Reviews for Fade Into The Background
InsanityGoneMad chapter 1 . 4/4/2010
Umm... that was brilliant *sniff*. Em mind if I join you and Al in the corner? It was still brilliant but I'm going to agree with Em and believe that is was Ziva looking at him.

Sorry I haven't read any of your stories in ages.

Tiva4evaxxx chapter 1 . 1/8/2010
OK, BLATANTLY i'm going to take it as Ziva stood there.

Well, duh, see penname.


I read the reviews for this and i'm going into that dark corner with Alice.


Anyway, on to the writing.

It was very sad. Very clever, but very very sad. Because can you imagine Tony, well, not being Tony? Tony not being a player? Tony not being with iva *dreamy eyed expression*

Anyway. It would totally be Ziva seeing him for being tony. Because, well, she's ziva and he's tony. Stop. Ok, i'm stopping with the tiva.

That was brilliant.

It's so sad and angsty. I love writing angst, but when i'm missing hay it's stupid of me to read it :P Doesn't stop me, but y'know :P

I loved it. Screw Tate, and *gasps* (sorry guys) Tisa.

Tiva is amaze.

Love you.

And this D

Em x
Ab55556 chapter 1 . 1/2/2010
Hgh fives for Tisa, Teanne? No, no!

Only Tiva!

*grabs Emily and retreats to a dark corner, discussing the joys of Tiva while casting dark looks at the Tisa/Teanne celebrations* :P

Wow, so sad, yet so wonderfully written, really beautiful and unique insight into Tony's thoughts!

This was definitely well worth the wait!

I loved "maybe Ziva would smile with that mischievous glint."

Beautiful once again, lovely way for him to think of her :D

In fact, I adore that whole paragraph!

Also the two lines after that, when it ends in him deciding that he had someone to love. And the ending...


It's kind of, so hard to describe...

Well, its really effective, even though the little end bit is so short.

Wait, I've changed my mind.

My favourite bit is all of it.

Its official.

Thank you so much! I really do love it.

You're amazing!

Oh, and the title is awesome :D

enigma-kar chapter 1 . 1/1/2010
Beautiful and slightly sad, as well. It's a beautiful combination and you've written it very well. :)

Just me being nit-picky, but I think it's Jimmy Palmer, not James.

Thanks for the lovely read, though, as per usual. Keep up the great work! :)

Kar, xx
Cat C chapter 1 . 1/1/2010
Great character sketch of Tony, but why stop here? Please continue with the accident and what followed.

OutCold chapter 1 . 1/1/2010
Now a problem. And high five, yes. Tisa. P

So, we should discuss if this goes into the reality *coughs* I know it's not real... I DO! - of TS. Tony crippled-ness, that is. What, with your penchant for making stuff fit together. But yeah, we'll talk later.

To the point.

Right. Depressing. VERY depressing. Until the ending. ((besides, I've read it till the ending)). The ending was awesome, with its... its... I'll think of the word... it's like simplicity, but not quite...

Anyway, the ending rocked.

The rest rocked too, you know what a sucker for angst I am. P

Well done!