain," I said, swallowing down the nerves that kept creeping up my throat.

"It usually is."'

I have butterflies in my stomach.






fngrdust chapter 17 . 6/3/2011
"Emmett was also donning a backwards baseball hat, the same one he was wearing Tuesday night when I stepped onto that back patio. I couldn't believe it was only five days ago; it felt like a lifetime, like I was wearing different skin, had a different heart. I knew I was essentially the same person now that I was then, but it was amazing how much my perspective had shifted, how in letting Edward go, I was able to let old parts of myself go, too. The armor I'd come up here wearing – the anger, the resentment – had been shed, and I felt like I was finally seeing everything underneath, like I was opening myself up in ways that I hadn't been able to before."


"Jasper sidled up to me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders, whispering in my ear. "Remember what I said, Rose."

I squeezed him tightly, then pulled away, giving him a stern look. "You, too."

He held out his pinky to me and I grasped it with my own, laughing thickly."

Oh hi. SIGH.

On the road again. SIGH. AND NOW it's like... THE NEXT CHAPTER OF ROSALIE'S LIFE.

Have I mentioned in the last few minutes that I love you?

fngrdust chapter 16 . 6/3/2011
"I wanted to tell him that handsome was a major understatement, like saying the Pope was kind of religious or that Lady Gaga didn't care much for pants."

I love you.

"I'd been a precocious thing on the dance floor when I was little, a tiny dictator, and Carlisle had always played along gamely, twirling and dipping me when I'd demanded it, which had been every ten seconds."

I love her.

BTW, Carlisle is still SO FUCKING HOT.

fngrdust chapter 15 . 6/3/2011
I love Rosalie and Edward having their moment together. Closure is so rad.

'"Yeah." I finished straightening his tie and then smoothed out the lapels on his suit, my eyes focused on my fingers. I took a deep breath, mentally gathering the words I wanted to say before releasing them. "I want everything for you, too, Edward, and I know you have that with Bella."

I didn't want to launch into some drawn-out soliloquy. I'd said what I'd needed to yesterday morning, or at least most of it, and he had more important things to concentrate on. But I wanted him to know that. I needed him to know it. I'd never said it out loud and it seemed important to get it out now, to let him know that I really did accept this.'

Thank god, right? Otherwise you would have had to WRITE it too and that's like... rehashing what's already been hashed.

"My gaze lingered on him and when he looked at me, it felt like I could breathe easier and also like I couldn't catch it at all."


"A tear escaped down my cheek and hers and I was starting to understand the difference between remembering and holding on, between appreciating what I had in the past and honoring that while giving myself permission to move forward. I'd been frozen for so long, looking over my shoulder and so focused on the things that were behind me that I hadn't been able to fully appreciate my present, the possibility of my future."

Crazy for the wording here, snood.

fngrdust chapter 14 . 6/3/2011
"It was breathtaking. If I thought I had seen a Cullen party before this, I was sadly mistaken. Everything else had been just a dress rehearsal, which was funny considering that tonight was its own rehearsal of sorts."

I love that.

"It was one thing to understand the concept of something. It was another to see it playing out right in front of you. Suddenly it was tangible and real. It was impossible to steel yourself for the immensity of it."

So good.

"I knew I was beautiful. Even if I'd never looked in a mirror, there were all the years of my parents stating it, of men openly staring and flirting, of things often coming easily to me because of how I looked.

But when Emmett looked at me, I felt like he was seeing what lay underneath my outer shell, past the curves of my body and the skin and the clothing. Sometimes it felt like he was seeing everything. Like now, as his eyes swept from my feet upward. I could almost feel the weight of his gaze along the curve of my legs, over my hips and waist and up my throat. He took his time and it wasn't lascivious, but rather like he was mentally taking stock of me."


"We were both used to lightness and banter when it came to one another; this conversation had steered us into deeper waters. While I didn't regret the course it had taken us on, I was glad the furrow in his brow was gone, that the tension buzzing between us had lessened, or at least shifted back to the kind that I was better acquainted with."

I love this about them and I think that it's such a... real thing to do. To jump back to what is light and not too serious when things get too... deep.

fngrdust chapter 13 . 6/2/2011

fngrdust chapter 12 . 6/2/2011
We'd sat like this so many times before, on warm summer days with the melted remnants of popsicles running down our legs and cold winter nights in front of Edward's car parked at the curb, not quite ready to say good night. He looked so familiar to me now – I could see the little boy inside of him still – but at the same time so different, so unlike the Edward that had been mine growing up.

