Reviews for That Disjointed Front
sugoiauriga chapter 1 . 2/22/2016
this is awesome thank you for making this
A Midsummer chapter 1 . 1/8/2013
Where have you've been hiding all this time? APH fics that uses history and twists it around to make a beautiful piece. God how I missed them!

And its PruHun. Just. Awesome.
neverlasting-legend chapter 1 . 3/21/2012
I could of sworn I review this.

Oh well, where to start, where to start. Characterization is impeccable. You captured Himuruya's original intent for these characters with your own flare that made them absolutely delicious to read. I also adored the fact that I actually learned some history from this. In general, I like how ambiguous the romance is. It's just implied but somehow it makes it more heartbreaking to read.
ScoutS chapter 1 . 11/6/2011
This is one of the few extraordinary pieces I've found in this fanned. Wonderfully written. I applaud you for this. X)
potsugi-deactivated chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Oh, this was epic! and as an extra, I just learned history! since I started watching/reading hetalia, I swear I'm a bit better at the subject XD

Anyways, you made the couple even more canon. I didn't know they had so much past together, and such tragic end, I loved it T.T your writing is beautiful!
The Animanga Girl chapter 1 . 5/12/2011
It's thougt love... (sadomasoquism?)

Love it
asdf chapter 1 . 1/22/2011
you didnt mention anything about 1947 D:
Anon chapter 1 . 1/19/2011
Fav Prussia x Hungary fic! Kudos for using all that historical info; that's what I love about Hetalia and I never knew that Prussia and Hungary had that much history together. This is like a one-stop shop shipping piece! Poland's first appearance made me laugh, and I got shivers when Prussia confronted Hungary during WWII, and finally a great feeling of freedom at the end. Great job!
pisceanchic101 chapter 1 . 12/5/2010
Ah, I really liked this story. Nice job!
xxkoffeexx chapter 1 . 10/1/2010
This was a breathtaking combination of history and romance! I'm very impressed by amount of information you interweave with the relationship between Hungary and Prussia. Great job!
mistereee chapter 1 . 8/21/2010 thing I have ever read for this pairing, easily.
shadowontherun chapter 1 . 7/26/2010
damn that was one story! and you even incorporated some history as well :D
Blue-Starlight92 chapter 1 . 6/12/2010
Yay! An adorable fic that actually goes along with history! I love it!
KSFWolfe chapter 1 . 5/24/2010
Fantastic! I thought this was an amazing rendering of the history between Prussia and Hungary. You shortened and clipped it in all the right places, and submitting it as one long chapter instead of separately made it flow very well. *claps* I really enjoyed this! Prussia-worthy awesome! :D
Sunday chapter 1 . 5/13/2010
This is officially my favorite fic ever for this ship. Well done and in character.
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