Reviews for The Wild Man's Journey
RPGPersona chapter 4 . 8/27
While it is nice that Speedy has someone else to talk shop with, I have to echo the worries of Starfire and Raven. It is one thing to grow and mature, but another entirely to change as much as Beast Boy has. Not using his morphing powers in battle, or to get around. Does he no longer feel the joy of flying as a bird? He truly does to be becoming a different person. Looks like a let my guard down last chapter. After Beast Boy made his best friend comment, I thought Beast Boy would still socialize with Raven even if he didn't return her feeling, now it seems that isn't the case. My worry for Beast Boy increases. I am not sure how much time has passed, but until now Raven has kept quiet about what she saw. Now Raven feels like it is time to talk to the others about it.

Okay, what about being a hunter is associated with a motorcycle. I know he wanted a moped, but this seems so out of place for him. Even his impatience waiting a t alight seems weird to me now. If you don't want to wait for traffic, why not fly. I thought that Beast Boy was going to reconnect with Terra right at that moment. Turns out Terra went missing after an accident with her powers. Sounds like she ran away after most of the students shunned her. That is worrying to hear. I am surprised that Beast Boy is clueless about it.

Looking at the team discuss what is happening to Beast Boy, it really is the result of one single aspect of Beast Boy taking full control. It is like if one of Raven's emotions like Brave or Happy was in control all the time. Raven would seem like a completely different person. Huh, Raven has giving this a lot of thought, with that thorough description of the wild man she gave.

That is bad timing, just as the team was really thinking about what was going on Beast Boy stormed in. Yeah, Beast Boy is out of line here regardless of how slighted he feels. Yeah, technically speaking Beast Boy is proving the point that keeping him in the dark was a better idea. Now here comes the negative rant. Interestingly enough he is acting like Terra did when Robin found out she couldn't control her powers.

Leaving the team, that seems a bit rash. Honestly, in his current state I would be worried about what would happen with him on his own. While I am impressed at the lengths Raven went to in order to explain what happened, it really shouldn't have taken that much. After everything the team has been through, Beast Boy should have listened to the full story instead of jumping to conclusions.

Really Beast Boy, you are judging someone's romantic potential by how they decorate their room. The fear point is much more reasonable in comparison. Honestly, from the way she has been acting towards you, I think it is a bit rude to call her feeling for you creepy. He seems more like himself right now. Maybe Raven was able to get through to Beast Boy a bit loosen the wild man's stranglehold.

Beast Boy said himself 'might'. There is no guarantee Beast Boy would have found her where the other's failed. Her scent could have been long gone by that time. Not telling Beast Boy after the search stopped and threatening the others with expulsion was not right. At least he is calm after hearing everything, including the Terra news. The way he is talking is more like Beast Boy again as well.

That is quite the leap you are making there Raven. I think you might be skipping a couple steps. I guess the whole 'I quit' thing shock Raven more than I thought. It is not a no, so its not Raven's worst case. Lets hope searching for Terra doesn't become his obsession like Slade was for Robin. While the answer to her question is still in Schrodinger's box, Raven did get a night of sleeping cuddled up to Beast Boy. I hope they can become closer again and hang out like before the wild man took control. Time for Mumbo's hearing already. That is sure to be something. I hope it goes smoothly.
RPGPersona chapter 3 . 8/24
Raven doesn't want to waste any time getting to the bottom of things. She just spends the time to put Beast Boy to sleep before diving in.

Right off the bat Raven runs right into Beast Boy's childhood memories. I am not sure how much Beast Boy has talked about his past to the team in this story, but if she didn't know, she now got to see how Beast Boy got his powers, how his parents died, and how Beast Boy left the Doom Patrol. Never mind, Raven answered my question, this is all new to her.

That was quite the sudden tone shift where Raven saw Beast Boy's memories of herself over the years. With the sudden appearance of the wild man, it makes me wonder how much of what Raven just experienced was caused by him.

Wow, Beast Boy's primal side is quite hostile towards Raven. The wild man is giving Raven's logical side a run for her money in terms of being vague. He is giving Raven non-answers. Okay, so wanting the strength to save Raven was the catalyst to start all this, but doesn't really explain what is happening to Beast Boy. It sounds like his DNA is incorporating his animal forms into his human form to enhance, so he has no more need to shift. The craving for meat and the drive for a mate is more worrying to me. That is more than just a physical change, but something that is pushing Beast Boy in ways he doesn't want to be pushed.

That was a low blow at the end by wild man. I am worried about the how the wild man is deciding things for Beast Boy. He may be a part of Beast Boy, but he is not the whole and shouldn't be the sole voice in Beast Boy's head.

It appears that Raven did more then just retreat from Beast Boy's mind, but fled his room as well. I am worried about how casually Beast Boy ate meat after waking up considering his stance on the matter. So Raven must have immediately left the tower if the others don't know where she went.

