Reviews for All I Want For Christmas is You
RatedRCouture chapter 2 . 5/11/2010
Aww! That was so incredibly sweet! I love how everything worked out for each of the couples. I thought I would get confused with how there was a lot going on, but the transitions were smooth and I didn't.

To answer your three Qs, I would say my fav diva in this is Trish, I love her kickass attitude. My favorite part was the whole Trish/Mickie exchange, haha, it was greatness. As for the couple it'd be Trish/Randal, haha.

I really really enjoyed this!
cherrycokerocks chapter 2 . 1/24/2010
Sorry for not reviewing this sooner. I really enjoyed this Christal.

I was LOLing at the Mickie and Trish part near the beginning. Mickie was so sneaky tricking Trish like that, lol.

“Of course…how could I not when I’m sure Randy will be more than happy to switch seats with me?”

“Exactly.” Trish spoke. Then suddenly, she spat out her coffee...again. Her plan to bribe her didn’t do so well as she thought.

LOL, I loved that part. Poor Trishers, she doesn't stand a chance with Mickie Matchmaker on the case :) Oh and then poor Trish's day gets worse when the man himself take a seat next to her. She really should look before she talks though, right? LOL.

I really like the style in which would wrote it, with the different conversations between the different people carrying on. It was really easy to follow.

And to answer your questions:

Favourite Diva: Mickie

Favourite part in the story: Chris's proposal and the whole Mickie/Trish/Randy part. Oh and Ashley getting her ipod back :)

Which couple you liked the most: Toss up between Mickie/Chris and Trish/Randy. Also enjoyed the Eve/Ted angst though.

Overall, a awesome story honey. Which I enjoyed a lot and I'm glad I read it.
Grits0205 chapter 2 . 1/4/2010
So very cute! You totally had me fooled on who Chris was proposing to. I really thought it was Kelly, but that was just too weird. I also thought Candice's baby daddy was going to be Cena; I don't know why.

Favorite Diva: Mickie

Favorite Parts: the banter between Mickie and Trish, Cody asking Kelly out, Ashley seeing Adam, Chris's proposal to Mickie

Favorite Couple: Cody and Kelly-too cute, followed closely by Chris and Mickie
ThatGirl54 chapter 2 . 12/31/2009
WOWZA! :D Completely love and adored this one shot xD and it was indeed the perfect Christmas fic :) and so unbelievably cutee and adorable! Each couple had their own little ways and clicks that just made them.. uh.. perfect! :D

*gasps* I’m Eve! xD *claps* my favourite! And you matched me with Teddy? You know me too damn well ;) Hahaa They seriously are my favourite pairing :D

Evidence A:

“I’ve already forgiven you, Teddy.” She smiled.

He felt like he was the happiest man on the planet. “I love you Eve."

- xD xD xD Ekerrss! So damn cutee.. I love these two. And mean, I absolutely LOVE them xD

“Annoying jerk?”


“Annoying hot jerk?”

“Damn right!” Unaware of what she just said, Trish went back to sipping her coffee...only to spit it out three seconds later. “WHAT?”

Mickie simply sighed happily. “Being sneaky is so awesome.”

- HAHA xD I love the Trish & Mickie banter! Especially how she shut Mickie up by giving her brownies hahaa xD And Trish and Randy’s banter.. loved that also hehee they made me chuckle..

I really liked how you continued through the scenes also.. (that made no sense, lemme re-phrase that..) how you matched up the middle scenes.. by like ending one scene with one couple.. and then continuing the next scene following on with the dialogue.. I still don’t think that made sense.. but I liked how you wrote it :D

Ah! Ashley & Adam. STARSTRUCK! XD I love those two! And their bits were so adorable!

“Yes!” Cody punched the air with his fist, then he realized what he was doing and put down his arm quickly. “Uh I mean…thank you.”

- AW! That was a super cute moment xD

“Even if it means dirtying your new sparkly jeans right now?” Mickie asked with an amused smile.

“Even that…though I gotta say it’s a huge sacrifice to be down on one knee…on a dirty floor. That’s definitely saying something. But at the end of the day, I know that it will all be worth it…because you’re worth it.”

- CHICKIE LOVE! XD Sorry.. had to get that outta my system :D

Hmm.. Favourite Diva? Can I say Eve, although I’m her :/ Or am I not meant to? Haha Well tbh, I loved both Eve and Trish.. both of them made me smile and laugh :D

You already know my favourite moments xD And my favourite couple? Do I have to pick just one? Ermm.. Ted / Eve.. how could I not pick them? :P And Chickie, Trish / Randy ooh and Lilian / Evan were very cute together xD

Wowza.. Loved this whole one shot xD All that hard work you put into absolutely paid off girly.. Definitely favourited because it was that awesome! 33

p.s sorry for rambling! :P Haha
DenaDiva chapter 2 . 12/30/2009
This was really cute.

Trish had to be my favorite diva here.

I loved Candice/Batista parts! They are like one of my most favorite pairings :) I also really liked Eve/Ted & Kelly/Cody.

