Reviews for It's Elemental, My Dear Snape
meg527 chapter 5 . 2/21
Absolutely fabulous! Thank you!
narratively chapter 5 . 11/2/2014
I think I might have just fallen in love with your writing.
jensteed chapter 5 . 7/30/2014
Such a touching and really interesting story, it was so lovely :)
Jamelia098 chapter 5 . 7/3/2014
loved it :)
EclecticBonVivant chapter 1 . 6/10/2014
Fabulous! So well written - thank you for captivating me.
stgulik chapter 5 . 11/6/2013
This was fantastic, superbly crafted.
Betsy chapter 5 . 10/20/2013
P chapter 5 . 6/18/2013
I love you. I could read your stories until the end of my life.
librarywitch chapter 5 . 6/3/2013
Now that was a good one. Very enjoyable read and well done.
Guest chapter 5 . 4/11/2013
liked it :)
hatsumei chapter 5 . 4/4/2013
It is a really beautiful story. You actually had me in tears at the last part. Happy tears, though, so it's good.
Thank you for that enjoyable moment between school and homework.
Naydriel chapter 5 . 4/2/2013
This is utterly perfect.
LittleBabyDamien chapter 5 . 3/8/2013
I love how you have woven poetry into your prose. Or, perhaps, woven your prose out of poetry. I realised that they were in a dream world of some kind very early on, and just went with it, because dreams have a logic all their own, and dream worlds can draw me in so smoothly.
McLoving Grey's chapter 5 . 2/22/2013
Another well-written, lovely story that made my day a little bit better by every chapter I read :) Great work! Thanks for sharing!
Montara chapter 5 . 2/13/2013
A very interesting story. I loved the idea of meeting in their dreams. Thank you.
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