Reviews for Eros' Second Chance
Atomdancerrr chapter 7 . 3/11/2010
I cut and pasted this to my own computer and made tbe print big so I could read it without a headache. I love it! I absolutely love it! Please keep writing! I just reviewed all the chapters at once.

Chapter 3 needs a space between "in case." It's ran together.

Is realise spelled with an “s” Down Under? If so this is not a mistake but a culture difference. It's spelled with an s all through your story. Here in the US we spell it, “realize.” No need to change if this is so but I pointed it out anyway.

Apologising, is apologizing, here. Again this may be right in Australia.

Licence. Is spelled License here.

Hee hee. The following line is funny and SO Trevorish! Trevor has to make enough comments about being a god to keep Linda from calling Claire to report his "weird behafvior. "Yup! Something might be wrong with him if he doesn't stay crazy enough! :))

“He only just managed to make enough random comments and talk about being a god that Linda didn't ring up his psychologist and tell her that there was something different about her bartending god.”

organise is organize here

I know “honoured” is spelled correctly here for Down Under and would be in Britain too. But we out of step with everyone else,Yanks spell it “honored.” No need to change it because neither of us are wrong. But thought you'd find this interesting. :-)

You got American High school just fine except we don't call each other "mates" but friends or companions. Here mates refers only to someone you are married to but we understand the Australian and British meaning.

How the Dogs ended up living is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

What a beautiful dedication! Here is your Bible quote. “Not even a Sparrow falls apart from the Father.” Matthew 10:29 And “Rather speaking the truth in Love we are to grow up in all ways into the Head into Christ.” (Ephesians 4:15). We ourselves are using Science to build New Jerusalem just as we built the Nautilus, the Moonship Columbia and the International Space Station. Those started off as mere dreams too. To preserve as much Life as possible for as Long as Possible in as nice an environment is possible is what Science DOES. Every Doctor is working towards Eternal Life. Every Scientist is building Heaven. 1 Corinthians 12:27 says we are the Body of Christ and all Carpenters use their Bodies to build things. We go around circling Space/Time and upload everybody including the Carpenter and give Him His much deserved Kingdom. Because we want to. No other reason is necessary. So you can be as certain as the existence of every other Animal Lover who will ever exist all the way around the Circle of Time every Animal WILL definitely get a second and much better Eternal Life! But just remember, according to both Science and Ecclesiastes 3:18 People are Animals too and deserve just as much compassion.
Atomdancerrr chapter 2 . 1/9/2010
Ah ah! the plot clots! I bet that medallion thingy is going to be important! I can't even tell where this is going any more! But it is fascinating!

Your Judy is sure flabbergasted by "Trevor." Gee! I would think any good Vet would get pet owning Greco-Roman gods all the time! :0)

One of my Cats, Cali, who is 20 years old is "helping" me write this review, if it helps to have her tail between me and the keyboard. I have to type around it! :))

I'd have written this review sooner but it is the beginning of the month and we've been running around trying to get SO MUCH done including a couple of medical appointments for our some of our own Pets! Reality Space sure can get in the way of Cyberspace sometimes! But that's OK. Cyberspace will last forever. Reality Space is only temporary.

Only one thing. I don't think any Vet, not even an Aussie or a British Vet would call a healthy Kitten "bloody" because so very tragically they would have seen Kittens that really were and not wanted to be reminded of it! ;((

Your story makes us Cupidians up to 70 here! Yay! Let's go for 500 and more!
Atomdancerrr chapter 1 . 1/3/2010
Oh my! I know how this ends because I helped you with a teeny tiny bit of it, but even so you have me in suspense!

It occurred to me that not every thought in Cupid's head would be American English anyway. Ah contrarie! He's been around before the languages of Anglo merged with Saxon, before even they existed. In selective omnipresence mode he's probably scanned every language we Mortals speak. While he would not know all of them (being little g not the Big One plus his operating system may have been paired down now to fit inside a Mortal's hard drive and still leave room for the original OS in zipped up form) he never the less would know a lot of them and many variations on each theme. The linguist in, "Grand Masseuse" said he was a mimic, that, "you could drop him in Georgia and in as week he'd come out sounding like Boss Hog!" This is why. He has to be! We Mortals keep changing the way we communicate and if a god relaxes a little too much and takes a nice long nap he wakes up and what the ! He can't understand us Mortals anymore! :)) So I KNOW there are many great "down under" phrases inside that big brain of "Trevor's." Because a lot of Down Under jive is really, really wonderful stuff!

Keep on writing, Grasshopper! You will surpass most everybody here someday. If you eat right and get enough sleep and want to badly enough even professionally with your own stuff. I mean that!