Reviews for TPM Tatooine Rewrite: Through Glass
ObitineWinterWidowShipper chapter 11 . 8/1
Nice chapter
equine 14 chapter 33 . 7/27
Bravo! Incredible! Thank you so much!
equine 14 chapter 24 . 7/27
Oh, poor obi! This is so heartbreakingly beautiful, and it is written so well! Thank you for all your hard work! I will be the 607th reviewer! Thanks again!
equine 14 chapter 14 . 7/27
Incredible! True artistry! Thanks for all your hard work:) really enjoying this!
Axcel chapter 10 . 7/7
Delian is just jealous and pathetic. She imagines that Jedi look down on others and think themselves superior because they have power she never can and so she makes things up to rationalize her anger and bitterness.
Idgasay chapter 33 . 6/21
that was one of the best fanfictions i have ever read
sorry for not reviewing on the other chapters but gods almighty!
CatBludger3903 chapter 33 . 6/17
Oh. That was a very hauntingly beautiful... It was very dark, though it was, well, realistically sad. This story took on a completely different theme, and that's what made it so unique, yet real.
Thank you for this story. It was beautiful.
goanago chapter 6 . 5/12
oh my god... noooooo!
goanago chapter 3 . 5/12
ohhhhhhhhh my hearth!
goanago chapter 1 . 5/12
jajajajajaja! he had to say it indeed! xD
Frog chapter 33 . 4/20
Amazing story, Obi-Wan was perfect and a found I really liked Delian she is such a believable OC, not at all a MarySue.
Ninfea di Luna chapter 1 . 2/11
I read your entire story in one time, and I really like it !
I like how you describe the relationship between Obi Wan and Qui Gon, almost in the second part of the story, when Obi Wan get saved.
I' m sorry, my english is not very good, I'ld like to say you a lot of things about this fic, mais I mis words :(
Did you already post the next part ? I'm very eager to read it !
Congrats and thank you for this story !
shieldmaiden19 chapter 33 . 1/8
Heyo! This fic was really hard to read but also really hard to put down. Ashamed as I am to say it, I have been searching for an Obi-Wan fall fic since I joined FFn, and this IS the droid I've been looking for! Great writing all around! I'm excited to read the sequel as well as your other works. Great work! :)

Guest chapter 33 . 12/31/2015
That was really super great! I had to control myself from reading it all at one shot and I'm sad that I'm done now. Delian was well-crafted enough I had to Google her to make sure she was not a canon character!
happyisahabit chapter 33 . 12/11/2015
I really liked this story though poor poor Obi-wan. Your characterization was fantastic and I enjoyed Marjahn and her role. So twisted... I waited to review when I had time so a lot of my comments are now lost to the ether... Anyway great job!
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