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Guest chapter 39 . 6/7
natsulicious chapter 46 . 1/29
Okay. There is a slim chance that the author would read my review but yeah, i can't help myself but to burst everything here i want to say regarding to this impressive fiction. This might be a long review to write because this fiction turned my feelings upside down. Unexpected turn of events was just really something. To be honest, ive read it eight years ago (during the time that I'm very active in tenipuri fandom) and i just had to re-read it today. It took me longer time to finish it reading because heck I enjoy every part of the story especially how you've captured perfectly the character of the regulars in the original series but this time in the world that has nothing to do with tennis matches. I was stunned because you really brought us with your writing skill to the other side of the universe without losing the crucial part of their character. It just portrayed accurately you deserve an around of applause to that. You give a spotlight fairly to the regulars who have great minds to utilize in solving the mysteries. (Fuji and Niou meyged i've grown to love them even more) Other players serve their purpose accordingly based to their character they are intended to be.
Next is my major intention why I stumble upon to this beautiful masterpiece that had made for the fandom.(I'm forever grateful for your contribution with your excellent skill in writing as a ryosaku die-hard shipper) I'm addicted to the pair of Ryoma and Sakuno and I'm very glad that you gave them a hard time to figure out their importance for each other lives. LOL coming from someone who's thoughtlessly rooting for them until the end of the story. xD Though i admit that the first time I read it, I was like "okay Sakuno-otome" until then I'd re-read it, I come to understand fully You maturely involve regulars to her without them giving special/sweet affection to the girl in an unrealistic and well pointless manner. The relationship you've build towards the girl with other regulars was just plausible and rational. you've earn my high respect for that.
The involvement of Kirihara as a love rival was nerve wrecking and I almost forgot to breath to the ups and down they've dealing with for the settlement of their feelings. However his character that I adore was still there and it was a big point. There is some of the chapter that I'm close to ship Kirihara with Sakuno lol but to think the qualities/weaknesses that Ryoma and Sakuno have is not something that anything could break my resolve of shipping their pairing. ;) Ryoma is just a kid he just need another time to realized it himself. To my relief, Sakuno is naive and obediently follow her heart no matter how much her time and energy cost. BWUAHAHAH
The major reason why I love this fiction very much, because along with the progress of the story you manage to set the "GAP" and able to present the importance of "DISTANCE" in the romance genre. In the romance genre, it doesn;t have to be clingy, sappy just to prove the world that they are meant for each other. Sometimes gap is a good space provider for the fate to took its course to bloom the unrealized feelings. Gap had also provided a room for them to be themselves as well. The apathetic treatment of Ryoma to Sakuno was just being himself. I can't blame him being like that because heck he has everything but none in romance department. Kind of awkward in expressing affection he didn't like to loose his coolness over something so illogical. mindset of the bratty kid. Really brat and my goodness the development of this brat took my breath away. My Ryoma and Sakuno was perfectly in themselves along with the development of their relationship. the murderer dilemma is a great push especially for Ryoma. it just tested Ryoma until his unrealized feelings for the brunette snaps and bloom and it also tested Sakuno's resolve that her special affection was only meant for the prince. The love story of my of the most beautiful and fit story for the prince and damsel in distress and im getting fond over it. Everything makes a perfect sense to me. (PS: just so you know madam author I;ve drawn some of the scenes from your fiction that captured my heart. some are doujinshis to visualize my perspective of your story :3 ) Adios. God bless with the life you chose author
AnimeObsessedGirl chapter 46 . 11/29/2016
I read this fic over 3 years ago and after having a discussion about it with a new friend who also had read it before, I decided to revisit it. And wow. I'm trying to write how I feel about this fic, but every time I just stop because I have no words to explain my feelings. This work was so much and means so much, both in its story and how it means to me. I hope that you may read this message although it has been many, many years.

One of the points as I was rereading that was ironic (and also destroyed my heart) was when Akaya was stressing the importance of bonds between Sakuno, himself, her and Ryoma, and the tennis community as a whole. He repeatedly stated how they shouldn't let this event destroy all the bonds they worked so hard for and that all were grown before the murder series happened. This stuck with me, as I had read this fic before so I remembered the main plot and most of what happened, because the irony of his words would occur: the strong, mutually loving (platonically & one-sided) relationship Akaya and Sakuno had was completely decimated. Akaya was the one that said they shouldn't let these events shouldn't ruin their bond, but it ended with the situational irony of how, albeit unwillingly, the events did ultimately destroy the relationship he and Sakuno had. Reading this for the second time after years allowed me to have previous knowledge and insight (and heartbroken dread for what I knew was to come).

As people grow older and revisit memories/experiences, they often have different perspectives on what they see. The first time I read this 3 years ago, I was chilled and speechless. I don't think I had complete and 100% understanding of the situation's gravity, but maybe 90% and I do know that I thought about this for many weeks post-completion. Today, I still feel as breathless and winded as I did years ago - your writing style at times (such as when the riddles were being read/found, moments with Kunihito, etc) scared the crap out of me, to put it bluntly, especially since I read most of this at night and alone haha. I don't feel like much has changed from my perspective then till now. But I did scrutinize each and every word more carefully and rather than just chugging them down, took careful sips and drank each phrase and indication cautiously, seeing some of the delicate and subtle foreshadowing you had. Which was so, so, so very subtle but rereading made me think "The author gave us hints the whole time!" I ideally wanted to write something reflective of how different I viewed this fic but besides now knowing what would happen with the exception of a few things (like how the doubles pairs hijacked the bombs, how they found out it was Kunihito where and a couple others), I can say my opinion is pretty much the same as before: this fic left me with no words, and it gave me a sort of emptiness yet feeling of wholesomeness. I truly love this work with all my life!

