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Guest chapter 1 . 2/14/2021
Very good
Guest chapter 18 . 2/11/2021
Why? I had hope for you. But you proves your stupidity by following canon. Moron! I’m out.
SavKelly chapter 18 . 2/7/2021
Awh I wished you weren’t bringing this back
Rebadams7 chapter 22 . 1/16/2021
I adore how you teased and folded the tale with the poetry Made an elegant and exciting read
vampirelady13 chapter 1 . 9/29/2020
Your story makes no sense the neglectful bitch is so observant but the cop is not. That is stupid and what Bella don't care if she kills her father? Wow what a creepy daughter she should of stayed with her mom. Now the thing she is going to do is hurt or kill her dad. That's all Bella knows how to do is hurt her father.
DawnScarlet19610 chapter 3 . 8/15/2020
Your Edward disgusts me so far. Bella doesn't have to answer to him. She's done perfectly fine on her own and owes him no explanations. The way he immediately tries to control her, and she just allows it. And the way he addresses her as "Newborn" instead of Bella, and says she seems to have done well enough so far like his opinion freaking matters. She's a newborn, so she would be way stronger than him, and possibly faster if she uses her strength. She doesn't know him, or the other Cullens, and they have no right to treat her the way you have them doing. Canon Cullens would never be so disrespectful towards another of their kind, newborn or not. She's not their freaking project. Edward is a complete asshole to her right from the start, treating her like an animal about to lose it. Honestly. What even is this?
Angellovee chapter 5 . 8/13/2020
I wish I knew what Jasper was feeling from her and if he was projecting it to let them know it was real.
Angellovee chapter 3 . 8/13/2020
Alice to the rescue! How in the world did she hide that from Edward. How long ago did she see her?
Angellovee chapter 2 . 8/13/2020
I’m guessing Edward can’t hear her mind. I can’t wait to hear this conversation.
Angellovee chapter 1 . 8/13/2020
Great beginning. I can’t wait to find out more about who changed Bella and her missing time
Debbie Hicks chapter 23 . 4/27/2020
24. First Contact
Bella don'''t slipped lost control the too late Killed the Vulcans ate their blood then then the best friends to both both the Blood bonding with v alien venom with Vampire venom wit each three with the kids/toddlers aged them the guaed this one kills people you there who created you with newborns they surrender pity then Take care of that Felix rip them alive screaming who turned you tell our master found you at long last then then Kidnapped then too late Exprimented but Augmenting but brain surgeries erased made twisted but vengeful then was fast beautiful but Lethal but Starfleet marine strong but more Federation power own blew up good newborns we own yoiu where you think are leaving newborns then the kept like animals then Pierced then both with the others with they Lost both head-cord the captured good screaming good guard for your sinned crimes Nothingness but found by the both Alice who did to oh god myself struggled of control with they then Snapped with them with witnesses nuked freely brought there good of her/they turned illegally with they are dead forever without memories with they More Volturi guards hair grew back abnormally then Alice horrified they ben turned by herself is a sire what we done then Blacking outside from hallow husks of both then brought there see revealing new addictions to the Cullen coven who have powers rest killed them by Atomics blew them by vaporizing good bring them with the both broke this rule of immortal children aged are teenagers nuked with them bring them then too late then Execution of them by Vaporizing death came good guard more Volturi guards blew up each with as all of with her broke the rule of them then myself was with bangs long hair of mine Alice she has golden eyes with they gasp they killed Irina their sister and we were framed by the Volturi crap we can't die or age we are already dead but Immortal nuked freely both hallow then vanished good guard departed then it was too late the afterside afeect caused me/them to feel a planetary power within our hearts still Starfleet strong but Federation powerful then focused my brain then finally felt a new power source from my previous life glowing then finally felt it glowing more powerfully held up my arms and hands You'r Sushi HENSHIN YO! BEYONDS NOW My fight for the CRYSTAL PALACER GUARD THE ROYAL FAMILY AT ONCE NOW! Protect my FATHER Team! We fight them here and NOW! Volturi it ends Now! yelled: BETAZED TWILIGHT POWER! MAKE-UP! Sakuras of flames exploding the others yelled screaming transforming into a Sailor Soidier Bursting truest into flames of fury and anger raging finally emerged my powers letting loose a Mostly gloriously Alimighty Xena Warrior princess's Ancient Greek trilling but ringing like Lucy Lawless's war cry was fat mostly Heavenly but more angelic Was forged in a heat of battle a mighty princess oh god what a Woman is holding her Chakra is a Warrior princess wanna a bet Then herself was very trained then ker-crashing far more harder Paul sorry oh my god we can't age had kids was Sailor Miri held her weapon like a Amazon princess ow crap gasp you transformed into warriors oh my god we need new witnesses nuked freely both them brought there good they never returned they are in a Unicat huger but the largest things deported as all of them aboard good with as all of them are frozen asleep blew up rest bring them there good deceased from here end the very as all of them as all of supernatural as all turned with Vampires with three as all of packs bitten but phased mated women nuked freely blew as all of them remains followed then too late gone then too soon then More Volturi guards replaced now Rachel