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Guest chapter 40 . 11/23/2014
A friend of mine recommended these stories to me a few weeks ago promising me that I would love each and every one. I am so glad that I took the time to read all of your phenomenal Criminal Minds work. This truly was one of the best series of stories I have ever read in any fandom.

Two things stuck out about it the most to me. The first being Reid's info dump/rants. You managed to capture those just perfectly. Both with the amount of information but you wrote them in a fashion that they came of with the same manic energy that they are delivered with on screen. I don't know if you did a large amount of research for those or if you are just a super genius but it must be one or the other.

The second was the Reid/Prentiss relationship. You wrote a real marriage with all the ups and downs, pitfalls, and troubles along with the joys that actually go into such as thing. Far too often in fanfiction especially you read of perfect relationships where no one ever fights, the always get along perfectly, and the sex is always mind-blowing. Your version was truer and thus much more relatable to read.

Fantastic job on all of this, and I like many hope someday you find it in yourself to bring us more adventures with Mr. Prentiss and Mrs. Genius.
Callida chapter 40 . 11/3/2014
I love this so much, I stayed up all night reading it. Thank you for the amazing story!
Guest chapter 40 . 10/22/2014
I could write a review with as many words as this story and still not have enough words to adequately express how fantastic this story was. The case and the flashbacks were both perfectly intertwined with both parts playing off and working each other.
The best part of this story however was how natural it all felt. Not just that the story and case felt like it could have been a two part episode on the show, but the story of Emily and Spencer was written that it took no stretch of the imagination or disassociation on the readers part to believe it would happen. They came together in a completely natural way and remained true to their characters perfectly. Every character felt like it could have been real. You managed to capture the essence of all of them and not just the main characters but the secondary characters such as Dianna. Every line, every action these characters undertook was what I felt they would have done had they been put into these situations on the show.
I could write a review for every chapter in this whole Prentiss/Reid anthology you have, and still might, but for now I just wish to thank you, for these stories, for my immense enjoyment of them, for all your time and talent. I know it has been over 4 years now, and you have not been active on this site for a while now but I sincerely hope that someday you come back to these two and let more of their stories out, be it in the case files of Mr. Prentiss and Mrs. Genius or something else, like a little baby genius.
93 Diagon Alley chapter 40 . 10/16/2014
Oh my gawd, I love you.

This story was freaking amazing. There wasn't a single moment that, to me, felt like fanfiction...which is absolutely a first. And I've been reading ff for over 7 years, and have been through hundreds upon hundreds of stories.

I loved this story. So much that during my exceedingly rare day off on a weekday, I couldn't do anything except sit on the couch and finish reading this. I don't even know where to start in regards to commenting on anything specific, so I'll just leave you with the overall comment that you've created a magnificent piece of art, and if this could be published as a proper novel, I'd be giving copies to all of my friends for their birthdays.

Most definitely going to be reading this again sometime in the future :D
Guest chapter 40 . 10/7/2014
Okay this is like the most AMAZING Reid story ever. I hate how other Reid stories try and make him seem all secretly super confident and a total sex monster. I mean really after all he's been through how can you say that he comes out of it with that much self assured-ness? Your story had a realistic view of his insecurities and his bouts of protective confidence. It really just made him seem all the more in character. You really captured Reid's personality in this fic. A perfect blend of quirkiness, rationality, sensitivity, passion, and beauty.

And all those little romantic moments! To die for! Reid calling Em Lula, and their counting I Love Yous, so precious.

I also like how smart you were about situations. Not once did I think, Okay no way they would let that happen. Like when the others made Reid turn away from the rape threat. There is NO WAY the team would have let Reid witness that. And sure enough, a few lines later the team was removing him from the line of vision. I REALLY appreciate this smart writing. It shows an intelligence from the writer. It makes the story seem more real and way more enjoyable.

To conclude, THANK YOU for writing this. It was truly amazing and made my day. Keep on writing amazing things. :)
Guest the Second chapter 40 . 7/30/2014
Great story, you made the profiling seem accurate and the leads they followed didn't come out of thin air. Most long romance stories seem to have the couple have conflict just to keep it interesting but you didn't resort to that and that was a breath of fresh air. I also like how you had JJ hint at her having a possible relationship with Reid. It was small but their my favorite pairing for CM, although, this story makes Emily a favorite now, too. Keep up the good work.
stuckxonxearth chapter 40 . 4/7/2014
This was truly a beautiful story. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for writing!
Nicolene B chapter 40 . 1/18/2014
Amazing story! Loved it!
tannerose5 chapter 18 . 12/24/2013
I have reread this mangy times and I still love it.
risingphoenix5 chapter 40 . 9/23/2013
Very well written story :)
cm1234rp chapter 40 . 5/21/2013
I've been glued to my laptop reading this! It's so good I wish it was real. I couldn't get enough it's amazing to read about Prentiss and Reid together and it just reinforced the fact that they would be amazing together on the show. You're an amazing author and this'll probably sound a bit weird but thankyou for writing this? I've always shipped Prentiss and Reid and knowing that there are more people who think that it pretty cool because my friends can't see it. I've been lurking for all the other chapters but I loved it so much I couldn't not say how good it was :)
tinyroger chapter 40 . 5/1/2013
Well, this is probably the greatest Prentiss/Reid-story out there. You are a wonderfully talented writer who is clearly very smart/well educated (I'm seriously in awe of all the little tidbits of obscure information you seem to know). This is as close to flawless as it gets. Do you post somewhere else now or have you quit writing fanfiction? I know (I really don't) you won't answer that, so I'll just conclude by writing 'thank you!'
BetweenTheShadowLines chapter 40 . 3/8/2013
Another story to love! Secretly, I was thrilled by the Voynitch Manuscript mention. I go to college in New Haven and the part of myself that lives in fanfiction land was excited to have Reid anywhere near I live. Then I realized I live in reality and I got depressed. Nonetheless, this was an enjoyable story to readand even more entertaining to follow along on their story line. I thank you for your wonderful work.
Maureen Anson chapter 40 . 3/8/2013
So, long ago and far away (not that far away, but whatevs), I got into my brain somewhere to try Brokeback Mountain fanfic. I have no idea why, to this day, but I found some of the best fanfic ever by this woman named MadLori. And she wrote this book called Zero to the Bone, which is now on my nook (actually, so's her Brokeback Mountain stuff in a pdf I created). And then, time passed and I discovered Criminal Minds. And Criminal Mind fanfic followed and...whoa! She's here too! Thanks. :) Keep writing. It gives everyone a happee and the world needs more of that.
anlemi chapter 40 . 2/4/2013
I did not know that I am into Reid/Prentiss, but this was just one of the most beautiful things Ive read in a very long time.
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