I have more to say but it's currently almost 3 AM because I was reading the final chapters for the past two hours instead of getting some sleep as I have to wake up in 3 hours. I may add more comments/reviews even if you never see this message. I know it has been so many years, but I hope you know (maybe the universe will somehow communicate it to you if you don't see this) that I truly appreciate this beautiful, stunning work of fiction. It has left a mark on me from middle school to high school, and I have remembered it and thought about it for 3 years from time to time. Thank you for the hard work and dedication you put into writing something so intricately detailed and just amazing! You are such a talented amazing writer, and I hope you know that your efforts are well paid off. Your writing and stories will forever be remembered.

apple21 chapter 46 . 10/27/2016
Okay, so I just came across this fic just yesterday then I decided to read it since its seems interesting and im really looking for a sakuno x others pairing, so I did and damn you got me hooked. I just finish reading the whole fic and wow, you amazed me. You really have a skill in writing. You made me think the whole time. in the start I never expected it to be tezuka then you surprise me when it seemed its really him. Then in the end you really got me with the turn of events. Really, you are a good writer and you just made a masterpiece. Congratulations!

Anyway, about the pairing, damn I am ryosaku lover ever since but then after reading this, you made me love kirisaku as well because of your good writing. The whole time I was reading, i got completely lost on who I want sakuno to end up with, in a chapter I'll feel kirisaku, then the next chapter, you made me love ryosaku again so yeah, in the end I was already in favor of open ending but even so, the ending was good anyway, and ryoma really did deserve her after all, so its fine. Though the end for kirisaku is a bit heartbreaking but again, its better off that way... again, congratulations for a wonderful fic :)
Guest chapter 46 . 8/7/2016
I love it! You write their characters ver well and accurate! I so love all of the tennis players here! they're so cool ! 3 please write more Ryosaku.
Lunas-paradox chapter 46 . 2/15/2016
This was a really good story I was tottaly addicted to it. And honestly I zoned out while reading it for at least 10 hours I guess when finally when I needed I to figure out what to do now. It was written very nicely good work and thanks a lot for the happy ending or else I was in crying mess. Xoxo
isle chapter 1 . 9/19/2015
this is epic...the best ryosaku fanfic i ever read so nice...i hope that you came up with another interesting fanfic...dark and melodramatic maybe...gambatte...i love those two
Animelover6224 chapter 31 . 5/13/2015
I feel like it is not Tezuka. After all, some people might look like him but are not him. Let see if I am right. I say, It is NOT TEZUKA!
Guest chapter 46 . 1/28/2015
wow! this story touched and amaze me, really! you did a great job especially on their characters. i learn to love rikkai dai and tennis teams! especially shiraishi. oh! but i'm loyal to fuji. heheh. i really cried a lot when it comes to kirisaku scenes. i hope kirihara don't lose that bond to sakuno. because it really is cute. heck, i wish that it will put on real prince of tennis movie. i'll have a hard copy of this story and i will keep it so i could read it over and over again! yey!
Natsumi chapter 46 . 12/16/2014
This story was SO AWESOME! :D I am not really a fan of Sakuno because in my opinion, I prefer strongwilled girls :3 (The Sakuno in the manga/anime did not really leave a good impression on me) NOT HATING on the story or the Sakuno in this story, it was so brilliant, I laughed and cried over it! Those plot twists were brilliant, I actually wondered how can one come up with such a fantastic plot (and the plot twists). :O I had a hard time guessing who the murderer is...and when it is revealed to be Tezuka, I had a little hope that it wasn't, and it wasn't! :DDD I'm so happy that you did not make any of the regulars the murderer!
Stranger chapter 21 . 11/21/2014
Momoshiro will get extremely furious! That's for sure.
Stranger chapter 19 . 11/21/2014
Looks like Shiraishi is the murderer !
MacDerpin chapter 46 . 8/23/2014
I can easily say that this is my favorite work for this series and one of my favorites on this site. The plot and suspense are both good, but the character portrayal is what really shines. Everyone is really well in character and that's not something that is easy to pull off in this kind of fic.

But the most important part is how entertaining it is. This fic has provided a lot of joy for a lot of readers. You've done a really great thing.
Guest chapter 46 . 6/19/2014
This is the most incredibly detail-oriented fanfiction I have ever read. Though I was expecting it to end with RyoSaku as a closed deal, it was interesting to see a variety of potential pairings.

I feel obligated to inform you that this is one of the fewest fanfictions that kept me up all night to read it to the end. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story.
Thank you chapter 46 . 5/15/2014

I knew the real Tezuka wouldn't do such a thing Sakuno! Thank you for not actually killing Niou, Yaguu, Oshi an Eiji! I PUT OF A RIDICULOUS AMOUT OFF HOMEWORK TO READ THIS FANFIC STRAIGHT. Thank you for an awesome time spent not doing something productive. I loved the relationship story between Kirihara, Sakuno; that's something I haven't seen a serious fanfic on yet (even though I'm a die-hard RyoSaku fan) so THANKS YOU AGAIN. AND I was so happy you didn't kill Sakuno in the end.

Ahh my fangirling rant done. Ultimately, thank you for an amazing RyoSaku Fic, loved every chapter. Thank you!
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