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Tempscire chapter 33 . 12h
Ah, we've come so far - I can't believe it's almost over. Just 2 more chapters? Ah...
Sandramon chapter 33 . 7/10
It's been a long time since I was this hyped over a fanfic, but I am lost. Lost for words by how well crafted your main characters are. I didn't even know how unraptured I would be when i first started reading it, so that just proves that with the right writer, any story, no matter how many times you've heard, came become an unique experience!

I will wait as long as it takes for the ending and thank god you never give up! This should have so much more recognition!
anon chapter 33 . 7/9
ive been following this fic for YEARS - literally looking it up on google and everything to check up on it sometimes, squealing out loud when it has an update, etc - & every single update has certainly been worth the wait ! i can see it's coming around to an end now & im gonna be quite sad when it does, bc it almost feels like ive grown up with it, but equally i know ill be due back for a reread every once in a while out of sheer habit, & it's going to re-break my heart in all the best ways every single time i do!

thank you for never giving up on this thing! i know it would've been easy to, as god knows i've abandoned more stories than i've ever finished, but you've been pretty steadfast through the whole thing, and never lost any amount of quality, and that's so rare & cool! keep doing what you're doing, you're damn good at it ~
Kaotic I. Deas chapter 33 . 7/5
Read your update last night and had an urge to watch the movie today... sadly it wasn’t as fulfilling as I would have hoped. You’re story has added much more depth and detail to both the plot and characters (moreso than a movie could ever provide) Looking forward to how it all ties together in the end! :-)
AmazingRuin chapter 33 . 7/1
GIRRRRRL. This one HURT. Though I'm sure you knew that already, and I think you thoroughly enjoy hurting your loving and faithful readers. Which is fair, because we love the pain at the same time. Especially when it's emotional Dimitri... damn.

A few things I loved/hated(because feelings) in this chapter(*SPOILERS TO FOLLOW*):

1. The comparison of his mother's death and his betrayal of Anya was so painful to read, especially the line about him failing the only women he's loved. Jesus. It seems a natural connection to make, especially from Dimitri's perspective, but damn if it didn't crack my heart in two.

2. Dimitri's immediate reaction to jumping into the car. You can see it on his face in the film what thought process he goes through and I think you wrote it perfectly. To a T. As emotional as he was, I feel like he was still sort of in conman/survival mode; his overdrive, if you will. I think his next decision in the process naturally is to find out what else he can do to make the Grand Duchess talk to Anya. And I think Dimitri has a small love for getting his hands dirty ;)

3. I also think that Dimitri kind of enjoyed throwing it into the face of the Dowager that he was kidnapping her lol The line about her lordliness and then he turns and glares was kind of funny to me, and I felt the same way he did. Like girl, get off your high horse! I know you're royal, but JEEZ.

4. The brief description of the time it takes for Dimitri to tell the Dowager to speak to Anya up to the Dowager refusing him feels like an eternity because you described every moment and detail, and I LOVE that. I think it would feel like an eternity to Dimitri, knowing this is his only hope. I also find it interesting that he second guesses himself a bit. Is it really because she's royal or is it because of his pain/passion over the subject? Or is it because Anya has changed him and he can't operate a con without emotion anymore?

5. Their banter is just. YES. Like I mentioned to you, I just feel like they could be good friends because they understand each other. The fact that they are both stubborn but for different reasons and in different ways feels much like him and Anya but without the added passion, and I enjoy that. I think I would enjoy them playing a game of Chess or something lol.

