Reviews for Outcast's Alley
RandomReader13 chapter 13 . 5/22/2019
Snape and Umbitch using Tobias in their own little power struggle just makes me spitting mad. And I honestly thought the first time I read this that Tobias was just going to hurt her or just march out. But I love how he realizes he can DESTROY her if he just gets the proof that she's been torturing students with an illegal blood quill. (still think he should just take the quill lol but that too shows how his psyche works, his reluctance to trust anyone else to protect him)
Just reading about all his homework is stressing me the hell out, poor guy.
Archivist Kyplan is such a great guy. I love how we've gotten to know him bit by bit and how he goes out of his way to help Tobias. I can understand the Consort and Queen's position. It really is just an all-around terrible situation for everyone involved.
ajdfklja;lkjasdfkjas; Tobias actually physically hurting when Mo is gone from him too long, even though he trusts Molly so much. AND SCREW YOU SNAPE AND DUMBLEDORE! Tobias might not realize it but Dumbledore definitely wants to get Harry able to be away from Mo as soon as possible so he can go back to being the good little savior. Ugh. It is times like these that I wish Molly would stand up more against it. Like, clearly she can see it's not helping.
Interesting peek into Snape actually caring a little bit. I suppose he draws the line at physical abuse.
The timeline is ticking down and I am thrilled! I love the little glances at who is fae and how they react to Harry, and Blaise's earrings! Astounding worldbuilding!
RandomReader13 chapter 12 . 5/22/2019
I love your OCs! Usually I can't stand OCs, but yours seem so REAL and they really help make the world seem more three-dimensional
That dream IS really interesting. Dumbledore agreeing with Snape that using his wings in potions is a good idea? Sounds a lot like wanting to use him without caring if/how it'll hurt him. Madame Pomfrey perhaps as the average human, who thinks he is creepy and should try to blend in. The King, telling him to accept who he really is. Awesome!
I love that Malfoy is an elf, it fits so well with their canon immediate dislike for each other. Also, he should really know better than to challenge someone with their young RIGHT THERE like good grief, Draco, what are your parents teaching you.
SCREW YOU SNAPE AND YOUR STUPID POWER COMPLEX. I honestly cannot understand Snape-apologists. Like, the man was abusive to the point where he was one of his students WORST FEARS but it's all okay because he was a fuckboy who got rejected because he called his friend slurs and joined a group wanting to kill her. Anyway, I like how you write him and throw in the little bits of information like, how does he know this? It's really well done and subtle and then you think back and remember it when the big reveal happens and just smack your forehead.
Half a hero, half a villain, definitely describes most of Harry's public reputation. Once again, I'm adoring how the Puffs are kind and accepting. Ooh, and before I forget, I love how you stuck in the bit of Harry having to take classes with GS. It might seem a bit forced at first, but as time goes on it becomes more clear that either the Hat has a plan in mind (perhaps for house unity) or that Dumbledore is trying to not lose the tension that grew between Harry and the Slytherins. After all, it's easy to turn someone against a group when all they've known of that group is bullies.
I love that Harry actually has some solid backing other than his own claims. Like, it's not just him it's an entire GOVERNMENT that believes that Voldemort is back. ghghghg stupid Umbridge too scared to admit something she doesn't want to believe. She and Snape are pretty similar actually, despite the surface differences.
I love Sprout so much! She knows when to be stern but can also ease back and be comforting. And saying that Tobias isn't a delinquent, thank you!
RandomReader13 chapter 11 . 5/21/2019
I appreciate all the Hufflepuff love! When I took the Pottermore quiz I got Gryffindor and I was a bit disappointed XD I also love that they're still very obviously kids and not always 'nice' (down with stereotypes! ;))
Harry is accepting even further what he is and asserting the difference and I am living for it. "Everyone's either rude or scared. I prefer rude" alkdjfa;sljfa;lkjdfsa;lf I'm crying DX
I feel bad that Harry wants to take subjects he actually likes, but can't because of the years he has missed. I feel that with college so much. It's like, what you've chosen in the beginning impacts what you can do later and if you change your mind it's a whole big deal and you'll probably have 'wasted' money. ugh. I feel you Harry.
I love that they have leather couches, it just sounds cool and more modern. And Sprout is the absolute best.
I bet that warning made a couple of people nervous, but it had to be said *shrugs* I don't remember all the details coming up (it's been years lol) but I'll look forward to seeing more of his instincts come into play, as I'm sure you've put them in (your organization is still AMAZING like what?!)
