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frostykist chapter 29 . 5/20/2010
have i mentioned how much i absolutely adore this story. you've done such a wonderful job of telling an interesting tale while keeping the characters . . . in character! :) lol, thanks so much for your hard work and keep up the great writing. update soon please!
majinme chapter 29 . 5/20/2010
Another great chapter... I whole heartedly look forward to the next one.
jessicajason chapter 29 . 5/20/2010
Thank you for another fantastic chapter. I do hope that Sheldon and Leonard can become friends again, once Leonard gets over himself.
addrianna818 chapter 28 . 5/19/2010
Wonderful, fantastic writing!

I love how you put so much depth and emotion into the characters, you've really captured their essence!

Please, do continue soon, and once again, fabulous writing!
Rokimbo chapter 28 . 5/18/2010
Wish I could be as articulate as some of the other wonderful reviewers of your story, but all I can say is... Holy crap! That was one of the BEST damn fics that I've had the pleasure of reading! An awesome, awesome story that I thoroughly enjoyed! Hope you'll be adding more chapters very soon!
Rokimbo chapter 7 . 5/17/2010
That was a pretty dark Leonard in this chapter... I might've objected more to this portrayal, but what he and the guys did to Sheldon in ep 3x1, well, let's just say I lost a lot of respect for

the character after that.

LOVED 'Darth-Sheldon' all dressed in black - HOT! And when he pledged his allegiance to Queen P, well,
takalotti chapter 10 . 5/17/2010
Some days, they don't share anything but a bottle of something, and she lies there, with him pounding away, making the right noises at the right times, and thinking is this what her acting classes are worth?

- Hmm. You already know I'm not on the same page with the boozin' and bangin' theme, so it probably comes as no surprise that I'm not really feeling the "Leonard pounding away, pretty much disregarding Penny" depiction. I don't like Leonard, but he always seemed attentive to her, sexually. He was attentive for the wrong reasons and to a desperate degree, but still made the effort. Again, maybe this is just how things are NOW, not always. If you're just trying to show me that he's taking her for granted, then I'm on board. But if this is how things always were, I'm having trouble buying it.

But they don't cuddle. Not that sort of couple.

- But I DO get that you are showing the contrast of her relationship that involves cuddling and no sex to the one that involves sex and no cuddling. And I like it :)

- In general, I realize not a lot HAPPENED, but I liked the fact that nothing really has to happen between Sheldon and Penny. They can just be together, low key and comfortable.
takalotti chapter 9 . 5/17/2010
The clerk in the grocery store blanches a little when Sheldon breezes through the door. This isn't his usual shopping day, after all, they were probably feeling quite relaxed, only worrying about possible armed hold-ups, not the crazy guy smelling all the tomatoes and demanding to know the exact temperature of the chill cabinet.

- HA! Hilarious on so many levels.

Sheldon always shops with a list, written out in the order that the things appear on the shelves.

- Hee, I do that, but not ALL the time – I swear!

"Meemaw useta let me cut out cookies..."

- Is it wrong that I can see a child Sheldon, carefully lining up the cookie cutter in all the nooks and crannies of the previously cut cookies so as to optimize the area used, thus minimizing the number of times Meemaw would have to reball and reroll the dough? (And not just for the efficiency of it – done too many times, the flour dusting changes the consistency of the dough.) Maybe it's only wrong because I still do that.

He wears safety goggles to chop the onion

- Ha! Love the image.
takalotti chapter 8 . 5/17/2010
Foreword: Sorry this review is about as long as the chapter. There was just so much to love!

Not that Sheldon doesn't complain about stuff, but he's somehow easier to deal with – she can always talk him down from his crazy into acting like a person again.

- Hi, Penny? That's what we call being "compatible."

He motions to Penny, (strange, he had hated being dragged out hunting as a child, but he has not forgotten the hand signals)

- Somewhere around here is where you finally got me to just accept Sheldon running around in the woods. I don't know if it was solely this line, providing backstory that showed this wasn't OOC for him, or if it was all the wonderful/delicate Shenny undertones you've been laying out over the course of the story that sucked me in and made me stop caring about how I saw Sheldon so I could just see how you viewed Sheldon.

He can spend the day in the company of people who barely tolerate him, who mock him, who denigrate him, who shoot him in the back and do not listen to his careful strictures.

- A.K.A. his "friends."

Or he can spend the day with Penny. Who does more than tolerate him, who still mocks him, but without malice, and who will turn and rend any other who tries it within her hearing.

- Such a perfect description of their dynamic.

Here, he merely has to be with Penny, and somehow, that is enough to cause people to treat him with something warmer than impatient exasperation.