Right. I'm just going to have to solider on here because otherwise I might get a little teary.

My babies. This was a very good Roseward chapter, btw.

fngrdust chapter 11 . 6/2/2011
""I'm upset," I started, spitting it because it was a fucking joke, that word. It was a poor excuse for what I was. "That I didn't know about this until three days ago. I'm upset because you all knew and none of you said anything." My eyes found Emmett's. He looked down and closed his eyes, shaking his head. "I'm upset because you probably all talked about it, about me, and this is my pain." I turned back to Edward. He was staring at me, mouth slack, his eyebrows drawn together. I couldn't tell if he was angry or pained, but it didn't matter because the tears that were threatening to fall, that I was trying so desperately to hold back, were blurring my vision and I couldn't see anything but vague outlines tinged in red. "I'm upset because you so easily ruin things without even realizing it."


Also, I love Jasper.

fngrdust chapter 10 . 6/2/2011
'I let my eyes wander up so that I could attach faces with the bodies, though I'd probably unconsciously known who was who in the back of my mind the entire time. Jasper and Edward were long and lean, well muscled but smaller than Emmett, who was tall and solid, all corded muscle and sinew and Jesus, was it hot out here? I'd seen them all shirtless before – and Jasper's naked ass more times than I cared to think about – but this was different somehow, more primal. Maybe it was the sounds, all deep grunts and guttural demands. Or maybe it was the way their skin glistened, the result of the sun hanging high above the court and the marginal heat coupled with the intensity of the game.'

Oh sweet Jervis.

"It was ironic that he was telling me that, seeing how he was standing before me in all his shirtless, sweaty, muscled glory. As if he could read my thoughts, he ran a hand over his abdomen right above the waistband of his shorts and my stomach dipped in response. I swallowed so hard that I swore it echoed and bounced off and around the court and traveled off into the atmosphere. For all I knew, people somewhere halfway around the world were feeling the tremors of my attraction in the form of an earthquake. If the butterfly effect was fully present here, it was Emmett McCarty's abs' fault."

Oh sweet Jervis.

Hi. I love this chapter.

fngrdust chapter 9 . 6/2/2011
'"You look great, honey," Esme murmured, squeezing me around the waist. "You've been missed."

"Really?" The word was out of my mouth, barely whispered, before I was even aware I'd said anything.

"Really," she stated in an equally low voice with a kind smile that made my heart squeeze.'

J, really? Because my heart is already weeping and needs like twenty tissues.

Oh, I love Carlisle and Esme's moment together.

"Bella explained every dish as the plates were passed around – an iceberg wedge salad with crumbled egg, bacon and blue cheese dressing to start, followed by horseradish-encrusted filet of beef, grilled asparagus, smashed potatoes and crusty French bread."

This sounds like an H meal!

"I didn't want to be a guest. I wanted to fall back into my role here, for Esme to sneakily assign me chores like she used to do when she'd 'suggest' Edward and I take out the trash or vacuum the entire living room after we'd spill popcorn on one square inch of the floor. I wanted the familiarity. I craved it so badly it hurt."

Oh dearrrrr.

"All the warmth that his body had been emanating was gone now. I looked over my shoulder to see him rubbing the back of his neck, agitated, and then looked at Edward, who was still standing at the door, alternating his confused gaze between me and Emmett and back again."


"I clenched my jaw and crossed my arms, looking away. I knew I probably looked like a petulant child pouting over a stolen toy, but I didn't care. Despite the kindness and understanding she'd shown me, I was having a hard time reciprocating, at least internally."


fngrdust chapter 8 . 6/2/2011
I love that Bella approaches her through a wall. I don't I appreciated as much as I should have when I was first reading this - how this allows her to talk to Rosalie. I mean, she's obviously trapped and has to talk to her but the fact that this is the place that they finally get to do it? Really says something.

'"It's not my place to say anything, because this is really between you and Edward, but he's had a very tough time with all of this," Bella's voice sounded closer than it had a moment ago and I wondered if she was just on the other side of the wall. "I think you should know that."'

Really great stuff.

'"Since I had to be woken out of a deep slumber to you singing 'Shoop.'"

Bella let out a laugh. "Jeez, Alice, is that your go-to morning song or something?"

"She's done that to you, huh?" I asked, wondering how many sleepovers they'd had. The thought made me inexplicably sad.'

Me too, Ro Ro.

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