Reviews for Wicked Angel
princeselisa chapter 23 . 1/29
princeselisa chapter 1 . 1/26
MsLiss chapter 23 . 9/30/2021
Crazy ride
Thank you
cringe.hoe21 chapter 15 . 2/19/2021
I like the writing of the story and everything but Bella idky seems like a crybaby for some reason I maybe wrong and you may not have intended her to be that way but I just feel that way... idky most of the time the Bella's such a damsel in the og book and even in some of the fics I've read... other than that I love Bella but like it's just this trait of hers I absolutely hate
Madison Elliott chapter 2 . 9/10/2020
Oh wicked Edward is very different love him lol
Madison Elliott chapter 1 . 9/10/2020
Wow this looks so interesting and definitely different from any story I have read before. Can’t wait to read more.
sue1zide chapter 4 . 5/9/2019
I don't understand why he seems to be low man on the totem pole when he has so many skills and is the main component of them making money.
Wouldn't him doing poison research in public be kind of obvious if that's how Bella dies?
MadMooey18 chapter 3 . 5/9/2019
I have a feeling he may not kill Bella but kill Mike and Lauren instead. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but I don’t know about this Edward right now.
Tan chapter 23 . 5/7/2019
Lol that ending. Nice.
Tan chapter 8 . 5/7/2019
How you made me think worse of Bella than Edward is extraordinary. Truly. Edward is a piece of shit but he and everyone else knows that. Bella is a piece of shit too but nobody seems to notice that. Makes me hate her more.
underthesea97 chapter 23 . 5/3/2019
Man, I read this story years ago, I believe it was the first ever good fanfic I had ever read. I remember crying so bloody much at the end, so sad that Bella and Edward had died. I only just reread the final chapter, and that last bit? I don't believe they died. Seemed like they faked the whole thing. Wish I knew this years ago lol. Top 5 fanfics I have ever read, this one will always stick with me.
Guest chapter 15 . 12/9/2018
ECnim chapter 23 . 9/13/2018
I'm pretty sure they didn't die because if they did then it would be downright cruel and we can't do that to our fav characters :-D Awesome story by the way! Thanks for sharing :-)
KassandraScarlett chapter 23 . 4/24/2017
Oh man! Amazing story! I especially love the way Edward realizes his mistake in torturing Mike, when Bella rejects him. But, seriously, what happened at the end? Did they die? If so, why are Rose and Jasper smirking? Or if they're alive, then how?
sue1zide chapter 1 . 6/13/2016
It's been quite a while since I last read this.
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