Reviews for Outcast's Alley
BMS chapter 15 . 9/1
Was an excellent story UNTIL you sent him back into canon events.
BMS chapter 8 . 9/1
So you brought Harry here so Molly could yell at him?
The story was better when Harry was on his own w/ Mo. Different, and the worldbuilding was wonderful.
BMS chapter 7 . 9/1
I was hoping Harry'd stay free instead of going back to prison. He'd been better off w/ the Court.
What happens when his charms run out of power?
BMS chapter 2 . 9/1
God, I hope it's not Snape. Seriously overdone.
I like the world-building though.
BMS chapter 1 . 9/1
Awesome start.
Nice bit w/ Vernon pointing out he was only 15.
Rossess20 chapter 8 . 7/26
I love this story but I don't understand how he manages to feed Mo without it looking like a murder scene after. Babies are messy eaters he needs more than just a few towels lol!
abishasoans chapter 1 . 7/15
I like the fact that Vernon said he's only 15 when she tried to kick him out
ShadowThief126 chapter 16 . 6/27
Wonderful story. I’m so glad there is a sequel.
TheFanFicDevourer chapter 15 . 6/14
Jeez I know this finished forever ago, but I just had a random thought. Didn't Lucius attempt a killing curse on Harry after the Chamber of Secrets? I'm trying to remember if it happened in the book, but I know it happened in the movie. Imagine Harry standing there like, well Draco was rude, but his dad tried to kill me once lolz
Rossess20 chapter 15 . 5/27
I think the word you're looking for is "chignon". Chiffon is a kind of fabric...
thunderofdeath97 chapter 15 . 4/23
this makes no sense, you stated in an earlier chapter that none of the "people" could be in allegiance of voldemort, yet lucius is a deatheater.

also, the malfoy family are derogatory towards creatures, so yeah makes no sense
thunderofdeath97 chapter 13 . 4/23
why is dumbledore allowing snape to throw harry in detention, and to scrub cauldrons clean, without magic?
thunderofdeath97 chapter 12 . 4/23
bro this harry is really fucking pathetic

he whines, and takes shit lying down

umbitch can't do shit to him, and as for snape? his authority has no meaning when dumbledore himself, who is the headmaster, gave harry permission to take moriyanna to class.

its pretty downright arrogant and insulting to call an entire race and species and government as liars, just because they dont wanna accept the truth
thunderofdeath97 chapter 8 . 4/23
actually harry has a right to know about dumbledores plans, since a lot of them revolve around harry.

well molly, how else is harry supposed to put it? lily was a married woman, who instead of being a decent, faithful, honorable woman and wife, chose to go and whore herself out to another man, who isn't/wasn't her husband?
thunderofdeath97 chapter 7 . 4/23
snape is the father of harry, isn't he? yuck
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