Reviews for The Harem War
Spazzman29 chapter 2 . 3/25
Was going to read this but then you forced Harry and Hermione together. I expected t eventually but i cannot stand the Harmony pairing.
Reader chapter 55 . 3/5
Didn't you say the Trace was a fiction not too long ago?
Guest chapter 1 . 3/4
Nihatclodra chapter 28 . 3/4
You have a REALLY bad habit of having characters explain and/or reveal things, and then everyone miraculously forgets and another completely different character who previously didn't know reveals the same information, and everyone acts like that's the first time they hear of it even if they were the ones to explain that exact thing in earlier chapters. It's rather jarring to read this with it being so damn inconsistent...
Jks bro chapter 76 . 3/2
Hey, just wanted to say that I have been reading this series since about a week and a bit ago and it is amazing, keep up the awesome story!
Nihatclodra chapter 10 . 3/3
... I'm getting a VERY strong feeling that Ginny is actually Harry's Sister.
Reader chapter 34 . 2/26
The old man drank his own kool-aid! The wards fell ages ago and he dosed the Dursleys to magnify their hatred of magic after it became evident that Harry warmed their hearts. My friend has a similar thing going in one of his fanfics, but he made it so that Dumbledore is delusional and schizophrenic. (in his universe, phoenixes slow down the aging process, not mental degradation) If you think about it, the man probably was schizo, since he was just weird and his robes were as gaudy as all hell, as well as him seemingly not being completely in touch with reality.

The thing about Dumbledore is he is the tortoise. He is great, wise and slow. His wisdom and persona are great strengths, but his habit of slowly examining things is his greatest downfall. It is nice to thoroughly understand something, but to wait outside a building for half a day or stand in a room for ten or more minute marveling over a brick is just a waste of time. He gets too focused on things and, while blankly staring at one thing, utter chaos is happening behind his back. Truly, Partially Kissed Hero pegged Dumbles perfectly: he's effective, but he needs time to do things. He isn't adaptable, not quickly anyway.
chase.ruiters chapter 49 . 2/26
m .
Reader chapter 21 . 2/22
oh man, I just realized that Harry ended his day with double Ds! (Daphne and Dora)
Guest chapter 23 . 2/18
Jesus Christ another S/N story. Let me guess Hannah probably gets involved with them. You know it'd be simpler if it was Hannah and Neville then you bring in Susan if you want her so bad with him. To me that'd make a little bit more since. God I'm so sick and tired of this pairing. In order for it to work you have to make him to OC. His character evolves from scared little kid to a man willing to sacrifice himself in the seventh book. This Neville is a normal fucking teenager. Pardon my language, but it's true. Secret girlfriend? That nobody knows about? And this girlfriend happens to be the niece of the head dmle? I'm calling bull. His grandmother would've known and Susan would have someone constantly watching her making sure she's safe. That's why Hannah would've been perfect for the secret girlfriend route which could've led to Hannah asking him to accept Susan wh's her best friend. But no you completely ignore that route for this which makes me want to gauge out my eyes. Kinda good ideas, but the execution is flawed. Grammar is ok. And character interaction is meh at best. I'm not trying to be mean I'm just being honest. That previous review I saw was too heated and that person may have just been mad at the N/S aspect of this, but it helped me look ahead three chapters and see what they were talking about. Again and I really mean this in the most neutral way possible, work on your dialogue and think out story arcs and decide if that's the best way to do it. If it helps take a day away from that decision to help.
Guest chapter 23 . 2/18
God damnit this is where I leave this story. I'm done. Nope way too much for me to fucking sit through and take. Small things at first, but that introduction to this chapter was cringe inducing. Sorry to say it and hopefully you got better, but fucking shit could I not take that.
Corrector chapter 7 . 2/17
Half of 930 is 465, not 478. Harry's true Ganter Score would be around 950. Learn your math or learn to use a calculator! Your writing is excellent, but your math is shoddy.
We need more war chapter 68 . 2/13
Get to work and write more of this, I really am interested in how the muggleized army will work.
Golden Dragon King chapter 20 . 2/14
Darn it all! I wanted mindless, unadulterated, raunchy, dickk tingling smut... but you give me well thought out plot, unique ideas, and a totally new AU to enjoy.

Basically, thank you.
Guest chapter 76 . 2/12
Oh my... wondering what happens next! Please update!

Also...what happened with all those magical orphans? Since Harry didn't adopt any, nothing else was said about them...
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