Reviews for Anastasia: Retold
CountryGirl2605 chapter 29 . 3/19
Only came across this story today and read it all in one sitting, can't to see what happens next.
Steatose chapter 29 . 3/9
I just discovered your story today and I couldn't stop reading it when I started !
It's so well written, and it's so nice to be back with Dimitri and Anya, learning new stuff about them, watching their relationship progress... I fear for when the truth will be out, but it'll be a small step back before their grand reunion !
Thanks for all the hard work, I really enjoyed it and cannot wait for the next chapters to come :)
Kellie chapter 29 . 3/7
Ugh! I am simply entranced! You are such an incredible writer! It's hard to come by good fan fiction about Anastasia but you not only managed to create an incredible story but to make it come to life! I can't wait to read more!
GraceOrazio chapter 29 . 2/24
this is probably the best story i’ve ever read on here. are you planning to continue?
Guest chapter 1 . 2/19
this is probably my favorite story on here that i’ve ever read. i really really hope that you’re planning to continue this until the end, because you’ve made me fall entirely i love with your writing and the personalities you’ve given these characters that i love. you’re amazing, and i hope my review inspires you to continue this masterpiece
PurpleRock chapter 29 . 2/20
I started reading this story on Friday and finished it at midnight! LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE IIIITTTT!

I'm barely getting into the Anastasia fanfiction and itching for some more!

Love the way you didnt portrayed Rasputin and instead of Ivan(?)

Can't wait to read more!
Guest chapter 29 . 2/5
Great update! I love your descriptions of Paris!
Guest chapter 29 . 2/1
This is so good! I’m loving it!
Can’t wait for the next part
jellybean chapter 29 . 1/21
this is so bittersweet on one hand you’re spoiling us with chapters & i cant get enough! but on the other hand the story is getting closer and closer to its end and i dont want it to end! how am i supposed to feel!
Darth Adlerin chapter 29 . 1/19
Finally an Anastasia story that doesnt suck and has a story to tell. Awesome twists to the movie. Love it. Cant wait for more.
chipthemunkey chapter 28 . 1/13
I love this chapter so much! I might cry too!
Gemma chapter 29 . 1/11
Amazing chapter as always! I was so excited when that you gave us two chapters to read! The angst and tension between Anya and Dimitri is so good and their characterization. Can't wait for the next one :)
rowyntree33 chapter 1 . 1/11
I was so excited to see two whole new chapters I went back and reread the entire story. Oh I love it so much.
Comical freaka chapter 29 . 1/10
It’s like Christmas all over again with two chapter updates! Magnificent!
AmazingRuin chapter 29 . 1/9
As you know, my mind was ALL OVER THE PLACE with this chapter. I love that your writing does this to me, even if it kills me!I really felt Anya’s change and I just love that she’s not struggling with her feelings for Dimitri, but she’s still a bit shy to make a move. The face that feisty, sassy Anya is so moved by being in love that she’s not QUITE so brave. It’s so perfect for her character.

I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing her with Sophie and Coco, just being a girl with girlfriends for once. Her life has always been out of the ordinary, so seeing her have the opportunity to be that, is beautiful.

I also want to stress again that earnest!Dimitri is just !
He’s perfection, and I need more of that, like, right now.

I also thoroughly enjoyed that you split the time up into a day of its own! I always thought it was weird how it was set up in the film, though I understand why they did it that way, it makes more sense like this. What a cohesive writer you are!Absolutely, irrevocably brilliant. My top 5 chapters for sure!
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