I actually agree with Raven in that there is something off with the wild man. The hostility he showed even if he lacked Beast Boy's was off. Not to mention the way he talked about Beast Boy made him feel like they were separate entities merging together instead of being an aspect of Beast Boy gaining power.

Raven is right with her observation that the wild man is taking over his persona. The stuff with Cyborg and Robin feels like some Alpha Male instincts telling Beast Boy to be top dog. Looks like even with the wild man gaining influence, he can't make Beast Boy hate Raven or change his mind about forgiving her. Beast Boy might not feel the same as Raven right now but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to spend time with her. I am glad that Raven has cheered up.
RPGPersona chapter 2 . 8/23
Now Beast Boy is getting facial hair as well. Welcome to the wonderful world of having to shave your face regularly. It is just as bad as it sounds. It would be funny if the facial hair stayed with him when he morphed. Like a bearded shark.

Of course the toughest part is proving that Mumbo isn't criminally insane. I have played enough Ace Attorney to know where this line of thinking is going. Look on the bright side Raven, at least the prosecutor doesn't have a whip, or 17 cups of coffee. If the defence attorney is Ina blue suit with spiky hair, remember it is okay to sass him and throw a wig at him if needed. I roll my eyes at the whole skeptic of magic thing considering what the DC universe is like. I am not surprised that Raven is unimpressed with the DA, since he is focusing on what he can use to build a case.

Now he is dreaming about being a wolf. Since this is a dream, the person Beast Boy is talking to must be a part of him. The question about how Beast Bly sees himself is one that Beast Boy has probably asked himself before. The question about a mate is a different on, and could be concerning depending on how insistent that question is asked.

That is awkward. The girls rush in after hearing Beast Boy cry out from his dream, only for Raven to find out the effect the dream had on Beast Boy's body. This is the point where Raven points to Robin to explain the concept of a wet dream to Starfire.

Three whole days. That dream must have really shook Beast Boy up if he locked himself in his room that long. Convenient that Beast Boy's new costumes arrived right when Raven has had enough of Beast Boy isolating himself worse than her. So his body is still changing. Let's hope he doesn't grow a couple extra pair of arms like Spider-man once did.

I think it is a good thing for Beast Boy to talk to someone else about what he is going through. It is better than brooding over it himself. It also sounds like Raven has an idea about what is going on and what the man Beast Boy saw represents. At the worst time, the alarm sounds.

Madam Rouge stealing uranium. I doubt she was doing that for the thrill. It raises the question of what the uranium was going to be used for. The more immediate concern is getting the hostages to safety. Some careful planning and scanning of the facility blueprints and the team has a plan to do recon. Beast Boy should still be careful just in case. Madam Rouge is no amateur.

A mental link to keep in touch while Beast Boy is morphed, smart. Yeah, in retrospect, having Beast Boy scout when Madam Rouge is most familiar with him and his powers, was a risky move. I am not surprised to see Rouge smart enough to disguise herself as a hostage in order to lower the guard of any law enforcement coming for her.

Oh boy, Beast Boy doesn't have much choice but to fight. Unfortunately Rouge's power easily let's her follow Beast Boy back through his infiltration route. Raven is losing her composure trying to think of a way to help and is getting the rest of the team to join her. I almost forgot how much Rouge likes to hear herself talk sometimes. How about instead of mediocre cracks at Beast Boy's ability, you actually fight.

Huh. Never mind, crisis avoided. Looks like Beast Boy was able to handle Rouge on his own. It was even finished by the time Raven forced entry. Maybe Beast Boy should call himself One Palm Man? It is scary to think how much power must have been in a blow that could immediately knock out Madam Rouge.

Oh Raven, you were not prepared to enter Beast Boy room with him not wearing a shirt. Teasing Raven aside, her explanation for the man Beast Boy talked to is his primal side taking human form. That makes sense, his primal urges are a part of him and he is human. Taking human form would make it easier to communicate with Beast Boy.

Now Raven is proposing to enter Beast Boy's mind to talk with this Wild Man herself. Raven will be able to learn everything about Beast Boy by doing this. Not a decision to make on a whim. Let's hope things go smoothly.
RPGPersona chapter 1 . 8/21
I always seem drawn to reading another one of your stories when I get into a mood, though I am approaching the end of backlog stories before I will be reading old ones again.

I am the opposite of Beast Boy. 7 hours of sleep is where my body usually kicks me awake. Admittedly still drowsy, but I rarely fall back to sleep, at worst dozing. Oh boy Dr. Light and Mumbo, that is an annoying combination. Just taking Cyborg to deal with Light Robin, why not take Raven and have Dr. light wet himself into submission?

