Reviews for Scrapbook Jewels
Hattori Ranze chapter 41 . 9/30
*Happy sigh* I really liked the Scrapbook Jewels that you created. besides the story is also interesting, you also give some interesting things to me. like a song that you use for each chapter oneshot and also pairing for Harry. Btw, are you still going to continue this Jewels Scrapbook? I hope yes. though, this is just a collection of Oneshot. but, at least I can find out if there might be between this story will you make Multi-chapter fanfic. such as, Selfish, Among The Hawks And Doves and Crimson Sagittarius. keep going, okay! :DD
xXxOtAkU-444xXx chapter 41 . 9/27
I really like it!
DevinePhoenix chapter 41 . 9/27
I absolutely adore this collection. You have such good plot/story ideas that i always wish there was more. I'm sad that you won't post any more of them, they were really good!

The Fate/Zero Kirei/Kiritsugu is my favourite so far. I hadn't ever considered this pairing before I read this but now I find it adorable. Kiritsugu is just so adorable (and scary) and Kirei is just so dense! I have never read Kirei as Harry though. It was very interesting. I hope that you'll continue that one!
pokermaniac039 chapter 41 . 9/26
Eirenei, have I told that I love you. If not then, I love you! xD I really love your works very much. It's so sad that Scrapbook Jewels has come to its end but still, I love it! Keep up the good work! *thumbs up*
Tommy14 chapter 41 . 9/25
I enjoyed this unusual plot and fandoms crossover and would like to read more of it.
phoenix177 chapter 41 . 9/25
Sillvog chapter 41 . 9/25
When I read the first line at the top of the page my very first thought was 'please let Harry summon Lancer'. Although I was very quickly corrected, I can't help but still wish for it. (blame 'The Finest One' by sinemoras09 ) The idea of Kirei being Harry is rather confusing for me since there already is a Harry in the castle. I guess in the second part we'll hear more about that one. I've never liked Kiritsugu, but maybe that will change a bit with the OOC he's going through. Looking forward to the next chapter~!
Yoshishisha chapter 41 . 9/25
Thank you so much for this update! I love all of your work (at least, so far as I've read) and I can't help but be overjoyed at the fact that you updated again, and eager from the knowledge that more is to come. I'm somewhat sad, I guess, that this delightful oneshot collection has come to an end, but I can't help but thank you for letting us get a glimpse into your mind :D Know that you are the one who introduced me to Eyeshield 21 through your crossovers, and there just aren't enough for me to read now :P This collection has been awesome, and I'll most probably reread it while I await the next update...
Thanks again!
kurokitsune666 chapter 41 . 9/25
It's a really interesting idea. I really enjoy reading your stories and I can't wait to read more of this one too.
farronewp chapter 41 . 9/25
I really like this one in particular.
chineseartist chapter 41 . 9/25
Well, as unexpected as that was (plot, characters, and pairing!) it works surprisingly well. In fact, I would be most appreciative of further development/chapters for this work-and I definitely want to find out about the whole "that's not Harry Potter. Potter doesn't attend Hogwarts" business you teased us with.
history chapter 41 . 9/25
Interesting begining!
The wizards won't know what will hit them!
Guest chapter 40 . 7/6
A Mon Seul desir is awesome I hope that someday it becomes a full story! :-)
manapohaku2 chapter 9 . 5/23
I so want to read this.
manapohaku2 chapter 6 . 5/23
I really like this one and can't wait for the next chapter.
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