RandomReader13 chapter 10 . 5/21/2019
I think Sirius is just now realizing that this isn't his best friend back in a younger body. Like, clearly Harry was different than James, but he was so much defined by his parents. Sirius especially commented on it a LOT if I'm remembering right. I guess this is another part of having to reinvent yourself, accept yourself for who you really are. People who are so stuck with one image of you are going to be thrown, I can only hope that once Sirius gets over it, they'll form a bond even stronger because it is built on truth.
Hermione is right, Ron deciding Tobias is ok after seeing him feed Mo blood IS weird XD
I really like how you added that bit about him always WATCHING whenever someone is near his kid! So far we've only seen the protectiveness from Harry's point of view and this was a really neat flip!
We all know why Snape is in a tizzy but Harry is just. so confused. I love how he's being snarky more and I feel that it's a sign of him really starting to come out of his shell. Not only is he away from his abusive family, but now he's HUGE, strong, and has big teeth!
Harry you are doing FANTASTIC for a one-month parent! In fact, I keep being surprised when I remember how little time you've had with her and how well you've done!
Harry debating with himself over whether to show himself or not was great. Like in the first chapter, I felt I could really connect this to lgbtq themes and it's. so true. It's also easier, I think, to tell new people, potential new friends, because then if they reject you at least it's right off the bat and you don't have time to form connections that will break painfully. Anyway, I applaud Harry's courage and your own choice!
Toby is adorable and I love him already. Akela as well. I love that you showed how protective People are of each other (fksajd and I forgot to mention another thing from the previous chapter I think, that I love how Harry is constantly reassuring himself that he is PEOPLE and NOT a monster. Fabulous)
I think I agree with that hat. People change massively from 11-18. Like. That's probably the period of MOST change. Putting them in houses with others who value the same things is honestly a terrible system for encouraging diversity and open thinking. Either encouraging houses to intermingle more, maybe share common rooms, or by resorting as they get older, it could help hugely. I'm glad that Harry sees that the house stereotypes are bullshit.
I adore the twins' ability to just cut through tension and make things better.
McGonagall is not here for their shit XD
Zuka is so cute! I think it's neat that by being there, Tobias can shed light on things like the Brownies that the students have probably never thought of before! Oh! This just occurred to me! Hermoine started S.P.E.W. last year! I wonder how that affects her views on Tobias. I bet he would have some things to say now that he knew brownies can adopt a place of their own free will.
RandomReader13 chapter 9 . 5/21/2019
I adore the twins and Ginny and the way they don't let this phase them and immediately jump into bantering. Also the way Ginny was like HELLS YEAH I WANT WINGS
I actually do feel sympathetic for Hermione, I think the first time I read this I was just annoyed at her but now I've had time to actually think about it, she's certainly not wrong. I'm glad Harry realized that too. It is certainly hard to ask questions about a delicate subject when the people around you accuse any uncertainty or fear of being prejudice.
I love love LOVE the fact that you've made Bill know a bit about these things! It makes so much sense, with him working for the Goblins and all (I totally forgot to mention that I loved their brief banter last chapter)
Harry and Consort: *snarling at each other*
Queen: Can u not
I love how Harry wrote back and I think he did very well, not getting upset or anything. I'm not sure I would be able to do that lol
akldjf;adlskjf;asldjd Harry's whole conversation with Remus makes me so upset every time! Like, Remus literally is deluding himself and is so afraid to accept himself which is just horrible but then he does exactly what he's so afraid of to someone else and? I just? Don't understand? jdsl;kfjasd;ljas;lkj I hope that by seeing Harry accepting himself and be happier for it, he comes to accept himself more too.
RandomReader13 chapter 8 . 5/21/2019
Seeing Ron and Hermione from an outsider perspective is so interesting! I appreciate that you are acknowledging their flaws without it being bashing. And Molly! I love Molly so much! Teenager with a baby and tattoos and long hair? Have some breakfast! Baby has wings? Look how precious!
When Tonks put up those silencing charms I immediately started laughing. Harry's never been chewed out by parental figures before and I LOVED it so much! No help coming from Arthur, Harry, he's pissed too.