- Really, he just needs to be around kind hearted, yet strong minded, people (read: people who will call him out when he goes to far, but will always do so with respect, as opposed to people who cower and always let him win, sniveling behind his back about it until they explode and lash out at him harshly). But I'm okay with letting him believe he needs Penny :)

He's Sheldor, and he's Queen Penelope's knight.

- Squee! Sorry if that's getting annoying, but I can't help it!

He is Penny's hero

- Swoon!

(Her one hand lost in his, her weight across his back and her chin against his shoulder, his bicep hard under her touch, and his other hand forgotten against her thigh.)


Awareness of her prickles over his skin suddenly. She's so much closer than he ever lets people get, but there is no way to keep Penny at any kind of distance. She marches into his apartment, his room, his life.

- His heart. Oh wait, he hasn't caught up to that yet. strums fingers, waiting patiently

He hates the way that she is with Leonard, that he parades her like a trophy, that they need to consume alcohol to achieve physical intimacy, that the mere thought of it makes him nauseous.

- So, I don't really know how to feel about this. I love the fact that the Lenny relationship bugs Sheldon, even though he doesn't realize why yet. And I dislike Leonard as much as the next Sheldon fan, but I don't know if I agree that Lenny requires alcohol to have sex. I know they had their alcohol induced moments before they dated, but that didn't seem like a problem to me (it makes a bit of sense that two friends wouldn't go that far when sober, but with a little alcohol they do). And once they were dating, I didn't pick up on this correlation so it doesn't really jive with me here. Maybe Sheldon just meant recently? That I could buy since here, Penny's heart isn't in it anymore. I don't know. Gotta stop over thinking :)

He does not understand why it should be, that she annoys him, infuriates him, her chaos and disorder and prattling, and then when she is not around, the quiet pattern of his existence seems very small and cold.

- Oh, Sheldon. You must not have heard me when I told Penny: This is what is referred to as the thin line between love and hate.

She has disturbed the fixed routines of years, become part of them, pulled his neatly ordered world off course and settled it around herself.

She is simply chaos theory personified, bright butterfly wreaking havoc with one sweep of her delicate wings, as she flits through his world.

- Just beautiful.

But Penny is just...Penny. […] that makes her breath catch.

- Hi. I used to be a person, but these two paragraphs turned me into a puddle of goo. Luckily puddles of goo can still type.

But she likes that, honest, male sweat.

- Hee, I'd love to hear Sheldon go into an analysis of pheromones.

Pick their careful way down the hillside back to camp, quiet and stealthy, and it is purely safety reasons that cause them to catch hands occasionally on the path.

- Sighs contentedly. Can they just stay here, living off the land in the woods, never having to deal with the whiny 14 year olds back home? No? Oh, all right, then.
takalotti chapter 7 . 5/17/2010
He's never really considered what Penny does in her spare time.

- Of course not. He doesn't think about what one of his comic books does in its spare time either. Both are just objects for him to posses and to please him – they don't have spare time to consider. Yeah, okay, that was overly harsh. It's not your fault, Leonard! Your life is being written by a bunch of sexists that won't give Penny a last name, any advancement in her acting aspirations, or much of a life outside of guys (whether they are our guys or other guys she's dated).

"Sheldor the Conqueror is the sworn Knight-Protector of Queen Penelope."

"I shall smite many enemies for you with this, my Queen."


dragged off to the frozen wastes (conveniently forgetting that he had accepted immediately, drawn by the idea of the prestige.)

- It really is convenient how some people are so good at reconstructing their memory to suit their preferences.

And the armies of paranoia had marched, brought jealousy and stupidity with them.

- Such an interesting take on why Leonard would have acted like such an ass. Still not justifiable, but definitely interesting.

Penny is his, he saw her first.

- How like a child claiming rights to a toy, yet another object. Love how you are depicting this.
takalotti chapter 6 . 5/17/2010
And she knows she's not smart like the guys, like the other girls he's dated, has nothing else to bring but her looks. At least she can make him feel good about himself.

- Too bad he can't make Penny feel good enough to believe that she has more to bring to the table than her looks.

"But...Sheldon?" Leonard doesn't know whether to laugh or rant. Because if it was any other guy...

- See, this bit right here is interesting. Originally, I just read it as Leonard thinking that if it were any other guy he'd actually have a reason to be worried, but since it was Sheldon it just didn't compute and Leonard was more confused than upset. But then, once we learn a little more about where Leonard's head is at, this line gets a lot more interesting.

"I could trust him to behave like a gentleman."