6. "So much of the fire she still possessed he could see in Anya." JUST KILL ME WHERE I STAND WHY DON'T YOU

7. I was sad that the scene when he's standing on the street and blows a kiss to her wasn't there. I also noticed that you chose to make the room on the ground floor. I'm curious to know what made you make that choice. I do however, really like that he waited in the lobby to make sure they went by. It adds to his desperation. But don't don't take this as a hit against your writing in any way! I'm just curious :)

8. The entire drunk scene. Ugh, I'm thoroughly depressed now. It gets to the point where like, yeah, he's expected to beat himself up. But when does it end?! ;_; (Okay honestly I know it's required. But it doesn't make it HURT ANY LESS)

9. I'm really glad you filled in the blanks to how Dimitri ended up meeting the Dowager. Like I feel like if it wasn't so immediately after his night out and it wasn't Vlad, I don't see him going to meet her. I just feel like he would rather be rid of it all and get started on his miserable life. But with Vlad being there, his walls were broken down a bit which I think motivated him to go. Also, any moment with him and Vlad has me swooning. I just love their friendship/familial connection, especially the way you write it.

10. ""I love her, Vlad," Dimitri said as he raised his gaze from the carpet, his trembling voice on the edge of breaking as his despair and regret rushed forth from his mouth in a torrent." I always think you can't break me more than before. I could HEAR his pain when I read these lines, and it nearly shattered my entire existence.


12. And right back to broken. Them reminiscing and the fact that the Dowager remembered her, and Dimitri's reaction to it. Ugh, our poor little bean. I do love that you gave the Dowager a bit more humanity in this moment though. Her motivation and personality in the film is mostly one dimensional, so I like that you gave her more depth here. Also, as you know by now, I just love interactions with Dimitri and Marie. :D

13. "Anya's smile every day for the rest of his life." LITERALLY whimpered out loud and a new set of tears came bursting on this line. Ugh. ;_;

14. "God, why wouldn't the woman let him leave?" KEEP TORTURING HIM MARIE. MAKE HIM GO AFTER ANYA.

15. "He rubbed at the back of his neck. He was never good at goodbyes." Yes. I love seeing Dimitri using nervous gestures. I need more of this. But also I don't want him to say goodbye, especially to Anya but partially to Vlad too. I just think it's so sad that they've been together so long!

16. Vlad's comment about always finding him. Awww.

17. I'm not ready and also so ready for the next interaction. I am at least thankful it'll be from Anya's POV because if it were from Dimitri, it would be too painful. But along with that, I'm really eager to see how you'll change their dialogue!

I always think that I couldn't be more broken after a chapter, but this one hurt. Bad. Still, that's how I know it's amazing because you pull us in a way that we feel what the characters are feeling. Beautiful and brilliant, as always my dear.
Guest chapter 33 . 7/1
Fucking HELL THE FEEEELS! *gross sobbing*
Bobbitt The Hobbit chapter 33 . 6/30
Gah! I want you to finish sooner! But I also don't want this to end! D: Mixed feelings. I always seem to go on an Anastasia spree whenever I read this (last time a chapter came out, I think I watched the movie like 5 times in a week, reread the entire story, and listened to the OST on repeat). I can't wait to see what you do with the end (since you took out all the magic/ra-ra-Rasputin stuff). It should be good!

Anyway, keep up the good work!
chipthemunkey chapter 33 . 6/30
So good! I think my favorite part was when Dimitri told Vlad he could never love someone else as much as her! I also really like that you added the part about his mother.
chipthemunkey chapter 32 . 6/30
I love it! Your portrayal of Anya feels so authentic. It's so perfectlike you got right in her head! Thank you so much! It's very enjoyable to read!
Noor chapter 33 . 6/30
Omg I’ve been following this story for years! Years you hear me! It’s that good! Please please please update soon!
Gemma chapter 33 . 6/30
AMAZING! Can't wait for next chapter you're writing is incredible
Guest chapter 33 . 6/30
Oh my gosh what an amazing chapter, can’t tell you how much I loved seeing this scene from dmitri’s point of view, so heartbreaking. Can’t wait for next chapter
Steatose chapter 33 . 6/30
So glad to see a new chapte ! Poor Dimitri, he isn't feeling so well right now. Can't wait to see how you will make him come back if it isn't for saving Anya's life from Rasputin.
Thanks for this chapter, I think I'm gonna reread it all !
thedustoflife chapter 33 . 6/30
My heart is breaking but I love it :/
Ismay Azure chapter 33 . 6/30
heartbreaking, please be strong dimitri
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