It's an interesting thing to think about, the line between trusting someone and following blindly. I think up until this point, Harry was following blindly but now is realizing that Dumbledore hasn't done much of anything to earn that trust. The Weasleys, on the other hand, trust him a lot, but I feel like that might be clouding their judgement a little bit. Especially in a situation like this, it is important that people discuss why they are risking their lives. I understand confidentiality, but when it is Harry's life being put on the line? He deserves to know SOMETHING
I keep forgetting that Harry is still like visibly a teenager. It's the 6' 5" thing I guess XD Also, holy crap Bill is huge too!
ugh the whole scene where Harry reveals who he is had me on the edge of my seat! And this the third time reading it! But the way that Remus catches on and lets just a bit of his own instincts loose in the presence of other people was pretty interesting. I wonder if it was because he was more comfortable or if the instincts are stronger in the presence of other People
Remus nO. Ughhhgajkdsjf;lskdjf;asldkj This just broke my heart. The way Harry just says "I never betrayed you" in such a heartbroken tone. And I do believe that Remus is trying to help, but he's going about it ALL WRONG. UGH
I love Moody just being impressed with the glamour's abilities and not at all concerned with anything else lmao
Also Kingsley! He was just talked about for a second but that second gave us a nice peek into his personality which is so hard to do! Kudos to you!
Yas! Accept your form!
Lupin, Harry's going to be upset for a while and he has every right. Respect that, please.
RandomReader13 chapter 7 . 5/21/2019
Harry absolutely losing it over Mo being sick is so accurate for first-time parents and I cannot imagine being People makes that any easier XD
Ok, but Harry wavering for only a split second in giving himself up for Mo and then saying fuck it all, she's my daughter, she's what matters, is so fantastic. He's always been rather selfless, but I feel like that's mostly chance, bad luck, and feeling expectations being pushed on him. The fact that now, when he's got nothing to prove, his best qualities are still there and even stronger really show that he's a good person.
I love that, while Harry is clueless, the rest of us all know exactly how Snape recognized him. It's subtle enough that if the reader hasn't made it all the way through the books they wouldn't realize, but overt enough that those who have can. A tricky balance to maintain and you got it just right!
So, I suppose they could swallow the story about getting tattoos and being left with a baby, but what about his height? He grew almost a full foot! In a few months! (a few weeks actually but they wouldn't know that)
Harry has every right to be angry here. Dumbledore has been trying to get him to come back under the guise of it being 'safer' but in reality is looks like it's to get him back under his thumb. And now that Harry isn't the cowed, good little hero he should be? Dumbledore won't even look at him. Ugh. Even though none of this is explicitly stated, it makes me THINK about it, and that is the mark of a great writer!
RandomReader13 chapter 6 . 5/21/2019
I wonder how much the queen and consort freaked out when they realized that Harry was not only a young fae they had never heard of, but a Switch too!
I also really liked the obvious difference in how he wrote to the queen and how he wrote to the archivist. I wonder if the queen reads the notes to the archivist as well...
Harry's realization that he does look quite a bit different even facial-structure wise was so heart wrenching. He was clinging to that and now even that's being pulled away. As always, a fascinating insight into being forced to reinvent yourself. I also love seeing the little hints of the positive aspects, being able to be truly himself for once without worrying about other people's opinions.
I love that the goblins are just watching this all go down, like prime reality tv right here folks! XD
The image of Mo pushing herself up on shaky arms to smile at him is just! So Adorable! I'm dying 3
sdkfjlsdjflskdjf Harry thinking about all the ways people want him and how he can't fill any of them because he's CHANGED and none of them were there to see it
More sassy Harry showing up with that question about the bodyguards and I love it!
hahaha scary consort. I want to take this moment to say how I love that the Sidhe seem to be a matriarchy? Or were in the past? so subtle but awesome!
ooh, I forgot that the markings stopped at the elbow, so he can hide them. Also Harry's sudden reminder that, oh yeah, this guy is tiny but he's an adult! Another interesting insight that looks can be especially deceiving in the People world
RandomReader13 chapter 5 . 5/20/2019
Harry being a dad is so CUTE! Letting Mo pick where he put the piercing and being flustered when the shopkeep smiled at him just. KJALSDFJA;LKJA;
I love watching Harry slowly start to figure this out, the baby supplies and where to live and how to react to his friends!
The way he tried to find out more about himself but everything had been written by someone who didn't know what they were talking about just broke my heart. The bit about 'studying in captivity' made me SO mad but I also laughed at Harry's reaction.
I know Ron and Hermione are worried but honestly, do they not trust him at all? Although...wait...if my brother suddenly disappeared...yeah I'd be sending the same letters XD
Just the little things like him asking if they serve raw meat that just set him apart are so great.