Favorite parts had to be the Chickie Proposal and Candice telling Dave that she was pregnant :)

Loved this.
skiptothegoodbit chapter 2 . 12/30/2009
Just wanted to start out by saying ... ooh, I'm Mickie James D How awesome!

Oh and that I'm very glad you didn't lose this one-shot because it's AH-MAZING. xD

Would I be biased if I said my fave Diva was Mickie? Yes, perhaps. Hm, I'd probably go with: Trish. I'm a sucker for love/hate relationships she amused me more than anyone else with her thoughts and body language.

Favourite parts in the story?:

- Erm, DUH, THE CHICKIE PROPOSAL! Yes, it was necessary to capslocks that xD You know, for a second I thought Chris was proposing to Kelly my Chickie heart broke ... and then I shuddered in disgust at the thought of Chris-Kelly. Am I the only one who sees them as a kinda father-daughter act? Hmm, anyways, def. the proposal! (It's quite obvious that's my fave part, right?)

- The Ted x Eve part. I love the pairing so much, they're beautiful. If only she wasn't stuck with her Masters on Raw in yet another lame storyline then I'd want him to make a face turn be with her xD That part was beautifully written.

“I’ve already forgiven you, Teddy.” She smiled.

He felt like he was the happiest man on the planet. “I love you Eve.”

She could never forget the way his eyes twinkle when said those words. “I love you too,” she replied. “Always have…and always will.” She said, leaning across to capture his mouth with his, reuniting their love once again.

Gah, so beautiful!

And hmm, which couple do I like the most?: Aside from Chickie, Evan x Lilian are so very cute. And Randy x Trish. And Cody x Kelly.

Can I just say everyone? P

Anyways, awesome one-shot and I can tell you put a lot of thought into this. Loved it D
TJ Sparkles chapter 1 . 12/29/2009
Aw, yay! *claps* I'm excited to see all the drama and the interactions! And you're welcome, it was no problem at all. Absolutely no problem. Nice choice of Divas, by the way.

Crazy-RKO-Fan chapter 2 . 12/28/2009
Oh my god this was amazing Chrsital! I'm so glad you were able to get it up because I enjoyed reading every single part of it! :D

Favorite diva.: Trish of course. lol

Favorite part/s in the story.: Mickie and Trish talking. Their conversation was so hilarious. lol

The Randy and Trish parts! :D

Jericho proposal to Mickie.

Candice telling Dave they're having a baby.

Which couple I like most: Randy/Trish
xbeautifulnightmare chapter 2 . 12/28/2009
“-Mind if I sit here?”

The raven haired man looked up from a book she was reading and smiled. “But of course. How could I say no to my favorite ring announcer?”


“You…have feeling for me?”

“Yes…I do. I’m in love with you.”


His other hand found his way to her cheek, caressing it. “I guess it’s all in the open now,” he said in a much softer tone this time.

“So it is,” she said, matching her tone to his. He slowly leaned his head toward her and Lilian pressed her lips against his warm ones in a kiss.


My favourite lines! :D

Aw, I loved it Christal! This was so adorable. One of the best fics I have EVER read. I actually didn't want it to end, LOL!

I really love how you made the sentences mix up when it went to another pairing...if that make sense. xD

Anyhoo, you're such a great and creative writer, girly! Like for real! Thank you so much for one of the best Christmas prezzies EVER! It was so amazing...I can hardly find the write words for it!

Thank you again! I love you! :]

And now to answer the questions! :D

1. Trish makes a heartfelt confession to Randy.

2. Candice is pregnant and the father is Batista.

3. Ted and Eve reunite.

4. Cody asks Kelly out.

5. Edge flys over to be with Ashley.

6. Evan and Lilian both admit they love each other. (EK! Oops sorry, got a bit carried away with the Eilian love. ;D)

7. Chris pops the question to Mickie.

Once again, I loved it Christal! Thank you, Love you!

Lauren x
WordsLikeStardust chapter 2 . 12/28/2009
Aw Christal!

This was amazing and a wonderful pick me up so thank you so much.

hehe obviously my favorite Diva was Candice lol. And my favorite part of the story was Dave finally responding and they were my favorite couple, seconded by Cody and Kelly lol.

This made me smile for the first time in days it's fabulous. Thank you thank you!
xGoldGang chapter 2 . 12/28/2009
Ok this was awesome and I'm sorry but I have two answers for every question lol

Fav Diva-Trish and Mickie

Favorite Part-Proposal and Trish kissing Randy

Couple-Chickie and Ted/Eve
Kylie chapter 2 . 12/28/2009
This was awesome Christal!

You had me fooled for a moment there lol

I almost though Jericho was proposing to Kelly! lol

But yay! Kelly and Cody! 3

It was great Christal!

I'm so glad you recovered it!

Merry Christmas to you too Sis!

Your favorite diva: Kelly Kelly

Favorite part/s in the story: Cody and Kelly getting together ; Candice tells Dave about the baby

Which couple you like most? Candice and Dave ; Kelly and Cody