Reviews for The Harem War
Guest chapter 59 . 2/11
good thing my story will something like this but unlike this one who will be in hogsmade and hogwarts any girls from tom will meet their end. Unlike other stories it will be during lily and james and people will hear the girly scream of tom and unlike this story that was quit on my story will contune and will not finish until I say so. and the wards I have planned not only those marks but those unmark and evil mind you see I have so many ideas unlike you wuit on this story and never finish
juan chapter 34 . 2/11
that gay old fool never learns those who are born bastard end up being a failure in live look at the coward to killing muggle babies and kids
juan chapter 32 . 2/11
good thing my story will start before 1 st year and no way I will wait until 4th year or later for sex scenes and no death for the light dumbledore doesn't count since he's nothing but a gay dark lord and I will destory by taking down his girl snape
juan chapter 31 . 2/11
thank god I'm not like others who quit writting a story I will keep on writting it to make sure it's finish. Bo way I will post my stories in a anti sex scenes site and no way it will stop me just because slaves to those who control paying the sites good thing all the wesleys wiol not bash against harry ginny is harry's girl and hermione his second like always and lily is tied with ginny being his first
juan chapter 1 . 2/11
thank god I'm writting one like this one but better time travel and harry's sister will be part of his herem and at least I will finish it all the way
Bronze chapter 69 . 2/6
First : GET SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO SPELL AS A BATA READER! I CAN NOT HELP YOU AS I AM WORSE THEN YOU! Second : THIS WAS IN NO WAY MENT AS A FLAME! I DON'T flame! Third : You know the Death Eaters expect to be able to bribe their way out of trouble once again. I fully agree with Harry's statement that all Death Eaters must be killed. I expect he also intends to take all their gold and belongings to devide between all the families they've injured. I also agree with killing all the rapists in Slytherin House inckuding Snape. Suffer not a rapist to live. Suffer not a Death Eater nor supporter to live. Scorched - Earth Policy inregards to any and all Death Eaters, families and supporters.
Bronze chapter 68 . 2/6
Of course it takes weeks, months or years! Each wind bag has to be allowed to out gas before anything is decided. Even then they canturn around and chage something they'd already agreed to just so some other wind bag has his/her chance to out gas. Then sone idiot will say something sure to offend one side or the other and everything goes down the drain. Then they spend the next few years or decades blaming each other for things falling apart. BUT IT'S NEVER THEIR FAULT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!
Guest chapter 67 . 2/6
Ther goes th e neighborhood! Magical Britain and the Death Eaters aas well as Dumbledore and his gang are in for for an extremely rude awkening! Dumbledore's worried about how fast and dangerous the Muggle world is. Seems he never even thought about a small little island called Charenwell. And that'll be his down fall.
Bronze chapter 66 . 2/5
What a wonderfully funny chapter! But I must agree with Robert Granger, all those pregnant women may well be the end of him. Is it too much to ask for to see more teachers leave Hogwarts without notice to Dumbledore? You know something like that'd really piss him off. Especially if he found out they all went to teach inone of Harry's new schools.
Bronze chapter 65 . 2/5
Robert Granger will not be very happy to learn that his new son-in - law has two wives/consorts and twentyfive concubines. A goodly number pregnant. It'll be inteesting to read hks reaction to learning that Minervaand Mallory are also his concubine/wives. And that Cissy, his second cousin, is also pregnant by him. Hermione's very smart but can she make both her parents understand exactly what awaited most, if not all, of the other girls had she not encougaged Harry to buy and bond to them?It shouuld make for an interesting chapter.
Bronze chapter 64 . 2/5
Make sense that Dumbledore'd do that to Harry's family. Like Harry just stated the House of Dumbledore has had it in for House Potter for more then a thousand years. I know that in other stories Albus has an older brother but I'm not sure about yours. If he doesn't and is the last of his line, could the House of Potter claim the House of Dumbledore by conquest after this war? I'm sure that poor little old Albus Dumbledore won't survive it and that Harry's the one likely to kill him.
Bronze chapter 63 . 2/5
Yeah, I can see the Death Eaters killing orphan just because they're Muggle Born. It'd be easier then having to fight Auroras. They canand will fight back. Why, they could even kill you! Orphans on the other hand are usually young and defenseless. Therefor so easy to kill. And that'd make the Death Eaters feel so proud of themselves. with that said, I totally agree with Harry that the only good Death Eater is a very, very dead one!
Bronze chapter 62 . 2/5
Things just keep going more and more pear shaped for the Pure Bloods of magical Britain. Harry and company are going to be so relieved when nagical Ireland send a message that they want no part in the war with magical Britain. I wonder how long before the Ministry tries something just as stupid as the attack attempt or something even stupider? Sooner or later they're sure to.
Bronze chapter 61 . 2/5
Boy those Pure Blooded idiots are working real hard to loose any and all allies they might've once had. They can't believe someone could actually stand up to them. Conceitdoesn't even come close to what they think of themselves! Maybe instead of killing the out rihgt they should be fed to the growing Dragon young. They'd be useful for something at least. I bet it was Dumbledore more then the Ministry that stopped Poppy from telling the Muggleborn witches about Magical Guardians and being sold into sexual slavery anytime after their O,W.L.S.
Bronze chapter 60 . 2/4
The sooner all the Death Eaterscum are pushing up plants, weather in green houses or the wilds, the better life in general will be in magical Britain. Next dumbledore and all his Order MUST join them. Following that, the Potter and Black families must take every libirary of those families along with all the other pureblood families and break the concubine spell forever! Stop destroying families for the sake of male pride and vanity!
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