Reviews for A Dreamers Dream:Prehistoric Park
Quintain Apprentince of Alduin chapter 1 . 6/13/2014

Past Job description: Vertebrate Paleontologist. Specializes in Dinosaurs, Theropods in particular.

What Job would you like here?: A member of the team that goes through the Time Portal.

Character's name: Micheal Jones

Outfit: Basic Prehistoric Park handler outfit plus a little safari hat that people sometimes wear on safaris in Africa.

Pajamas: Whatever he wore that day or nothing at all.

Skills: He can tell each species of predatory dinosaur from a footprint or a tooth. Would be handy when dealing with unknown predators.

Likes and Dislikes: Likes predatory animals and a nice cup of tea at the end of the day. Dislikes dirty jobs that involve said animals, like cleaning up dung or any other nasty substance from them.

Stereotype: Classic Nerd

Courage Level (1 scared-10 Brave): About a Five or six, depending on the situation.
jg1399 chapter 1 . 9/19/2012

Past job description: Archaeologist

Job Wanted: Rescuer

Character's Name: John Goulding (or John Goldwin, whatever works best for you.)

Outfit: Slightly purple Jeans, white t-shirt and desert boots.

Pajamas: Boxers and "Wife Beater" (Singlet?)

Skills: Can write and draw profiles for creatures.

Likes: Fish-N-Chips, Saving Animals

Dislikes: Humans who pollute or hunt animals for sport

Stereotype: Bold, brave, resourceful adventurer guy... who's not exactly the sharpest sword.

Courage level (1 Scared-10 Brave): 7
Jes The Dino chapter 1 . 6/8/2012
Just a single thought

What if Nigel was followed through the portal.

What if it wasn't a creature but a cave boy

How would the child adapt to our world When Nigel finds He cannot send him back to his own time. Due to a computer

SecretAgent12 chapter 1 . 5/27/2012
Past job description (Be creative): A marine paleontologist, a regular biologist, then a tour guide for a safari park in Kenya.

What job would you like here?: Rescuer and Marketing Director

Character's Name (first and last): Luke Edmond

Outfit: Safari Outfit

Pajamas: shorts and a t-shirt

Skills: Can easily identify most extinct species. Can outsmart most humans, so dinos shouldn't be much different.

Likes: Herbivorous dinosaurs

Dislikes: Insects


Courage level (1 Scared-10 Brave): 5 (is easily scared by large insects, arachnids, and swimming predators)

Anything else you would like to add: Has degrees in botany, paleontology, and marine and regular biology.
NeverisaDork chapter 1 . 4/26/2012

Past job description:

Used to be a cop, then became a researcher, and then joined Prehistoric Park with Nigel.

What job would you like here?

Rescuer, and also part-time researcher.

Character's Name (first and last):

Kya May

Hair: Midnight black, either in a ponytail or a braid.

Eyes: A vibrant emerald green.

Race: Asian.


Prehistoric Park tank-top, jeans, black combat boots, knife strapped to her left leg, and her hair up in a pony-tail.


Camo tank-top, shorts, and her hair in a braid.


She's very athletic, and she's skilled with handling the carnivores, but she can calm most of the animals if needed.

Likes: Dinosaurs, adventure, saving lives, jogging,

Dislikes: Bullies, death, disrespect.


Southern-ish, tends to mouth off to authority, Irish/Scottish temper.

Courage level (1 Scared-10 Brave): 9.7
Sailor Barsoom chapter 1 . 4/3/2012
"If you agree then dawn on your adventure clothes..."

Should be "..then don your adventure clothes..."

"The chouse is yours."

Should be "The choice is yours."

Yeah, I'm being a nit-picker, but it's all I have to offer. I always felt there should have been more eps of this, so I was glad to find that you and some others are writing them.
Resin Zephyr chapter 1 . 2/19/2012
Resume: Character's Name - Kaela Eon Lone

Past Job Description - Jack Of All Trades; basically just did any job that came her way. Especially good with animals of all kinds.

Wanted Job - Rescuer, but would also be willing to be a veterinarian.