The plan Raven had was a good one, though the fact that Mumbo's magic didn't collapse for Raven after the wand broke is unexpected. I always forget about Ding Dong Daddy and what he does since he shows up so little in the show. Now things are getting worrisome as Raven is trapped and getting her free is proving difficult.

Beast Boy is hulking out over the prospect of Raven dying I see. Luckily Starfire was able to remind him that helping Raven came first. I was worried for a second that Beast Boy wouldn't morph back before applying CPR to Raven. That would have been awkward. Almost as awkward as Beast Boy's state of undress from his ripped clothes. I was half expecting Raven to say some sarcastic remark about Beast Boy's ruined clothes.

It is never easy to deal with the darker or the parts of oneself you don't like to acknowledge. Even if Beast Boy was aware and in control during the transformation, as long as he has doubts about that form, there will be potential problems in the future.

He likes the smell of meat this morning. It is like that time with the chemical, only this time Beast Boy's aggression isn't dialed up to eleven, so he is still acting like himself. Ah Beast Boy's love of learning about animals. One of the few things I wish the cartoon showed off. I would have loved an episode like the TV chasing one only with Beast Boy using his knowledge of animals to turn the tides.

Talk about a growth spurt. I wonder what brought it on? Did watching the wolves hunt on TV really get Beast Boy to grow four inches, or was there some other factor? The tests don't show anything abnormal either. I am not sure if that is good or bad. Until more information comes to light, there is not much the team can do but watch, observe, and get new uniforms for Beast Boy.

Nice of Raven to modify his existing uniforms to have them fit a bit better. The moment between the two in Beast Boy's room was adorable as well. Raven helping Beast Boy when he was feeling down and giving some sage advice about the primal urges his feelings. The urges themselves are not important, what is important is how Beast Boy reacts to them. Also stressing the importance that these urges are a part of he to be acknowledged. She even gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Beast Boy is still feeling doubts even after Raven's pep talk. Even if the theory Raven has about it being after effects from shifting into the Beast is wrong, it doesn't invalidate the others things Raven said. These new urges Beast Boy feels are something he can't run away from. He needs to accept they are a part of him, regardless of if he choices to act on them.

The sudden shift to a death trap that didn't disappear with the rest of his magic is something that merits thought. Mumbo has been more about putting on a show they trying to directly murder.

That is a mature stance Beast Boy is taking in regards to Raven's burger. Feeling the desire to eat it, but standing his ground knowing he can't run from it. It was both amusing and cute seeing Raven stuff her face to get rid of the temptation for Beast Boy.
BronyofMeaning chapter 14 . 6/1
"Have a great time in jail. Maybe you can be some bad guy's girlfriend there!" If Terra meant what think she meant when she said that to Spivik than I'm thinking she needs some counseling over how he treated her.
Guest chapter 44 . 5/14
good job
Guest chapter 1 . 2/17
A real good story would have loved to see beast boy turn into some mystic or demonic creatures but was still a fantastic story
Bunnyfire chapter 44 . 1/29
This story was EPIC!, I was so upset when Raven was told she wasn't meant to be Beastboys mate. But I totally LOVE how things worked out, this story made me cry it was so warming and sweet :D. Thank you for writing a truly epic and loving story C:.I Love the part where Raven sacrifices her right arm by trading with Beastboys disabled arm. And the part where Raven and Beast first hunt down 'the Wildman' and when the Beast talks to Beastboy after he transformed since he changed by the Wildman!. A truly amazing story!.
Guest chapter 44 . 10/21/2016
This was awesome! This was really well-written and I'm glad I found this story! Good luck on future projects
Whoelsebutme11 chapter 44 . 8/22/2016
Loved it! Fantastically written, loved how you worked Trigon into it. Always found myself saying "One more chapter" after I finished the one before, but was loving every minute of it. Amazing job, very well done! Thanks for writing this, I'm sure you've made many people proud, and if no one else has said this (or if someone has said it, there's no harm in saying it again) I say it thank you. Keep up the good work and you've deserved a favorite and a follow. : )
Reader chapter 29 . 8/4/2016
Dear Beast Boy,


Yours truly,

Ok, rant over. Lol
Reader chapter 25 . 8/4/2016
SomeRandomGuy chapter 17 . 7/28/2016
It might just be me but the mention of Terra sleeping with Slade as a really young kid make him seem like a pedo. Like I hate Slade as a person but like him as a villain but him being a pedo is a far stretch to me. The story is good but damned if you aren't making Terra out as a stupid slut. This is for chapter 17 but honestly the hate on Terra is a bit much for me. Though I kinda thought that when BB and Terra got together it would last at least two chapters. Overall the story is pretty good and I like the internal struggle you had for BB makes him more rounded as a character.
Guest chapter 44 . 7/11/2016
Loved the story
Guest chapter 25 . 7/11/2016
Absolutely loved this chapter. Nice touch adding Raphael.
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