Reviews for The Harem War
Gleas chapter 74 . 4/1
Siri is never gonna live this down
Gleas chapter 73 . 4/1
I understand you wished to showcase how stressed Harry is and how much he's cramming into his head but the topic of horcruxes was the wrong thing to use. Logically or rather psychologically, it's set up as a major plot device, linked to major events in Harry's life and plays an important role in the demise of one of the dark idiots and confuses the other one. Harry may plausibly forget the word Horcrux, but once someone mentioned soul-containers or his scar or his connection to Voldy, he, realistically would have recalled most if not all info- a short recap would have sufficed.
More appropriate would be Harry forgetting a birthday, forgetting all about a short-term plan he and Hermione (like the fact that he could send a proxy and oust Dumbles due to his seats on Wizengamot) had discussed or maybe the name of one of the girls not his own.
Gleas chapter 72 . 4/1
I believe you lost the plot. Horcruxes were not only mentioned but thoroughly researched and discussed by Harry and Hermione after Harry lost conciousness due to some runic/druidic magic Hermione performed on a whim. The cup was semi-publically tested and proven to be fake earlier, goblins having admitted the real one was confiscated long ago and now the real one is back in human hands? The issue was also discussed with allies and Moody confirmed Dumbledore's suspicions as well. They decided Tommy boy was mortal and he didn't know it. With all of that, it is strange that Harry does not recall especially as it is linked to his bonding with Hermione! Plus Bill and Fleur are of the few who were consulted on the issue- they all act surprised and once more 'discover' the other possible horcruxes. It sort of resolved itself couple chapters ago and half the dialogue was a waste.
Gleas chapter 69 . 3/31
Snape's part in all of it was even more sickening than what went on before... As much as I'm a fan of the cannon Snape... this one needs to die a painful death thousand times over
Gleas chapter 67 . 3/31
Facts for the sake of facts, while important, are boring. You should try and incorporate them in conversations and such as relevant and not indulge in what is called information dumping (well that phrase works here at any rate). You also repeat upto seventy percent of things in the form of conversations, info paragraphs and explanations to new characters- instead trust your readers to recall or be able to go back to reference and move on with the story! You had a whole section dedicated to numbers the last chapter and do it again- it might have been more interesting to see debate of some sort instead of a repeat
Gleas chapter 64 . 3/30
too much history... x_x are you related to Binns?
Gleas chapter 60 . 3/30
It's rather creepy they all are so accepting... if Harry wasn't honestly concerned for all his 'girls' I'd be sickened.

I have a question about placing people under House Potter. Earlier when Clarice was found, the team had discussed the concept and concluded there had to be some form of connection to the Head for the protection to work- blood or as Duke... yet the random women from Britain are under protection when they are neither linked to Harry in any way nor are yet a part of Charenwell. It is a major point, as arguably, Harry didn't have to bond with any of his 'fresh' wives if a simple protection sufficed. Or was there something I missed?
Gleas chapter 55 . 3/29
In an earlier chapter, Bill claimed the trace to be a myth, a product of the ministry's 'grid' (sometime after confiscation of DE stuff). In this one, the trace is a reality as a spell cast deliberately on kids when they join school... which is it? I prefer the grid theory but it would not explain how accidental magic was not detected usually etc...
Gleas chapter 52 . 3/28
I would feel sorry for Draco... only he sowed what he is reaping... well he deserves a lot worse actually... doesn't even count a man much less a wizard .
Gleas chapter 51 . 3/28
This chapter was cute, heart-warming
Gleas chapter 49 . 3/28
lol I like the unspeakable XD!
Gleas chapter 43 . 3/27
When the shipment was first discussed, Harry requested the twins to work on ward detecting and breaking devices the DEs had, Harry seems to have forgotten that little fact
DaveC chapter 4 . 3/25
A bit ott with 900 elfs and size of estate.

Gleas chapter 40 . 3/26
finally someone displaying normal behavior in opposition to what's happening!
Gleas chapter 39 . 3/26
I'm surprised Pius didn't get cruicioed for bearing all that bad news XD Voldy must still be half-asleep
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