Reviews for Code of Conduct
Secksbecks chapter 5 . 1/7/2010
I've read almost every one of your stories and this one is just as amazing as all your other ones. (: I am in love with this story. I'm glad that you've been able to get the chapters out so quickly as you have been. It's an addicting story and I'm anticipating the next chapter as I type. (: I hope that you keep this one going very far because I'd like to see where all this goes. I am amazed by your talents once more. (: please continue!

Xoxo Rebbie (:
acw1 chapter 5 . 1/7/2010
kind of sweet in their own way. enjoyed the chapter.
alaisb chapter 5 . 1/7/2010
That was fun and sad. They've really drunk way to much to be perfectly fine...

Thanks for the update.
BellaAshes chapter 5 . 1/7/2010
I am loving this story. I am glad to see that they are opening up to each other.
gossip-bangkok chapter 5 . 1/7/2010

love it

amazing job

looking forward to more! :)
Hyacinth85 chapter 5 . 1/7/2010
wow, potted brownies... :o

Is Charlie going to find them in such position? and in the bathroom? Probably not, but...

Only you know, right? ;)

Hope you write more soon!
Mysterious Jae chapter 5 . 1/7/2010
Hell yeah. That's more like it!
Humble4 chapter 5 . 1/7/2010
Quick Question:

If Edward is spending all day in his little house, how is he guarding Bella? She could sneak off at anytime...

Great chapter! I am glad she finally told Edward about her mom and Phil. I cannot wait to see if Edward kicks Phil's ass...
Aimee is ace chapter 5 . 1/7/2010
aw how could he not kiss her
TEAMxCHARLIE chapter 5 . 1/7/2010
i hope bella will use those boxing skills to kick phil's ass. or maybe edward will do it for her.
campcathryn chapter 5 . 1/7/2010
Love it
beatrice.rowena.r chapter 4 . 1/6/2010
wow i've been reading this story like all night its really good.

i really like how you've changed the characters. i actually like bella now for once!

also if you wanted an idea for the story i have one: bella should tell edward how she was molested by phil in exchange for edward telling her about what happened to Felix and Demetri. OR: one of charlies enemies should attack bella or something, or jake should like attack her or something - i don't know what i'm talking about, just some ideas !

keeping going with the awesome story
november21 chapter 4 . 1/6/2010
Nice character developments.
foreignBubble chapter 4 . 1/6/2010
This is amazing!

I kinda laughed through the whole thing (except for the Edward-Jake part and with his past. No topic to laugh) but anyway I think it's really good and a great idea having Bella to be the bad kid...

I'm not american or anything (german actually) but I think you switched tenses in Chapter 3 in the first to paragraphs... no idea it that was intended but I think not cause it goes back to past tense...

Just thought I'd point it out even if it's meant to be this way

okay, well update soon :)
ASHLEYYYBLACKBERRYYY chapter 4 . 1/6/2010
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