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flowerchild33 chapter 76 . 7/14
And it stops?! No updates in five years? Please, what is the status on this? We're left with a war brewing and 71 pregnant women. So frustrated.
Guest chapter 76 . 7/8
Sad this was abandoned, had so much going for it
Ilireanwri chapter 71 . 7/7
I'm surprised what you did with the Dursleys... It's very nice to read a Story where they turn out to be decent peoples...
Ilireanwri chapter 38 . 7/3
Ok, I never thought I would ever say that... But I really enjoyed how Dudley changed in this Story...
zeps9001 chapter 29 . 7/1
You are complicating this too much. Even after all these explanations there is still plenty of ways to get around these contracts. As most of this is basically porn and the plot is like this so Harry is forced to get 20 wives. Should have written this with bit more humor and less politics.
Reader chapter 4 . 6/28
Wow. Real subtle there, Weasley. Any more subtle and there would have been a little potion vial there with a post script saying: "by the way, here's the love potion, keyed to me of course, that my mom is going to spike your food and drink with. You will be mine, Hermione! Whether you like it or not!"

God, he's such a creepy little stalker in this fic, and judging by how his sister seems to be part of the plan, she's not much better at this point. Hope that Ron gets what's coming to him, because as far as I can tell, his only girlfriend appears to be named Palmela Handerson, and she's always right.

BTW, you made quite a few errors here and there, but aside from a few words that make me tilt my head or raise an eye brow, it is more than readable many fics I've had the misfortune of reading. At least it ain't the dread block-o-text I've seen in the past. (Shivers)

Oh, and I hope you come back and finish this fic! If not, I may have to tell Excele to try and pick it up! I've been looking over his shoulder lately and he's been trying his hand at more...risque work lately. I must admit that it isn't the best I've read, but it is quite good for someone with as little sexual experience as him. (he's a pure virgin, only ever hugged a few girls before. One older girl kissed his cheek when he was ten, a pretty seventeen year old tried to get him to go to her room when he was twelve for some 'adult fun')
zeps9001 chapter 6 . 6/30
I'm pretty sure I have seen some of these plot lines in Rule_34 subreddit.
Reader chapter 2 . 6/27
One thing I found strange was that it was Cedric's death that triggered Harry's ability to see Thestrals. Lore states that seeing someone die before you makes them visible, so how come he didn't see them in second year after he made an ash of Quirrel? That man died, breaking down into ash while screaming in agony and smoking like an overcooked piece of meat, all while Harry watched, yet he couldn't see the ghostly magical creatures until a person he knew LESS than Quirrel was offed in a much cleaner fashion? JKR probably only decided to add the Thestrals later on so she could create a link between Harry and Luna.

I'm not big on making shit clean and tidy, but JKR is one of the writers I find had the worst organization of new ideas and blended them in badly with what she already had. Only that ditzy bitch who scribbled out her sick erotic dreams and then called it 'Twilight' was worse. (A fucking wooden bat used by 'vampires' who are so strong that they produce the sound of thunder when hitting the ball? Both the bat and ball would have exploded, you fucking idiot!)
ExceleKurokami chapter 2 . 6/26
There is a whole lot of total BS in the Harry Potter series that I don't think JKR even tried to flesh out, and Harry's rants in his notebook nailed almost all of them.

The biggest load of bull was the Blood Wards and the loving protection. With no love in Privet Drive, wouldn't it not only drain the wards, but also dry up the protection from Lily's love? Privet Drive was a house of hatred and abuse, definitely emotional and possibly physical, and Harry never did see it as a home, so the wards should have been utterly worthless.

The whole Weasley thing also screamed of a setup. Not remembering where the platform (or what number it was) was in spite of attending Hogwarts for seven years herself and taking kids there for nine years? Unless she was insane or suffered brain damage, that shouldn't have happened. She also violated the Secrecy by loudly talking about Muggles on the Muggle side. Even stranger, she zeroed in on Harry like Ron to a feast. Further note, Harry fell in love with Ginny out of fucking nowhere! She went from being 'Ron's sister' to 'love of my life' so quickly I could smell the love potion, same thing with Ron and Hermione. The only Weasleys I trust are Bill, Arthur, and the twins.

And it has been well established that Dumbledore was a manipulative, half truth telling son of a bitch, even in canon. He may not have been evil, but he always did his best to provide support to someone who desperately needed it. You nailed all the points I would list.
TobaccoWizzard chapter 76 . 6/27
Hi there, this is one of the better stories I have seen on . If I may ask, what has happened to it. I see you have not updated in quite a while.

I have read all your Harry Potter fan fix, and I must say, I find your ideas very well thought out.

Thanks for the entertainment.

Warm regards,

Hope you are well,

Brandt Steenkamp
maartenvervloet chapter 52 . 6/25
Go Mr. Parkinson
narukyu1 chapter 2 . 6/22
If Harry gets ntr'd i'm going to go ballistic.
narukyu1 chapter 1 . 6/22
I appreciate this first chapter.
amsev chapter 72 . 6/21
Oh, lol! They named one of their kids Cholera? Inbred, indeed.
Baby Huey chapter 5 . 6/19
Get to the harem already!
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