Reviews for The Harem War
Guest chapter 76 . 7/29
Sorry this story had to end here. Is there a follow up book?
Radiant Arabian Nights chapter 76 . 6/28
Really, Really, Really hope you come back to this one day!
Radiant Arabian Nights chapter 74 . 6/28
Please, please, please continue one day!
Jetstream chapter 76 . 6/11
I feel like you haven't thought the UV detection thing through.

If that was a thing, the Statute of Secrecy would've been blown wide open by the 70s or 80s at the latest.
Jetstream chapter 75 . 6/11
The prophecy is a fake? That's interesting, given that in a previous chapter you had Dumbledore noting that the prophecy obviously referred to him and he just directed it Voldemort's way as a ploy.

Come on, mate. Your own story. Remember it.
Jetstream chapter 73 . 6/11
Ah, I see, your response to forgetting about the Horcrux conversation and the cup being a fake is that Harry is an idiot and the Goblins did (mumble mumble mumble) and are also idiots.
Jetstream chapter 72 . 6/11
"I'll let you guess about the Horcruxes..."

We don't have to guess about it. You said it when Hermione and Harry bonded. Later on, Hermione researched it, and then they received the Cup, were told it was a fake, and that it was probably a Horcrux.

I don't agree, mate, with all these people who are cussing you out about it, but they're right about one thing: You need to re-read your own story. You clearly have forgotten a lot of your early plot elements and I suggest a thorough re-read.

A re-edit would be useful too, honestly. You make a lot of the same mistakes over and over again.
Jetstream chapter 63 . 6/10
Re: "Plot Holes."

That's not how generations work. A generation for a given family is whenever one person's child has another child. It'd be twenty "begettings" from whichever Malfoy was judged. That could be anywhere from 320 years to 2000 years. It all depends on how long those dudes wait to have their children, and how old they can be and still have children. For it to be 2000 years, they'd all have to be 100 years old before they have their kids. That's not happening. It'll probably be 350-450 years, in practical terms.

A STATISTICAL generation is defined in sociological terms, and is usually 15-30 years or so. It's got nothing to do with average lifespan. It has a lot more to do with trends observed in the population of a given area.
RipBudAce chapter 76 . 6/2
Great story! Wish it was finished though
Bast Misao chapter 76 . 5/29
Do you have any plans to continue this story?
Shaei-phet chapter 1 . 5/16
I’ve read this a few times and I can’t find what happened to the supposed second potter. Where’s Harry’s sister end up?
ceegee chapter 76 . 4/25
I like this story very much but why have you not posted any more, i would like to finish this story I an old age pensioner aged 72 cancer thank you in advance ceegee
Ceegee chapter 76 . 3/22
Are you going to finish this story I have really enjoyed reading this story but I am disapointed you have not finished it after reading your 75 chapters.
Tohshi chapter 72 . 3/8
Probably an unnecessary responce but at this point Harry has already seen the cup and knows about Horcruxes, they have talked about the one that was in his head.
Greater Nyx chapter 76 . 3/1
Politely, i've read this and all i can hope is that its abandoned because you've either realised how shit this is or you passed. Either way im happy
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