Reviews for The Harem War
Molenir chapter 30 . 8/6
Well, I tried to read this. But it kept getting worse and worse. Wheres the story? When does the time advance. We've had like 30 chapters, and its been barely a week. Slavery is just wrong. And I know its for some challenge, and was written like 10 years ago. Doesn't make it any better.
Guest chapter 76 . 7/17
Are you ever going to continue this storyline?
NCGAs chapter 76 . 7/12
Why have you not writen any more of this story since June 11th 2011. I read over 700,000 words for nothing thank you very much for letting all the people that read your story down.
Ohma chapter 12 . 7/13
ffs half of the last chapters are fucking summaries
JGoble1 chapter 76 . 7/5
Really enjoying the story only complaint is at the end you didn't put the kid of bond for each woman
shadowwolf76 chapter 76 . 7/4
please finish the story
HarmonyEveryday chapter 1 . 5/31
I can’t even say how many times I have reread this. Sure, the covens are over the top, and it really doesn’t matter. It is a good story and is one of those that I always wish had been completed. I have no idea if the author has become a silent quill (passed on) or just given up writing, but if they ever see this, just know there are those of us who still wait, still hope for any sign of life and hope that you find the time and inspiration to pick this up again. I think my hopes are in vain, but hope springs eternal. Thank you for sharing what you have.
RiseOfDespair chapter 76 . 5/26
Please continue
ceeGee chapter 76 . 5/16
When are you going to finish this fantastic story.
wiebenor chapter 76 . 4/28
Good story so far, and thankfully, although there's a bit of sex still, here and there, and mentions of it in passing, as well, my prediction of it being largely over with around the 1/3 mark seems to be holding true... So basically, if you're into an orgified shagfest, that's what sums up the first 3rd of the story pretty well, although there is plenty enough background behind all the orgies to make them at the very least, passable as "Needed Content", while the remaining 2/3rds of the story has significantly less shagging and more actual story, as time goes on. While the said "orgified shagfest" might not be something that the author was wanting to be seen that way, it doesn't change the fact that it's contents, by definition, would be considered orgies, and there's LOTS of shagging, in the first 3rd of the story as written so far, SOO, please base whether you want to read the story on whether you can accept the amount of shagging going on in the beginning, and whether you mind that it tapers down towards the middle of the story or not...

As for myself, I like it and am interested in seeing the author finish the story, even though it's probably unlikely, and I have followed and favorited this story just in case the author decides to continue it...
wiebenor chapter 74 . 4/28
As much as I like chapter 74, I still haven't seen Sirius say exactly how he escaped the veil of death... I mean, yes, it said he was innocent, therefore he escaped eventually, but no one in the story said exactly how, and when he escaped, let alone where... Like for instance, he starts, going into the veil, then all of a sudden he's at charrenwell at around chapter 74 or so. Did he just walk out of the veil, and if so, exactly how did he escape the ministry, let alone the department of mysteries, but if he didn't just "walk out of the veil", then how did he become alive again, did the veil just spit him out into charrenwell or wherever he went after release?

Aside from that bit of a plot point that Sirius avoided talking about, it's a good story so far and I hope someone continues this at some point in the future... Thank you for your good work on this story, it really is great so far...
TheProphetBVB chapter 8 . 4/28
Wait, since Dumbles had control of Hermione's contract and such, couldn't he have just given her to the Weasleys instead of putting her in the auction?
wiebenor chapter 44 . 4/25
So, first off, I've already given a review, on a previous chapter, as a general "who should and shouldn't read this", and as before, I haven't checked whether the story is finished or not...

Now that that's out of the way, the new question is, what have I noticed since then? As I said before, the first third or so of the story is mostly one big orgy, but since then has seemingly became more tame and focuses more on the non-sexual side for now. One thing that I will note, for the author's perusal, is the question I have as to the need for the harem list at the end of each chapter, and whether, if there is ever a makeover of the story, or a major fix up or something, whether there could be a way of perhaps shortening that somewhat? To be clear, a guy should only really need that once in a great while when something really changes, and even then when it comes to actual story content it takes away from said content because if you were for instance listening to the story, or reading it offline, or something like that, you would not want to listen to that whole spiel every single time a chapter ends. On top of all that, to me, it's just a waste of "words per chapter"; yes, when you read a story, you're going to have in a lot of cases things like author notes, and things like review responses, but all in all that stuff's going to make your story have 10 or 20%, and in some cases upwards of 40 or 50% more words in the story then there would be if it was just the story, written as if it was going to be sold in a store somewhere.

To be clear, if I ever download an epub of this story, I'll likely get rid of that whole harem list thing on each chapter, just for those above reasons, because I like the content I read to be "Story content only" where possible, and to not include every author's aside that gets entered.
wiebenor chapter 31 . 4/24
I'm liking this story so far, albeit lots of sex, and I especially like the comment Harry makes at the end of the chapter, that goes something like this, "The sacrifices I make for my country, Harry quipped". The reason I like that comment is because of the fact that I have been known to watch James Bond movies and whether or not you meant it, James Bond says almost exactly that, in "you only live twice"...(took me a few minutes to remember which movie it was from)

All that said, IDK if the almost nonstop sex will taper off or not and it's a good enough story that I don't really care if it does, as I mentioned, but anyone looking for a book where the first 3/4ths or 3/5ths of the first 30 chapters ISN'T mostly sex and the rest of the time interspersed between orgies is used for background "world building", should probably give it a miss, unless you can deal with the overt sexuality, large harems, and sexual slavery, in the wizarding world as portrayed by this version of the wizard world...

Again, don't get me wrong, I love this story, or at least "little me" does, but some may find it all a bit much, even if half the sex is related to consort bonds, which are similar in most respects, to soul bonds, and concubines, which are magically bound slaves. I DO however, thank the author for a story that's shaping up to being very intriguing...and since Harry will increase from 6 or so wives/willing slaves to upwards of 20, the word "intriguing", I used before, is a fitting word to use for the coming chapters...
Jetstream chapter 66 . 3/17
“ For his Deputy, Snape was not an option. “

Snape is already Deputy. He was bitching about it to Voldemort chapters ago.
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