Reviews for The Harem War
stacygrrl2002 chapter 56 . 3/24
wondered if Charlie would be in...looks like Harry is gonna get a few additions on his preserve, seems like the Alpha queen has a degree of respect for him. smarter than the average bear. Gabi was a surprise at this stage.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 55 . 3/24
Poor kid just keeps getting more placed on him. wondered when it would happen.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 50 . 3/24
Makes ya wonder more and more about the magic imbued into that special library couch, like those oak trees for Neville and Frank. Those thoughts, questions, and fears just keep slipping away
ProudPatel chapter 31 . 3/24
The author himself acknowledges Daphne as a very smart and politically suave person. Why, then, did he/she make LUNA the F*CKING CONSORT? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?
ProudPatel chapter 28 . 3/24
Wonderful. Luna plays on Harry's sympathetic and f*cking noble nature and manipulates him into making her the Black Consort. Perfect piece of emotional blackmail. Can you see a crazy and weird-ass girl like Luna as the matriarch of a Noble and Ancient House? I certainly can't...
ProudPatel chapter 26 . 3/24
Why you making Luna the Crazy Bitch the Black Consort? Are you out of your goddamn mind?
ProudPatel chapter 23 . 3/24
Oh man. Hermione is a very manipulative woman, but she does it with subtlety. Why didn't she encourage Harry to make Daphne the Black consort? She encouraged Harry to take on Luna because she likes Luna better. All of us know that Daphne is far more suitable to be a consort to an Ancient and Noble House than Luna. Luna is a crazy and weird girl. She has no tact and zero experience in diplomacy.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 39 . 3/23
exotic pays huh. looks like the gang got a good crop this trip. wonder who gets percy's cast off. nicely done episode
stacygrrl2002 chapter 37 . 3/23
wonder if Harry is gonna hunt Remus down and turn the posse loose over this one.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 38 . 3/23
the a/n is 100% correct. But unless he can figure a way to get a laser guided type set-up and a way to find hidden by magic hideouts etc, I still am not sure an air force will do much good. But, I haven't read ahead to get to the goodies. Still, excellently done to date
stacygrrl2002 chapter 36 . 3/23
I know Harry set Vernon up, just not sure how or why, unless he is trying to protect them in his saving people thing. Not sure how he is gonna use an air force, as most targets would not be visible and they are very indiscriminate. a 500 pound bomb would remove a Malfoy manor easily, and a lot of area around it, but you have to be able to find and plot it first. still, it might come in handy, if the queen decides it might be okay for a foreign country to basically invade and attack targets in Britain.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 35 . 3/23
only the duke had any concubines prior to this, now there are 5 sets on the island. wonder how the "natives" are gonna take to this. can't believe he is gonna hand out that many cars. seems a huge waste. a few as estate cars and a couple of smaller ones, all shared would make more sense. cut down on traffic too maybe.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 34 . 3/23
very well plotted and scripted
stacygrrl2002 chapter 31 . 3/23
shame about Ginny, but... Hope Harry at least speaks to Arthur about her treatment etc. and about his boys.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 29 . 3/23
interesting, very interestig
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