Skills - Good with animals: it's almost like she can understand what they're saying. Daring: she's crazy enough to put her hand in an awake, wild lion's mouth to pull out a tooth. Great Shot: only shoots tranquilizers, unless the situation calls for something more, and she never misses her target. Martial Arts: she won all the tournaments that she entered.

Likes - Animals, Roses, the colors black, purple, silver, and green, the number 9, Close Friends.

Dislikes - Insects(but she can tolerate them as long as they don't bite her; this includes spiders), People who are full of themselves or are mean to others for no good reason.

Courage Level - 8.5

Stereotype - doesn't really have one, but if she was against anyone, she would be against bad people who like to hurt others in anyway possible.

Outfit - Casual: Black T-shirt, wraps bandages around her arms all the way down to her wrists, Dark Blue Jeans with a black leather belt, white socks, and Black and White Sneakers.

- Formal: Black dress that has kimono like sleeves and does not have a puffy skirt, and black ballet shoes.

Pajamas - Winter: Black Lounge Pants and a White Long-Sleeved Shirt that says Wild Girl in big red letters.

- Summer: Dark Purple and Green spotted shorts and a Green Tank Top that has Animal Lover in Big purple letters.

Hair - Long (mid-back length), straight, black, Usually down or kept in a ponytail.

Eye Color - Beautiful, deep teal color.

Bio - Went to college at South West Tech. Grew up in the small town of Boscobel. Father was a police officer that died while busting a drug ring. Mother died of a broken heart a month later. She doesn't have any other family, and usually chooses to stay away from people because they don't talk about anything that she knows or cares about. Lives alone. And she doesn't do drugs or cigarettes, she doesn't even abuse alcohol because one of her friends almost died from an overdose. Likes fantasy and stuff that relates to magic. She also really wants a raptor that has white and black mottled angel wings.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/19/2011
Character Name:

Nick Cutter


Classic adventurer clothing


Prehistoric animals, chocolate, documentaries, chicken tikka, dogs, elephants and Disney movies

Dislikes: Primates, fire, cruelty to animals, bananas and oranges, war or horror movies, bees or wasps.

What job I'd like here: looking after the Ice Age creatures, most of the dinosaurs, and the Pterosaurs.

Previous job description: Looked after the Elephant Enclosure and helped at the Reptile House in London Zoo.
EliteZealot369000 chapter 1 . 7/22/2011
I am back. I was on a phone last time as elite. So here is the entire thing.


Past Job description: Wolf has been a Marine for two years. He was in Team Echo. When terrorist numbers had grown a lot. They tried to take over a few countries. Team Echo went on a mission to steal Top Secret Terrorist Data. In the attempt Echo survived many Airstrikes. There were more than three likely places where the data was. Echo went to all of these places and in a week they had found the data.

Wolf was then promoted to Sergeant. He was given a team of five men and their first mission together was to take down a terrorist base. The key to getting there was stealth. So the team sniped until all the important things had been taken and there were very low terrorist numbers. Wolf then got a promotion to camptain. In the endings of the war the five other men had sacrificed themselves or died. Wolf was the only one that survived in Echo Team. He got a new job as a Zoologist and has done that for three years now. Seeing animals in many countries.

What Job Would Wolf Like Here? Wolf want's to be a rescuer that goes through the portals with Nigel.

Character's Name - Gary "Wolf" Miller

Outfit- Camo Pants, Prehistoric Park Shirt, Military Shoes, Camo vest, and a helmet with night vision .

Pajamas: Usually shorts.

Skills: Wolf always pays attention, knows a bit about animal behaviour, quick learner, always positive, can go through some very hard times.


Animals, Prehistoric Stuff, Friends, His dog Strike,


Bugs, Spiders, Death, Crying, and Rats.

Stereotype: He loves to talk and help people out. He is also very friendly.

Courage Level - 10. He knows how much danger he can take and what he can't.

Anything else - He wasnts his dog to join too.



Past Job - Strike helped Wolf in the Marine Corps when the enemies used stealth and he found them.

What Job - Rescuer and/or Head Keeper's helper

Character's name - Strike Miller (his owner Wolf's last name is Miller.)

Outfit - His fur pretty much.

