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Reading wanderer chapter 6 . 2/17/2011
this is a very interesting story. and i really want to know what happens next. so, please, update.
realdarkangel chapter 6 . 9/23/2010
I am loving everything about this story so far. Demyxisone of my fav characters and seeing fics like this are a rare pleasure. I love seeing his side coz of how unnoticed or remarkable he appears (which to me is the complete oppsite) I wonder if the committee will grill demxy a bit more about the history of the orgXIII or if Demxy will tell sora how he's already killed other members.
hl12 chapter 6 . 9/20/2010
Demyx think up a super evil plan? As if.
Sora Tayuya chapter 6 . 9/20/2010
The opening paragraph was beautiful in terms of funny. Oh yes.

Hm…now I Really like this second paragraph. Demyx has a big predicament. A VERY big predicament, which I do believe I remember ranting on a few chapters ago. Well, Dem at least is thinking this through. He has not DECIDED, which is the bad thing. Better to take your chances and make up your mind than take every opportuinity to stretch the string of patience and wind up in hot lava with no relieve on either side. Which sounds like what could come of our Water-elemental if he doesn’t make up his mind soon.

(Although, I can see him being with Sora for a bit longer, then trying to return to the Organization, but Xemnas or Saix doesn’t think that he is good enough anymore, so they pretty much turn him out aka try to destroy him, and he in the end has to go back and save Sora. But, that is just one of my wild, cockamamie theories.)

And Sora compared to Saix in terms of ‘merciful’…well, in KHII, Sora was anything BUT merciful to any and all Nobodies. Although…they kinda gave him good reason…but still. Sora, unless educated that not all Nobodies are pointless monstrosities, can totally be more (aka AT ALL) merciful to Demyx. Yeah, I’d choose Sora, but then, I’m a person of the light, not darkness.

Ok, so this next paragraph made me sort of saddened. Everyone always thinks of Demyx as being friends with Roxas, or at least being nice to him or sympathizing with him. With good reason; Demyx never actually acted like he really wanted to get him mad, or did any of the really sadistic or mean stuff all the others did. So, I have always pondered that fact. Still…this also makes me sad because we do not know if this is true or not, and the possibility of it being truthful, yet the reality that it is probably not, is really sad.

Wow, this was wonderfully ironic. Just as Demyx was worrying that any world that was friends with Sora was bad news for him, and I thought “Well, wouldn’t it just be a Beep if Sora went to Radiant Gardens”, and then low and behold, Bam: Radiant Gardens. I can hear Demyx’s “oh why me Kingdom Hearts” voice now.

Hm…now Demy is getting a bit unrealistic. He is still considering returning to the Organization in some way, yet now he is thinking about important (but still short-term possibly long-term) things such as how he would be blacklisted from the Castle and how he probably needs to get a change in outfits if he is going to be hanging around the Keyblade Master. Also, this brings up a good point. If he is going to hang around Sora any longer, he is not going to be able to avoid fighting alongside the kid and helping in battles. Otherwise, he is totally useless: he would get kicked out of the Castle anyway just for hanging with Sora this long and especially not helping Xaldin or even trying, and Sora (or at least his friends, knowing Sora’s good heart) would get really irritated at Dem for not choosing a side…or at least, you know, helping out at all. An interesting predicament…

I am going to state a very scientific-ly based guess of what Yuffie whispered to Sora.

Yuffie: “Um, Sora. You DO know that there is a member of the evil, Organization XIII people standing right behind you, right?”

Sora: “Yeah.”

Yuffie: “So…can I attack him?”

Sora: “No Yuffie!”

Yes Demyx, I would, if I were you and thank goodness I’m not at this moment, be very worried. He is only EXTREMELY lucky that Yuffie was the first person they found. Let me list them all…hm…Cid, oh yeah, Leon….ooh…Cloud would just kill first, ask questions later, bad choice…let’s see…Aerith might be more amiable however. She is, after all, Aerith.

“And I’m…uh…kind of Not in the Organization anymore…” I really like this line. I also like Cid’s reaction. Very realistic. But…oh dear, if Cid reacted this badly, then…oh goodness, Leon. And even worse…Cloud…

Aw, poor Demyx. Too bad he couldn’t lie about it, but oh well. I shall be interested to see how his response goes over with the others…but on another note, I feel bad for him. He says that the Org. wanted him to “prove his worth…but I didn’t have any.” Ohh…that is kinda sad for him…

CID! Bad Cid. (Gosh, I know that this is such a serious part, but I had to laugh at this totally suspicion-filled Cid-like remark.) And of course Leon would step through the door right at this time. Heck, by now, I would think that Demyx should just run into a corner and crouch down and hide for a while, hoping that Sora would keep the members from ripping his non-existence limb-from-limb. Well, I can say one thing: At least it wasn’t Cloud. …yet.

Well, I do like that you are keeping the scene in perspective and realistic by letting Demyx have the thought to still defend himself. Still keeping with the reality of the story, good there. And still, I must agree with Demyx. What gives man, going and randomly attacking a dude in your house? Yeah, sure he’s supposedly evil, non-existent darkness, but still. Not cool.