his mate had eight so her twin with their mates with they her brother found his then Had kids then Three with two nuked created a starship blown up but too late as all of bodies good bring them it was too late freed from the pods were now very different by now roaring via Warp drive one married couple were Richard and Irene did ritual in Bed were more than intimate but private Strom could not ever meditate while the Couple were college-aged by myself was a priestess trained as a Ordained chaplan herself Moaning louder stronger and far more powerful wanted children eight little ones he was kissing her really passionate but fiery was Into her body slowly thrusting very deep but lighter more than moving slowly more heaviest deeper and powerful their kissing was fiery but more romantic but it really happened he grumbled was grumbling of couples were doing their own their relationships by breeding like Vulcans moans of Irene was louder then he was Mating onto her inside her the arrival then a Mated scream of both three then fathers shoyt out of nbed good heavens oh no my daughter is pregnant so my with daughters then Irene was with child by Richard her husband in time she was expecting 8 children body/face were oiled/massaged Captain a young married couple from her state who got married were on their honeymoon began breeding onto each other Sakal Richard you are about to become a father he fainted in his robes you ok groan oh my god Pack yes we asked your help oh my god crap Congraduations she married us gasp then Irene was in tears myself was a godmother to my godchildren adopted in time Irene had eight kids of her own with women had kids in time myself was a ordained priestess of Mount Seleya of Gol wore ritual Martian white flowing heavenly but angelic robes of a Acolyte with Vulcan jewelry sealing vows of celibacy was with Teenaged Ocampan ears were pointed rich fine Sch'n T'Gai eyebrows were more slanted hair was in a colif walked so Seleyan graceful but far more elegantly was a chaste but sacred Vampire but Vulcan priestess trained to deliver infants was beautiful as the goddess of Ferility Lia was paler had golden/brown mixed up eyes so they never aged haven't changed was Immortal Madam Now I Spoken Vulcan tongues fluently Alice she is not married remans chaste to who Arkaana what a priestess Good god man humans as all of them had kids by her is a Holy woman is ordained by the faith of God oh how little in time kids Sir she is not aging correction he stared in my new eyes glowing golden/brown darker hair never changed as well he was both tall but Muscular he was more than bewitched by my beauty from herself A-Hem Excuse me.
ChristyWIX chapter 22 . 4/25/2020
Hmmm, not really an ending. Sometimes I think I should read the last chapter before embarking on these journeys. I’m sad that there isn’t any pay off to all the build up. You’ve left it so open ended, all for your sequel. One that hasn’t happened in six years. Pretty safe to say it never will now. I’m hoping that all the time away is that your off being really successful in you original fiction world. Hoping the best for you. Good luck.
ChristyWIX chapter 21 . 4/25/2020
I’m pleasantly surprised that Jacob was nice and that it looks as though they will remain friends. I still think the Elders have no right to mandate someone there when Bella is alone with Charlie. She’d been alone with her mother for months when she was weeks old. Than she was around Charlie for a good month before they even knew of Bella being a vampire. I almost wish Charlie did know so he could point this out to the Elders and tell them to back the hell off. Although I a, glad they are engaged now, I don’t like that he manipulated her into it. They could’ve come up with some other plausible explanation for her running off. I’m sad that when they look back on this, she'll always remember it as being manipulated into it. Yes, they love each other and will well into forever. Why the rush for it to be now? There could’ve been a time jump to this time next year and it being more natural to get engaged. *shrugs* Rosalie's apology fell flat. She knew from day one what Bella sacrificed for family. Using that as her excuse to be a right bitch to Bella was not believable. I think she just liked being a bitch to Bella. Now that she protected the family, the family won’t put up with it and she was forced to apologize. I don’t buy it. Charlie’s going to lose his mind. I’m not sure Carlisle being there is going to make much of a difference. Eek!
ChristyWIX chapter 20 . 4/25/2020
Did anyone stop to check if there were security cameras at the studio? Cameras neear the studio in other businesses? Will they be all over the news in Phoenix now, shown leaving the blaze behind them? Renee was weirdly accepting of Bella being asked to be married. I don’t think Charlie will be as accepting. I’m thinking she is going to be right and be grounded forever. I also think that Bella and Edward need to go to Florida on spring break, as then they can use the excuse of a project for class to not go outside in daytime. How will they ever be able to visit her there? Yikes!
ChristyWIX chapter 19 . 4/25/2020
I really liked that she got a chance to tell that he made her like him but, she never was like him. Liked that he lost his shit when she told him she’d been living off animals. Loved that she told him he failed. And then, she proceeded to kick his ass and began ripping him apart. Never once losing control. That must’ve really infuriated him. Too bad Victoria wasn’t there too. Two for one would’ve been nice. Now,,she’s probably going after Renee or Charlie, just to get back at Bella. Or, yawn, creating an army to come after them. Hopefully, she’s taken care of right quick too. Maybe the wolves can have that distinction.
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