- Amen, sister! Now if you could only pay attention to yourself. You trust Sheldon, not Leonard. You think Sheldon is a gentleman, not Leonard. You love things about Sheldon, not Leonard. You respect and feel respected by Sheldon, not Leonard. So who should you be dating? I'll give you a hint: Not Leonard :)

(She knows that she woke up next to a perfectly normal guy this morning. But there are (many) things that Leonard Does Not Need To Know. And that is definitely one of them.)

He is still complaining that she's...stretched his hoodie, and she bites a laugh, because he's gesturing to demonstrate.

- Hee! The Shenny fangirl in me is tittering and giggling like a 12 year old.

One day, that beautiful mind is going to wake up

- Loved the pilot callback.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that." Smiles up at him in a way that makes him nervous. "I'll be very discriminating about when I paw you." She loves that expression on him. One part terror to two parts indignation.

- HA! I love that she twisted his vocabulary around on him, and I liked her take on his expression.

Raj knows that Sheldon had shouldered the blame for the failure of the Arctic expedition.

- I love that you are bring this topic up again (and focusing on it even more, later). I went off on a serious rant when that episode aired. Being an engineer and generally science minded, I just couldn't excuse their tampering. I know it's a sitcom and I'm not supposed to take their situations seriously, but it's serious! Point is, you're awesome.

Why Leonard, who had talked them into the thing in the first place, should have been the first to snap, is still a mystery, too. After all, he actually lives with Sheldon, knew what he was letting himself in for. But Howard had followed Leonard, and Raj had followed Howard. And looking back, Raj isn't quite sure if he was following the right friend.

- I really liked this paragraph. Lots of subtle insight into the group dynamics, hardly any understanding (which makes sense for a stupid, senseless, unjustifiable act), and just the right amount of remorse.
Rokimbo chapter 2 . 5/17/2010
OMG! That was an awesome chapter! Sheldor and Queen P kicking A**! I love it! :-)
Yvaughn chapter 28 . 5/15/2010
BWAH! Beth & Sven are my favorite of the OC's, but Raquel is most certainly growing on me. What a great chapter! Anything with Sheldon and Penny cooking together is gold, of course. But add in the elements of their backgrounds (hers in her musings, his in the cake) and it triples in power. I loved her thinking about where she could have been-I've thought the same thing, having in my sophomore year left a small town where so many females were married by 23 and divorced by 30. My favorite line? "Stop seeking approval for the wrong things."

Something so many of us could remind ourselves of, huh?

I can't wait to read about Sheldon in England!
takalotti chapter 5 . 5/14/2010
"(Sheldon, in his mind, starts to reformat some of the aforesaid survival plans. Someone else who knows how to hunt will be a valuable addition to the party.)" - Penny is essential to Sheldon's survival! Squee! (I didn't say it would ONLY be for queen references).

"Leaning close, and looking along his arm, as he talks of harps and thrones and strange beasts. … And of course then Leonard decides to be funny, and makes a few digs about astrology. Which rather ruins the mood." - Of course it does. Having an intimate moment with the person you subconsciously desire interrupted by the person you haven't realized you no longer desire tends to do that :)

"Penny's no prude, but she has no intention of getting busy within earshot of the guys. (Spends very few nights over at Leonard's, now, something that no longer feels quite comfortable in it.)" - Of course it doesn't. Spending the night with someone you don't realize you no longer desire when the person you subconsciously desire is on the other side of the wall tends to do that :)

"Sheldon's mother brought him up to be a gentleman. And rescuing this particular beautiful damsel in distress seems to have become his responsibility." - Ha! We're having a discussion on the TBBT thread on TWoP about gentlemanliness and how some of us believe only Sheldon qualifies.

"It's all perfectly rational, he thinks, sleepily. Absolutely logical..." - I loved how he wrestled to justify his impulses.
takalotti chapter 4 . 5/14/2010
""I was seduced by the dark powers of evil." Raj admits, waving shyly after her." - Ha! That was spot on!

""She said we weren't good enough. She preferred Sheldon." Howard doesn't care; it isn't his ego in the blender today." - Still loving the hints of Leonard's jealousy.

""You chose Sheldon to stay and fight with you..."

Penny doesn't have time for Leonard's whiny insecurity right now. She's kinda pissed with him." - Still loving the hints of anti-Lenny.

"I swore to fight beside my Queen to the death." - SQUEEEEE! (Hey, I warned you)

"She takes care of all her boys, even Howard, to some extent, but she has a special care for Sheldon, even though he's also the one she'd most like to strangle." - Penny, I do believe this is what they refer to as being the thin line between love and hate.
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