Yes, Leon. Demyx is certainly going to just run outside like a trapped Heartless to be slaughtered in hand-to-hand combat by you and your ferociousness. Demyx had better not do that, Merlin’s house is apparently now a good, safe-zone for the renegade Nobody. And speaking of Merlin, I love his random entrance.

0_0 Wow, Dem. I didn’t seriously think that you were going to do as I thought you were going to do, just hiding inside of the house. Wow, that is so….childish. I love it.

.-. …hm…a…cat? Well, that was…actually, that was very Merlin-y. Good for the very small bits of humor though. It keeps the story realistic, and yet not too serious. And then Leon is just going to drag Demyx outside to slaughter the ‘evil being of darkness’, how lovely. Bad Leon.

Oh…haha, I didn’t think of that one! Well, often times, evil people don’t Generally ask their enemies to help them. So, this was a beautiful “moment”. I loved it. The look on Leon’s face must have been priceless…

…hey, wait! I just thought of something. No one had better try using the ‘captured Nobody’ as a test subject, you hear! (I’m yelling in awesomeness at the characters right now, you see) And oh Leon…Bad Leon.

Ah! Sora! Well, for some reason, I can see this as becoming a rather comical scene, a wistful expression growing on Sora’s face as Demyx begins to panic comically, a now water-logged (and very angry Kitty T) Let’s just see what happens actually though.

Well, Demyx is going to die. Unless something totally random happens, like, oh I don’t know, Aerith comes , undeniably, dead.

…wow. And there, right on cue is the flower girl herself. Of course she will be so irritated with Leon for trying to hurt an already injured person, so seems to be doing nothing wrong. Yay, Aerith! I have always liked her. This is a beautiful ‘moment’. And, Yuffie is right. I still like how you are keeping it real and serious this paragraph. Demyx is putting down his temporary shield of ‘emotions’, and he has almost collapsed with the conscious effort of just standing. Oh, Demyx…

I like how you said that Aerith seemed almost to comment to Demyx, OR Sora on the Keyblade-shaped wounds. I think that shows a great strength of her character. Then, Leon is just torturing him (though, of course not purposely) by refusing the healer to use spells or potions. That is really cruel, but understandable since otherwise he would be “forced” by his position in life (Creature of Darkness, you know?) to have to be defeated by Sora right away.

Aww, I really cannot see Demyx having a “super evil plan” up his sleeve, and so I feel really bad. Aww…”Evil Guy, Do not Trust Me”, not a pretty stamp. Amusing, but not on Demyx, poor thing. Sorry to go off on a tangent, but that reminds me vaguely of a story when I was in 6th grade. A guy named Arthur wrote in Permanent Black Marker “LOSER” on my friend Nick’s face, and Nick is a funny kid in the sense that he didn’t really care all that much (other than he was a kinda geeky guy, but he is really funny, super smart, and cool), but Arthur and Nick’s parents cared. That just popped up in my mind when you talked about Demyx. That makes me think of another, more life-issues manner. Like…Demyx is going to be treated like he has a horrible disease, or literally, like he is a traitor who could be a spy, which he could be even though we (as readers) know it to (maybe) not be true. Poor guy…it seems that all fanfictions I read of him that aren’t oneshots involve his sadness in some way…

Well, now I feel really bad. First Dem is all “oh good, a good night’s sleep” and he starts to close his eyes…and the frightening image of Xaldin pops up. Then, he can only open his eyes to see an even more frightening (and real) Leon glaring at him. I agree, creepy much, having a guy watching you sleep. Poor Dem isn’t going to get a break. Of course, he hasn’t exactly done much to deserve one, so I cannot argue in his favor there. They are being a bit harsh, but that is to be expected. Of course…Dem is the least likely member to randomly attack anyone here…they just…don’t know that.

Oh, I forgot earlier but I really liked how you mentioned his enjoyment of when Aerith was humming to him. Being a musician and all, he really would appreciate that. That makes me think of just why Demyx is maybe a more…”redeemable” Org. member than most others: because he is involved with music. A musician Has to be connected to his work, otherwise how can he/she be real with their music, the tone, beat, and melodies that surround and fill them? That could also explain why he almost has this “need” to feel emotions, why he insists all the time to have them. A musician cannot BE a musician without music…(I think that I remember recently ranting about this theory…but I like this theory, so here it is again.)

Hm, your note at the bottom makes me think as well. Well, wonderful chapter. It would be a shame if you were to go on break for a while a
Vheeri The Succubus chapter 1 . 8/22/2010
Cool story, but it needs more work. Most of it is a bit hasty and at some points confusing. No offense, but I think you should get a beta reader. I've seen plenty of stories like this but with a beta reader it's much better. This is just my opinion though.
Sora Tayuya chapter 5 . 7/31/2010
Well, this was an unexpected treat. I really love your writing style, and the idea for Demyx is still amazing. Still, it must be hard for Demyx to know that he is hanging out with a…wow, I can barely say it because of the irony…”Nobody Killer”. Sora is totally a Nobody killer too…so I can understand if Demyx is totally freaked out that Xaldin, Number Three in the Organization, one of Ansem the Wise’s apprentices and one of the original six, was taken down by Sora. Well, Demyx must feel really terrible now. Most likely for his own fate (he is after all supposedly emotionless), what were to happen if the Organization found him now.

