Reviews for Anastasia: Retold
TinPrincessOfEutopia chapter 34 . 17h
Uggghhhh I’ll be on pins and needles waiting for the next chapter
costella chapter 34 . 9/18
Wow! Loved this and looking forward to the next installment!
Steatose chapter 34 . 9/18
We're fast approaching the end ! I just can't wait to see how you conclude this Fic. I loved this chapter, getting a look into Anya's head and seeing how this life of royalty isn't really fit for her right now. Now Anya, go get him ;)
Bobbitt The Hobbit chapter 34 . 9/17
AW YEAH. I was so stoked to see this update in my inbox! I've been waiting all day to read it since I had work to do. Actually, I've been looking out for an update the past week or so because it felt like it was about time for another one. ;

My goodness! It's almost done? I can't remember when I first came in, but I think it was earlier in story. I remember thinking this would never be done but here we are! :D

I was wondering how you would handle the end (since there no Ra-Ra-Rasputin), and I am still interested to see how it goes. Can't wait for the next update (but take all the time you need)!

PurpleRock chapter 34 . 9/17
YAYYY! So, I was watching the movie last night, as one does when feeling down. Around midnight, I get into bed and as usual, check for any Dimya updates from this story and on AO3 stories. I nearly screamed when I saw that you finally updated! I cried!

Now on to the review lol

OMG! The way you captured her anxiety and loneliness while she finally is "home"! I felt that, maybe a little too much. I am going through some stuff at the moment, so of course as I read this chapter, my waterworks were on max speed. I legit felt her anxiety and loneliness, I think I almost had a panic attack because of it XD

I am wondering how youre going to incorporate the Rasputin scene that is coming up since he isnt in this story.

Also, are we expecting a smexy sex scene? Lol!

Cant wait for the next update!

PS: I always re-read this story whenever I ache for some Dimya LOL!
nonny chapter 34 . 9/17
Thank you for this complete and utter perfection. I forgive you for ripping out my heart and making me cry while reading this.
thedustoflife chapter 34 . 9/17
Never clicked a link so fast! Thanks for the update :)
ZazzyLele chapter 34 . 9/17
Love this. I can’t wait for the reunion!
kissonthechic chapter 34 . 9/17
Gosh I remember reading this story 6 years ago and I'm so glad that you're still updating.

I really can't wait to see them make up! I love Anastasia with all my heart and I truly admire how you slowed down the film and emphasized everything wonderful about it. Hope you update soon!
I play wid fir3 chapter 34 . 9/16
honest to god chills, i'm so glad that you're still updating. This retelling is still the most incredible i've yet read, and really is making me want to rewatch the movie something fierce
DeEvans chapter 34 . 9/16
You began writing this story in 2010 and it will come to a close 8/9 years later.

It’s a little heartbreaking but all good things must come to an end.

I’m looking forward to it.
Emily chapter 34 . 9/16
I had just reread the last 10 chapters for the 10th time last night. This was just perfect having this chapter posted today! Wonderful as always! I hate to see it end next time, but I also can't wait to see how you do it. Perfect as always.
NL chapter 34 . 9/16
Well written
Looking forward to the ending
Parsat chapter 34 . 9/16
Ahh I know this is a slow burn, but I'm just quivering with excitement to see them finally make up! Wonderful writing as usual; it was well worth the wait.
OMW chapter 33 . 8/15
Best fanfic I've ever read! This is also my first comment. More please!
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