Pajamas - Look above

Skills - Strike has a strong Sense of Smell, Can gain the trust of people that hate dogs, Friendly, Never Bites, He was the ignored puppy in his litter and wasn't the most aggressive either.

Likes - Other animals around his size and much smaller ones.

Dislikes - Kind of the same as Wolf's Dislikes

Stereotype - He is used to meeting new animals and is friendly to everyone even cats.

Courage Level for Dogs - 10

Anything else- His owner is Gary "Wolf" Miller
elite chapter 1 . 7/22/2011
I'll finish Gary later. By the way Wolf is what everyone calls him.
elite chapter 1 . 7/22/2011
Past Job- Spent two years as a Marine. He then got a job as a Zoologist and has done that for three years. He saw a poster that said that Prehistoric Park was hiring so he is joining to help the park workers and animals.

Job at the Park - He wants to be a rescuer because he has lived through some very hard times at war. Enough to get him to the rank of Captain. Many of his friends didn't live to see that happen.

Name- Gary “Wolf“ Miller
iIsMe95 chapter 1 . 6/2/2011
PM me on how the charicters will be used.

Past job description (Be creative):

served two years as a NAVY SEAL

Worked as a traper and tracker on a big game reserve in Africa when Nigle found him

What job would you like here?

Recovery Operations

Character's Name (first and last):

Nicholas Jones


Cammo pants with Prehistoric Park shirt and tranqulizer pistol on his belt




Tracking, traping, navigation, first aid, marksman, pilot

Likes and Dislikes:








Stereotype:People find him shadey because he keeps to himself

Courage level (1 Scared-10 Brave): 9, will stand his ground when he can or his team's in dager, but will run if he can't stand

Anything else you would like to add:

Never enters the warp without a tranqulizer rifle
Tyraka628 chapter 1 . 5/26/2011

Past job description (Be creative): Pokemon trainer and Hoenn League Champion.

What job would you like here?: Accompany Nigel in his travels through time and rescue the creatures of the past.

Character's Name (first and last): Ash Ketchum, 14 years of age.

Outfit: Red cap, blue hoddie/shirt with black sleeves, light blue jeans, red sneakers.

Pajamas: white T-shirt and blue shorts.

Skills: animal capturing and battling.

Likes: most Pokemon, Dinosaurs, Dragons, monsters, and adventure.

Dislikes: Fearrows, Gary Oak, Team Rocket.

Stereotype: the type to be headstrong and reckless.

Courage level (1 Scared-10 Brave): 8 (Brave enough to face off against T. Rex ans such, but smart enough to know to back down when things get to complicated)

Anything else you would like to add: Trainer of the Legendary Pokemon Latios and Latias, and has always been a fan of dinosaurs, formerally known as Max Taylor.
Swiftwind of Featherclan chapter 1 . 3/22/2011

Past job description (Be creative): I have worked with all types of animals as a vet and have found that i calm them. Even the worst animal seems to be tamed when im near. I also worked at zoos, santuarys, nurseries etc

What job would you like here? Vet or groundskeeper or something to interact with animals

Character's Name (first and last):Alva Night Spring

Outfit:Similar to Laura croft only silver and gold

Pajamas:Deinosuchus tee-shirt and short shorts

Skills: Can calm any animal with presance and very smart, lovly gentle vet. Also loves Dinosaurs

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes alot of things so better name hates

-men who hit on me

-People who think she's daft

-Lose who cant get past her beauty

Stereotype:? if u mean gender female

Courage level (1 Scared-10 Brave):9

Anything else you would like to add:

not anything but if questions contact me
AwesomeHunter chapter 1 . 3/15/2011

Past job description (Be creative):No job yet, he just gratuated from college.

What job would you like here?: Zookeeper...or...something that studies the animals.

Character's Name (first and last): Seth Bradley

Outfit: A blue Tee, short jeans,and running sneakers. (very normal)

Pajamas:White tee and boxers

Skills:Does very well at studying animal behaviors and adaptations, if he can have a good look at them.

Likes:Dinosaurs and african animals. And ants. Dislikes:Spider (EXTREME FEAR, will not go near insect house)


Courage level (1 Scared-10 Brave): 6

Anything else you would like to add:Don't send him to the insect house, he don't like big bugs at all.
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