I wonder, since the book is updated, if the pronouns change as well. Like, for Lliannan did it say 'she'? That would be a lot of work for the archivist I guess.
The worldbuilding wouldn't work as well in any other setting, I don't think, but here it works perfectly! I love the little glimpses of another world and Harry's overall disbelief at the kind of things he'll have to learn.
"I'm fifteen. I'm not supposed to WANT to go to bed at ten!" a Mood XD (and another great ending!)
RandomReader13 chapter 4 . 5/20/2019
I forgot to mention this in the last chapter but I love Harlot So Much. She's so down to earth and like. dryly witty.
I have made the connection that my brother is fifteen and now I am paralyzed with horror at the very IDEA of him being responsible for himself, not to mention an INFANT
"You poor thing! You can't even bring yourself to eat the meat yet, and now this!" lollll poor Harry
skflsdjfs Harry just wants to be NORMAL would someone PLEASE let him be normal for TWO SECONDS
I love the way you describe the book! I can picture it!
Harry just begrudgingly falling in love with Mo more every minute is so fantastic and I love it.
"Might as well be 'demon' to them" UUGGHH MY HEART
RandomReader13 chapter 3 . 5/20/2019
I've never really liked Dumbledore once I went back through the books and really thought about his actions. I saw a post about him that said "there is never a good reason to leave a child in an abusive situation" and I feel like that really sums it up. Doesn't seem too unlikely that Dumbledore would know leaving Harry with the Durlseys would result in a browbeaten, lonely child who would latch on to the first hint of affection. Ugh. I have many feelings about him.
Sassy Harry rears his head! I love it! I also love that Bighana is the bouncer, even though she's tiny. It gives us hints that appearances can be especially deceptive in the non-human community.
Once again your worldbuilding is excellent! I love how we learn things as Harry does, it really gets that feeling of being wrongfooted and slowly finding balance across.
The names you picked for Mo and Lliannan! Oh my gosh. Wait. Lliannan, pronounced "Le-liann" ... LILY. HOLY SHIT
Also, thank you for sounding them out so I don't just go alkdjf;as whenever I see the name lmao
Even more worldbuilding thrown in with the earrings and the elf thing and the drinking blood thing! I'm getting twitchy just THINKING about how much outlining this must have taken. Majorly impressive.
This is also the PERFECT way the end the chapter. We're left feeling just as thrown off and wHAT as Harry is!
RandomReader13 chapter 2 . 5/20/2019
I saw a quote recently that really seems to sum up Harry's struggles: "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have". Things just keep getting worse, but Harry has no choice but to hold on to those little things he can. And that's so true when it comes to life, as well. Few people experience it in such a dramatic way, but everyone tends to cling to the familiar, especially when surrounded by what is alien. I love how you've incorporated world building into this conversation without it being awkward or stilted because he really WOULD be wondering these things and because of that it doesn't feel like an info dump. Also because we're left to wonder about some things. Excellent work! I'm glad Harry still recognizes himself and it makes him a bit more comfortable, I also really liked how you analyzed his psyche when it comes to dealing with things, thinking it's better to dive right into it than wait. Ooh, and also the part where he was so often judged by his parents (mostly father) and now that's mostly false. It will force people to judge him on his own merit for once, and I think that's something Harry really needs in his life.
"When all else fails, there's always chocolate" A MOOD
RandomReader13 chapter 1 . 5/20/2019
I first read this ages ago and I keep coming back to it because it is just that good! You've really portrayed Harry's growing panic throughout this chapter so well, and I love how you write his thought process. The way he tries to not bother anyone and thinks that no one will help him out because they never have before makes so much sense with how he was raised. I also adore the way you describe him, it really lets me get a clear image of what he looks like! The shopkeeper is so kind and I'm so glad he's helping Harry figure things out, even though he doesn't even know him. (I don't know if there were supposed to be lgbtq feelings throughout this, but I'm getting that vibe and it's...nice? Sad but he'll be okay, ya know? Being afraid/told to stay away from Other and then realizing that, oh no, YOU are Other is terrifying and I really like the way you portray Harry's way of dealing with it and the continuing shocks to his system)
HarryPotterFangirl85 chapter 4 . 5/11/2019
This is an interesting story so far, but I’ve just realized the sequel is incomplete, ugh.
gginsc chapter 16 . 3/7/2019
I really need to remember to check the last chapters before I read something! Nothing important has really happenedn in these 15 chapters and now I find out there are at least 3 more stories!
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