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magmom4 chapter 81 . 9/15
Guest chapter 73 . 9/7
I am so glad. She was making me nervous.
magmom4 chapter 71 . 9/6
Did I miss a page or something. They were planning on telling the family about the twins on New Years Eve. But everyone seemed to know at Christmas.
magmom4 chapter 68 . 9/2
I love this story. I could go forever.
Guest chapter 38 . 8/24
Heartbreakingly hard to read, wrong on sooooo many levels. Makes me so sad and I really hoped that there would be an intellectual balance in the so called power exchange - she gets beaten as punishment and he says sorry. The characterisations of the Cullen family's shenanigans kept me reading but it's too much to read about such suffering and to not know that it is simply not healthy.
magmom4 chapter 16 . 8/6
I like the way you put in the last chapter summary. Sometimes it is hard to remember between chapters.
Kittanja chapter 60 . 7/10
I'm glad I kept going, I'm liking the character growth
Kittanja chapter 48 . 7/9
Thank you for proving me wrong in this chapter and bringing Edward back down to earth, I was happily surprised
Kittanja chapter 48 . 7/9
Wouldn't let me review on the last chapter, so I'm leaving it here, since you specifically asked for us to "tell us how much we hate you." I don't hate you, but I do not like most of the characters in this story and I find their emotions very un-authentic. I think Edward is a cruel man that does not understand real emotions. For him to fly off and abandon bella out if anger, when all she has done was try to give her best friend time to gain the courage to tell her husband of her anxiety herself, is horrible. I know she is likely going to be punished in this chapter, but if so I hope Edward suffers for it, because he broke a rule as well, for them to never go to bed upset without talking. What he did, ignoring her, is so much worse. I'll finish reading this story because I want to see how it is, and don't get me wrong, some of it is totally hot, but I can't get behind any of your characters except bella, and I just feel bad for her most of the time because I feel like Edward is abusing her mentally. He wants her to talk about everything, but can't listen to anything of importance calmly, or talk about his own issues without flying off the wall. Sorry, hope that wasn't too harsh
Guest chapter 2 . 6/4
I can see I'm going to like this story. I may not review every chapter. But I will review often. I have the sequel on alert also.
pauleen chapter 5 . 6/5
This was a beautiful chapter. Also sexy.
pauleen chapter 3 . 6/4
Wow. I wonder if Edward is a Dominant?
pauleen chapter 1 . 6/4
I am going to love this story.
Guest chapter 57 . 3/26
'Yes it did hurt'
How many times has he promised he will NEVER hurt her? Yet he does - repeatedly. When is he going to be punished, for breaking his promises?
TWINS96 chapter 24 . 3/25
I don't think Bella should be wearing any collar right now lol she can't even follow simple directions or even come out and tell Edward things. How is this relationship to work when she can't even respect Edward as her Dom. There is a difference between being stubborn and just being disrespectful. She is just not ready yet and with her easily following Alice, one can only take so many spankings
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