Reviews for Street Mouse
artephile chapter 41 . 9/26
Finally some B/V! Now that things are more settled for the baby and parents, I'm looking forward to how the Raditz/Bulma/Vegeta triangle will be solved - makes me anxious because all involved are so volatile! And, there's no clear solution. Can't wait!
ficklesticks chapter 41 . 9/22
Mal chapter 41 . 9/16
getting crazy. Everyone is finding out things, but yet not everyone is finding out the same things. :d Yayayayay BV finally.
OujiFamily chapter 41 . 9/16
Soooooo are you gonna update or not cause this story is to good to be left
Lily chapter 41 . 9/11
This is my favorite fanfic, and it has been for the past two years or so. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I'm so excited that they found each other again!
guest chapter 41 . 9/6
this is a great story, plz keep updating morecant get enough of it,
finally bulma confronts vegeta, n a possibility of a lovely lemon, but it's ok
I love any kind of interaction between bulma n vegeta, I was scared of this turning into bulma radditz but I thank the Lord above, I'm glad its not like that.
keep writing n updating more.
artist chapter 41 . 9/6
Hey I just wanted to say I am loving the story and I wanted to know will u bring in 18 or 17 ?
Guest chapter 41 . 9/3
Finally! Thank you ;D
Mars chapter 40 . 9/1
At this point I'm not even sure a BxV is worth it, or even makes sense.
I can't help but think of Yamcha.
anime2 chapter 41 . 9/3
Yes, they finally so each other again...and something more happened ;) I feel bad for poor Raditz, who is such a great guy, but this is Bulma and Vegeta after all and I always root for them.
Prl16 chapter 41 . 9/2
Yes! Finally Bulma is accepting what she feels to Vegeta :)
PerfectLover chapter 41 . 9/2
Yaay! Things are moving along haha. Thanks for the update!
NNP chapter 41 . 9/2
Did bulma not get home yet?! The suspense is killing me !
dragonbabezee chapter 41 . 9/2
Raditz and Bulma share a room? Urgh, this just gets worse. She's found Vegeta again, and she's cheating on Raditz to be with him. Methinks, based on Raditz's anger when anxious about things that he isn't going to take it well when it all comes to light.
CircuitousWays chapter 41 . 9/2
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