It is good that Demyx still isn’t being a total traitor to the Organization (yet), but he just got really lucky with Xaldin. Of course, had Xaldin lived and reported back any suspicions, things may have gone differently. Also, I will surmise that any other members seeing him tag along after the Keyblade Master like this aren’t going to be so accepting anymore, especially now that Xaldin has been destroyed. This delicate balance shall be shattered much sooner than he expects. He is rather innocent though, really.

Oh…Dem…well, that part at the end, about Demyx playing Arpeggio in a sad tune was really a good touch. I know he doesn’t do it on purpose most likely, but the more Sora is reminded that Demyx is probably the least likely “evil” member in the Organization (minus Axel) who is not bent on killing him the better. This part really shows how human Demyx seems, and I can practically Feel the slight doubt growing in Sora’s heart.

You are absolutely right about Demyx being insanely hard. He is very unique in that manner; throughout the entire plot he is one of the seemingly more “human” of the Nobodies, often considered a slacker and lazes around often. He is considered weak, and that is his great asset. By putting on that show constantly, he doesn’t have to deal with others really taking him seriously or having to go all out. He gains a great advantage in this way, and apparently people who have played KHII from all across the world have fallen for his interesting charm and not initially taken him serious until it was too late (I myself have never finished playing thru KHII, I only got to Beast’s Castle…as the first world. It comes with not having a PS2, I suppose).

(Blushes heatedly at the compliment) I just need to let people know what I think of their stories. My staying hushed up not only hurts the author by not telling them criticism and feedback, but also me for not being able to rant and vent about the awesomeness or sad qualities to something. I can see people like the guys at Radiant Garden not tolerating having a shifting-allied Nobody hanging around. Guys like…oh, say Leon and Cloud, as wonderful examples.
PhantomGirl12 chapter 5 . 7/25/2010
Cool story! Please update soon!
Sora Tayuya chapter 4 . 7/7/2010
Well, Demyx is attempting (and amazingly succeeding) to play both sides. Which, in any normal case, wouldn't work. But, we are in the Kingdom Hearts universe, and Sora has not only a very pure heart, but probably hints of Roxas' thoughts there as well. That is my theory for him not having a reason to destroy Demyx, since it is often said that Roxas and the hydro were friends. (If you count everytime I went to Olympius Coliseum in 358/2 Days that he totally Dumped me and went off to hide or something...)

Either way, Demyx still has a problem, unless Sora can quickly get rid of Xaldin before he reports back, then Demyx could actually probably hold off for a while longer. But, this "nuetral" streak that he is holding cannot, under any circumstances, last long. I am eager for the next chapter.
Sora Tayuya chapter 3 . 7/7/2010
I was just thinking about Demyx having to go up against Xaldin, so this was a very interesting read. Poor Demyx, having to go through all of this. I am interested to see how the situation progresses...
Sora Tayuya chapter 2 . 7/7/2010
While I'm glad that Xigbar didn't immeadiately off the kid, if Demyx gets any funny notions into his head about just staying with Sora permanently, then things could get ugly. Of course, one of the other members will surely attack Sora and be killed long before that occurs to Demyx. If another member attacks Sora while Demyx is around however, then the Nocturne will have a Huge problem. It will be ackward if he doesn't help Sora out, with him traveling together and all, but if he does help, then he's a traitor. Plus, probably no-one who's left would do the same thing that Xigbar just did for the kid, defending him and all. So, all-in-all, Demyx, has a problem.

But a good read, I might add.
Sora Tayuya chapter 1 . 7/7/2010
Hm...very interesting perspective...ongoing...and engaging. I believe that I may like this. Demyx's role is being portrayed very nicely as well, good work. I like the talk about Roxas as well, very realistic to the plot.
Katarina Krahe chapter 2 . 2/6/2010
Very interesting idea, and the execution is definitely on the high end of the scale. I'd look forward to reading more of this.

(One would also suggest that if one wishes to make contact with someone else for whatever reason, if one's email is invalid and if one has disabled the Private Messaging feature, the contact-ee will have a hard time of it, returning a message. Unless, of course, one has changed one's mind and no longer wishes to be disturbed.)

I do like how you're dealing with the emotions of Nobodies. Many writers just sort of skip over the fact that Nobodies can't feel emotions like they used to, but you make it clear that though what they experience may be a shadow, an echo of emotion, it is not the thing itself.
Purtail chapter 2 . 1/16/2010
Yay! I love this story. I love Demyx and Sora, and their interactions. I can't wait to see where this fanfic goes! Please update soon!
AkiNii chapter 2 . 1/12/2010
i love this story, seriously Demyx is so unappreciated in Kingdom Hearts II, and yet he's so lovable! update soon please :) i can't wait to read the next chappy!
Legendariot chapter 1 . 1/12/2010
I like the story already! :DD

I can't wait for more. :)
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