Reviews for Too Good To Be True
XxMy Beautiful DarknessxX chapter 31 . 11/15
This is literally the only completed multichapter fanfiction could find for Sixteen Candles! You had everything down pat perfect! I'm in love with this, and it's definitely a favorite! It really made my night!
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 31 . 5/11
What an amazing story. It is so incredible how you can write a story so well that is fits perfectly as a sequel. Wow. So glad you wrote this.
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 30 . 5/11
Incredible chapter in so many ways. I like how Farmer was explaining Sam's situation and turned it back to him: "Seems that way. She even missed one of her classes, she was so upset. As for me, I was just-." So classic of Farmer.
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 29 . 5/11
Great chapter. I could hear the music. Brilliantly done. But where is Jake? Why isn't he following her? So looking forward to the next ch.
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 28 . 5/11
Wow, why hasn't Jake tried to clear this up yet? Great story. I could just see Sam calling it a "stupid dance".
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 27 . 5/11
I really like this story. Farmer making his move and Sam gratefully agreeing. Little does she know, she's not as single as she thinks she is. I love the turns in this story.
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 26 . 5/11
Oh man. It's good to have an understanding friend like Randi.
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 25 . 5/11
WOWE, this is INTENSE!
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 24 . 5/11
I love this chapter. You can just feel her anticipation. I also like how she's not telling Randi anything until she speaks with Jake - nothing is really confirmed yet, why make a bigger issue of it?
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 23 . 5/11
She can't avoid him forever. Hopefully, this will get cleared up at lunch. Great story.
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 22 . 5/11
PROBLEM Chapter 22 is the same as Ch 21
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 21 . 5/11
Here we go. So looking forward to the next chapter. So glad you wrote this.
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 20 . 5/11
This has left me wondering how she is going to find out the truth. Will it be through Carolyn or Jake? I love short chapters that have great strength.
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 19 . 5/11
Poor Sam. She's going to have to talk to him sooner or later.
Pat2Trivia4Me chapter 18 . 5/11
Do I have the honor of being another 100th review in one of your awesome works. LOVE IT! U ROCK!
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