Reviews for The Chaos Theory
kellyshl chapter 10 . 9/13
He couldn't control himself... hahahahahhaa
KnightOfHana chapter 9 . 9/11
I'm so damn confused, why did future Naruto eat a bird and why are Sakura and him acting sort evil and inhuman. It sorta also frustrates me that Future Hinata seems sorta distant from Future Sasuke (and why so we know very one's sacrifice for the jutsu but not hers). And what happens to Hinabi, does Hinata actually get raped or was Sasuke trying to scare her. Truly an amazing story so far can't wait till more chapters come out.
Guest chapter 9 . 9/10
Is it too soon to ask for an update? Hehehe
HappE224 chapter 9 . 9/7
Oooooooh whattt Sakura has a personality disorder? Woah character development I loved this chapter and hahaha genzai sasuke obviously has the hots for mirei hinata (I mean I would since she's so bad ass and cool)
Oohoohohoohh I wonder what will happen to the relationship of hinata and sasuke both present and future and I liked how you delved more into narusaku in this chapter which was nice and well written

I miss kasai tho that uchiha cutie ️
Can't wait for the next update! This is getting so fun and so far we're at chapter 9
cathern.cain chapter 9 . 9/4
This is getting so good! Just when I think you cannot draw me in more you prove me wrong. I love this one so much and am now even more exited for more.
Guest chapter 9 . 9/4
I read this entire story before it was rewritten. And I think the rewritten version is amazing and I can tell the difference. I loved the older version but I feel this one is more organized and put together. So good job!
maxridelover chapter 9 . 9/3
wait is mirai naruto evil?
Lucie4512 chapter 9 . 9/3
What? Their child was kidnapped? Ugh. I need more information. Love this story. Keep it up!
Guest chapter 9 . 9/3
It's kinda hot that Mirai Sasuke is protective of genzai Hinata. Is it because he's hoping his wife would be happier and more affectionate if he could prevent her rape? But wouldn't that negate her growth and their eventual relationship? Yes, genzai Sasuke is attracted to Mirai Hinata's personality but that's because she's confident, cold and much more powerful than genzai Hinata. If she wasn't raped, would she be as strong and alluring? Could genzai Sasuke fall for genzai Hinata as her innocent, sweet self? Would Mirai Sasuke be the way he is now? More self assured, self aware and mature? Hinata changed him for the better, but which Hinata?
Guest chapter 9 . 9/3
Does Mirai Sasuke not get enough affection from Mirai Hinata? It sounds like he is jealous of Mirai Naruto and Sakura's little kisses. Is it because of Hinata's rape that she is adverse to touching of any kind?
pro-uchiha chapter 9 . 9/3
i loved you made the mirai counterparts stalwart and intimidating. it adds to the charm amd intrigue of the fic. i find it hot that genzai sasuke has the hots for mirai hinata oh gosh i can imagine HER intimidating HIM instead of the other way around and i find it simply delicious
Guest chapter 9 . 9/3
Actually my point is moot seeing how they end up together anyway. Lol.
Guest chapter 9 . 9/3
Forgot to also mention that I love genzai Sasuke's infatuation with Mirai Hinata. How would Mirai Sasuke feel about that? How would Mirai Hinata feel about his affections towards genzai Hinata?
Guest chapter 9 . 9/3
Mirai Sakura and Naruto are vicious, they're definitely not mucking around when they fight! But what did Sakura do to receive Sasuke's wrath?

And I love that genzai Hinata noticed Mirai Hinata 'just had sex look', wonder who she was thinking of.
Hime-23 chapter 9 . 9/2
Gostei de como você explica as restrições de chacra de Sasuke caso ele tente fugir da aldeia.
Sasuke parece estar interessado em Hinata mas vendo como Sakura luta ele voltou toda a sua atenção pra ela .
Sakura e Naruto me perturba bastante kķkkkk
Fico realmente impressionada com sua história eu adoro
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