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Dimac99 chapter 25 . 4/7/2010
I love that no matter the changes in his life and how much he evolves as a person, Sheldon is STILL Crazy Tuesday Night Hamburger Guy! The Halo date was so sweet, and so right for the pair of them. Finally a proper *kiss* kiss and it was wonderful. The end though, had me laughing out loud. I shouldn't have even been surprised because a creating file and a questionnaire is EXACTLY how Sheldon would go about it. Sven's obviously advised him to *ask* Penny what she wants/needs/likes/dislikes and he's overlaid it with standard Sheldon literalness and preparedness. I also love what you're doing with Leonard in this - I actually feel sorry for him because he's so pathetic. Can't wait for your next update :-)
Astra-Amethyst chapter 25 . 4/7/2010
I was so happy to see you had posted a new Chapter - it made me forget some lousy work-related news and put me back in a pleasant state of mind.

I love how you have written the split among the group - "patch of normality over the void". Raj siding with Sheldon, Howard hovering and Leonard on his own. If ever there was a character who needed therapy it is Leonard.

Dossiers and daisies at the end a nice and true to the character touch.

Too bad Beth and Sven couldn't be characters on the show.
DarkDyer chapter 25 . 4/7/2010
Very nicely done, believable character growth , excellent original characters, and an enjoyable storyline has made this a fic that I find myself revisiting. Thank you.
Talitha Koum chapter 25 . 4/7/2010
"He's absurdly pleased."

I'M absurdly pleased! Oh, dear Lord. I squeed and giggled and kicked my legs, sprawled across the bed in the guest room while my brother played Call of Duty. He snapped at me,

"My God! What are you doing?"

"Reading the most awesome chapter EVER! HE kissed HER!"


I was so happy to see a new chapter in my inbox. I await more from you with bated breath. Welcome back!
ollixanna chapter 25 . 4/7/2010
Oh my dear SpaceAnJL, I've been missing this story something terrible. I hadn't "seen" you around paradox so I came looking for you. Only to discover on your LJ that you wouldn't be returning to paradox. I am so, so, glad that you updated today though. I feel as though it was exactly what I needed to break myself out of this horrible rut I've fallen into. I loved that Sven and Beth were Sheldon's Cheesecake Factory companions this week. I hate that Leonard is still trying to stake Penny as his own. Howard and Raj were perfectly in character, as always. And what can I say about Penny and Sheldon? They're completely wonderful with their fears, and getting to know more about each other, and everything. Thank you for this awesome chapter. I can't praise it enough. Please don't take too long to post another chapter, I wilt without them.
Angelyc chapter 25 . 4/7/2010
The wait between one chapter and the next is seriously like torture. But, I wouldn't regret one second because every single chapter has been entirely worth the wait. Halo night and the unsure questioning about whether the event could count as a date had me squealing in my chair. The dossier? Adorable! Sheldon's nervous determination to make this correct is such a beautiful thing to read. Thanks again for sharing your talent and your story.
absolute nonsense chapter 24 . 4/5/2010



Fayth3 chapter 24 . 4/4/2010
I've told you there I'll tell you here, I think you, and this fic, are made entirely of win.

Whether my muse goes I shall follow.

Fumblepaws chapter 24 . 4/3/2010
Waiting for new chapter... Long weekend... Save me from my chores with something awesome to read!
Dimac99 chapter 24 . 4/2/2010
Been up all night reading - no idea where to start. Stories as wonderfully in-depth as yours make me want to take notes as I go so I can write the review you deserve!

You get inside Sheldon's head wonderfully, and crap though I think Garden State was, I'm glad they made it so Jim Parsons' one scene could help give birth to your little plot bunny. Sheldon's gradual realisation of his feelings for Penny has been a joy to read and the gradual disintegration of Penny and Leonard's relationship was painful and believable and so well written, Penny's feelings in particular. I utterly adore your characterisation of Raj, and Sheldon's single line description of him was spot on - weak and easily led. His gradual understanding of Sheldon's hurt and self-doubt caused by the north pole "prank" made it all the more poignant because of his own guilt and self-realisation. But he's also working toward redeeming himself and it's great to see. Your characterisation of minor characters such as Kripkie and Leslie have also been excellent, but your Missy was spectacular. I know I get mad as Hell whenever anyone picks on MY brother! And speaking as someone with both a regional accent and dialect, thank you for not making her stupid sounding, which is so very easily done. She just sounded Texan and that's all. I also loved the little bits of Texan drawl you dropped into Sheldon's speech so fluidly without jarring me out of the story.

I think the best thing about this fic is that *everything* has been gradual, nothing forced or rushed, and it's been a real pleasure to read. I can't wait for your next update.
FlightyFuschia chapter 24 . 4/2/2010
Yay! We have passed the hump! the belly-clenching chapters in which Sheldon's world has broken down and reordered. And now what remains is the act of reconstruction. I immensely enjoy how you've maintained his scientific thought. It commands an outlook on that that is quite refreshingly different than society's norm. And yet not at all cynical.
FlightyFuschia chapter 23 . 4/2/2010
Dude, I just clicked ahead for the next chapter before remembering I had to review. That's how much I wanted to read further. (And somewhere in the back of my mind, a scared little voice: "But what about in two chapters? the dreadful waiting will begin!" Crushed ruthlessly.)

back to the review: It has occurred to me that I've always felt, than pity for Sheldon, and you've made me realize it. It's a much happier emotion.

Also loved how you described his comments as "tactless concern." Perfectly succinct.
FlightyFuschia chapter 21 . 4/2/2010
Thank you for the reply! It makes me more curious, of course, if you have indeed, LARPing (totally new concept to me-i'm not as geeky as i thought) in your own life. :) it sounds delightful in all seriousness.

as for this chapter: The moment of Sheldon's absolution was written with expertly-wielded pathos. I smiled for miles.

Also, i love how you've maintained references to such topics such as the princess bride. it's nice to hear someone allude to them so casually, happily. It matches your story very well.
FlightyFuschia chapter 12 . 4/2/2010
this has got to be the most detailed metaanalysis of sheldon's psyche i've ever read. BRAVO. i find it also applies to some people in my life, so i thank you for that. (hadn't thought of bringing in maslow's heirarchy before)
explodeychik chapter 24 . 4/2/2010
This fic is like a favourite movie or tv show that you've seen countless times but enjoy just as much as the first time you saw it, absolutely perfect!

I think you did a great service to both Sheldon and Penny, and while I was glad to see Leonard get what was coming to him, boy those last couple chapters I *almost* felt sorry for him!

I hope there is more soon, because I can't wait to see where this new (but still the same) Sheldon is headed!
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