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Amanda N chapter 25 . 11/15
Holy crap! Please update soon!
anon chapter 25 . 11/13
Hi, would love for you to update sooN! so good omg
coffeandcake chapter 25 . 11/8
Amazing chapter
Midnightdew chapter 25 . 11/2
This is just excellent writing! You've captured Dimitri perfectly and the dynamics of their relationship. Kudos to you
anon chapter 25 . 10/29
ahh please update this is so so amazing. i never want to stop reading this!
Guest chapter 25 . 10/17
In the movie, around this time. There is a scene where Anastasia's grandmother declares that she will see no more girls claiming to be Anastasia. Will you be writing this scene later?
anon chapter 1 . 10/11
good lord I hope you update soon. this chapter was so well written - in terms of actual prose, character developments, and my FEEEELS!
AkkaTik chapter 25 . 10/11
Hi ! this chapter was truly amazing! :)

I like how you used the yellow apple to symbolize the very one-sided connection Dimitri tried to create with Anastasia (which may or not be an allusion to the red apple he was eating when staring at her at the very beginning of the movie). It becomes even better when the dance allows him to travel to his past and back again: the moment was so special because he got to hold at long least his resurrected dream girl, reconciling him with his loss, while realizing that he’s fallen for the real Anya, because the attraction this time is mutual. He’s no longer watching the girl from afar and trying to sneak to her: now Anya wants his too and they’re moving towards something more together… No wonder that guilt started eating at him then.

Yet, the dancing around the unspoken blossoming love between them keeps going even after his withdrawal. It starts with her anger and her reaching out for him by trying to mask her disappointment with sarcasm, then it escalades in their embrace. He finally admits to himself that he not only wants her, but truly has feelings for her, in a scene appropriately reminiscent of chapter 15. Back then too, he could feel that she smelt of strawberries as he admitted to himself for the first time that he was sexually attracted to her while pinning her to an hard surface, standing in the middle of the wilderness of a forest instead of a storm. Here, he realizes he loves her and wants her. Even though Ivan’s trauma stars in her suicidal nightmare instead of the Romanov curse, the threat represented by the demons really hits a peak when Dimitri starts acting on his feelings: the comfort he was offering turns into selfish want, with a good serving of passion and violence (Anya’s “sharp teeth” and “clawing”) . Again, Dimitri’s ambivalence is the real danger for Anya, because his actions are setting them both for heartbreak. He needs to grow up emotionally to come to terms with what he really wants from the girl and from live: Anastasia represented an uplifting childhood memory and wanting Anya without control makes him reverse to a hormonal teenager (“adolescent gropes”). Now he needs to become an adult to come to terms with his past and envision a future. You really did a great job with picturing what is rolling through his mind in that scene!

The metaphorical dancing around wanting and feeling also give us a glimpse into what Anya might be thinking. She’s the one who distances herself from him at the end, just like he did when waltzing. And, in a back and forth motion, anger is again her primal reaction to what was about to happen. Only this time, it was Dimitri’s violent kissing that motivated the rage: it was too fast too soon, even more since he knew her nightmares were caused by an almost rape… He was using her alright, but one can’t help but wonder at her own ambiguity. She had been disappointed that he had denied their connection and she was obviously consenting to his overtures until a certain point. It was not sex that had her withdrawing: after all, she was the one who initiated each step of their increasingly heated embrace, calling his name, pulling him ever closer, climbing his body. It was probably the last, intense kiss whose brutality awakened her from the spell cast upon them both: was she only replaying the scene with Ivan in her mind eye, or did she react to the unspoken idea that it was just a selfish physical release for him, expertly timed when she was at her most vulnerable? Until now, she wanted him to romance her, but the hurting may have made her think that he was only ready for a fling, because he didn’t know yet how to deal with emotions. Did she believe that she was only another conquest to have sex in a public place with, like he confessed to her once? Indeed, she’s not aware that he realized his love for her and that using her in his scheme had become problematic to his conscience. What does she knows about the depth of his feelings and of her own emotions? Since she couldn’t pinpoint that his lack of control steamed from honesty and probably thought of his seduction as another way to manipulate her, does she already suspect subconsciously the extent of his plans? And what’s more, will you keep the anger strong when they go and visit Sophie, making the moment at odds with the encouraging attitude he displays in the movie? ;P

Once again, I can only applause at how masterfully you manage to play with the notions that have represented their relationship since the very start of your story: anger/passion, sleeping/awakening and Dimitri’s soul deep conviction that he doesn’t deserve genuine happiness. Well done! :)
12meglou12 chapter 25 . 10/11
I loved this chapter! Dimitri finally acting on his feelings, it was amazing!
Esthelaaaa chapter 25 . 10/11
I think this may have been one of the best chapters you've written so far. I can't really describe how I feel; it's in how it flows so humanly, so lovely in its... aroma, almost. Keep up the good work!

Oh, this didn't happen in the film, did it...? I don't recall it. However, it is quite an appealing addition, so great work there, too.

I'm really looking forward to an update!
Guest chapter 25 . 10/10
Great chapter
firecrushedcat chapter 25 . 10/10
Mandarin Fiend chapter 25 . 10/9
I was wondering how you were going to do the boat scene!

I liked it.

Lymairoz chapter 25 . 10/9
I'm speechless.

Really, all I can say is I LOVE YOUR WRITING. I LOVE THIS FIC. I LOOOOOVE YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, thank you SO much for this.

Whenever some asshole tells me fanfiction isn't good or whatever I'll show him/her this. Because it's amazing, and beautiful, and perfect, as you are.
You're truly unbelievable, take care.

Emily chapter 25 . 10/9
So so so good
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