Reviews for The Sunset no One Saw
Kendrix chapter 1 . 4/1/2010
First, I need to said that I'm glad that this Fic exists at all

So I'm not the only one who was dissatisfied with such blatant character derailment...

About the fic itself... Well, you made our Dear Prince look a little too 'rightheous' in the dialogues at the beginning, (He DID have his darker, anti-hero-like aspects, tough, as we both agree, far not enough of them to end as the crackling maniac we saw in Magister's Terrace) but the dialouge with Kil'Jaeden at the very End was sparkled with the eloquence and the defiance that our beloved prince showed in WC3.

It was very satisfyng to read and radiated a feeling of victory despite it's bittersweet end.

His choice to accept being known as a madman to history realy reflected what his personality in WC3 was like...

There were some ingenuous lines like the "setback"-joke, the "spitting death in the face"-part and the "That's why I'm called the Deciever." -line. You had some nice allusions and comparisions to other stories in it, (like the mentioning of Ner'Zhul)

On the other hand, tough you obviously tried you best at the mindrape/mindfuck/Horror/And-I-Must-scream-parts (Having him witness the whole thing was absolutely brilliant - having him make fun of Kil'Jeaden using that information, even more so), they could have been a little more shocking - for example, you could have described what out poor little Kael looked like, when he finally got out of that coffin...

The fist half didn't have the same quality as the rest of it, but I'll just blame that on you needing to get the 'feel' of te characters first.

While the classic 'impostor szenarion' might not have been the most artistic/elaborate way o fix everythingyou milked it for all the horror and epicness it's woth and it it hard to miss that you gave your best in this FF.

Thank you very much.
HellzCrusader chapter 1 . 1/22/2010
this is a truly beautiful peice. im glad you wrote it. TYVM
Helmholtz chapter 1 . 1/20/2010
A few things: The meeting with the crypt lord seemed to go too quickly, to the extent that the story could have done without it. It wouldn't have taken anything away from the narrative had the crypt lord not appeared within it at all.

Secondly, there were some unnecessary comparisons, such as that between Lady Vashj and Illidan to do with their age. There was no reason for the description in face of her struggling to keep open the portal. It stood out and felt very out of place.

I thought the parallel between Ner'zhul and Kael'thas was clever, considering both were former servants of Kil'Jaeden and both had failed him, so for both to be found by him, whilst traversing the Twisting Nether, was fitting.

I may have some people disagree with me but I thought that attributing Kael'thas' decent into madness to a lookalike imposter was the easy way out. Replacing Kael'thas with a demon did not at all work, it felt very convoluted and... well, cheap. I'm not trying to be unfair or harsh but I didn't really like it at all. You said it yourself through Kil'Jaeden, loyalty can turn into fanaticism. Kael'thas was so very loyal to his people that he went insane in an attempt to aid them, no matter the cost. This is not such an unrealistic explanation, and really attests to the nobility of Kael'thas' excellent character. He was a good person but he tried too hard in the face of evil. His allegiance to Illidan was bad news, but he ultimately did it for his people. Likewise, joining Kil'jaeden was a horrible thing to do, but justifiable as he did it for his people, Illidan having failed him, and the guilt for both these actions drove him over the edge. Illidan was like a stepping stone for something even worse.

I mean no disrespect but personally, I think this could have been better explained through deep psychological developments rather than falling back on a demon in disguise. Not only that, but Blizzard's rendition of Kael'thas is a very loyal depiction of the character and how he suffered for his people.
Kisella the Silver chapter 1 . 1/1/2010
This story brought me to tears! Thank you for giving me the joy that fan fiction can explain stuff Blizzard cannot!

Long live the Prince!

Andrea Foxx chapter 1 . 12/30/2009
Yeah, I was annoyed when his characterization was spat on, too. This story does a very good job of clearing that up for us, and there's a kind of peculiar dichotomy the reader feels with Kael'thas. Although we have great sadness and sympathy for him, his pride kind of puts a wall between us and him.

Poor guy. I always liked him. He was one holding Illidan back, and when he was told that Illidan was going to perish crazy I was struck. He's a determined man, with a lot of inner strength: but at the end, were they friends? And they both were destined to go insane. Or otherwise, in Kael's case.

Great story, and well characterized. Nice job.
Poicephalus chapter 1 . 12/30/2009
*applause* Well done! I enjoyed your vision. I don't buy sudden insanity- this worked much better for me. :)

Great writing too! You captured the grace of the Blood Elves speech and the enormity of the situation really well. Keep it up!
PromisedAngel chapter 1 . 12/29/2009
interesting concept, and once you think about it, it makes sense. Although there may be a few holes i did not see here and there it is a good theory none the less!
Christopher Angel chapter 1 . 12/29/2009
I am surprised no one has reviewed your story.

Kael'thas is one of my favourite characters, next to his arch enemy Arthas and I have been puzzled about the way Blizzard handled him. He was a righteous and thoughtful Prince throughout the WC3 campaigns and despite all odds, even allying partially with the Legion, he stood his moral ground and cared for his people despite the cost to him.

Blizzard's handling of Kael was sloppy and left too many loopholes that they will surely not clean up. It is one of the few great crimes perpetrated by World of Warcraft where lore and characters were byproducts for gameplay and patches.

You did a marvelous job and perfectly contained all that was good and pure with Kael'thas and if this was truly the way he died, he died as a hero, an unsung one, but one of the greatest.

I would have hoped that Kael would return to us but from the way you wrote, no other ending could happen that would perfectly embody who Kael'thas was. And he was a true leader of the Blood Elves to the end.

Excellent work, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Your writing was spot on and fluid. And Kil'jaeden sounded exactly the way he should as does Kael'thas. On a personal note, I enjoyed the tinge of concern you showed through Vashj. One thing people forget is that in Warcraft, there are no good and bad characters, everyone is capable of emotions and thinking that just because one fell away from what is considered good does that mean they are devoid of emotions. So yes, I enjoyed that too.

And the 'merely a setback' joke? Well done, loved it.