Reviews for Heirs to the Thrones
exodia513 chapter 16 . 5/18/2013
wow, i can't wait to read the next chapter of this!
Keep going! this is amazing.
Dynamite on Cure chapter 16 . 12/19/2012
Lolz 'Tobi is a good boy' yeah right.
I love this story.
I checked the last date on this... 2010, it's 2012 now. Two years, huh.
I think when you wrote that you'd 'try to have the next chapter by next week' you were a bit too optimistic. :)
However if you still get alerts, I hope you continue this story.
Hellfire Putten Ninja chapter 16 . 8/29/2011
O.o Awesome story, please put in a little more KonoHana, they're such a funny couple!
atlien03 chapter 16 . 1/17/2011
Please update.
Xalgoz chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
Have enjoyed this story, but am a bit concerned that it was last updated in September. Please continue it! KonoHana doesn't get enough attention, but it's a really cool pairing, sort of like mini-NaruHina or how NaruHina would be if everyone knew who Naruto's father really was.
Ishmael the 6th chapter 16 . 12/5/2010
Absolutely freakin' HILARIOUS!
sbradburn chapter 16 . 11/22/2010
I think the concept of the story is good, but there are a few things that strain the willing suspension of disbelief to the limits:

I don't think there's any amount of manpower shortage that would have Tsunade send two genin (not even a full team) with no sensei on a mission that would be a B-rank or higher. That is to say, the investigation of the actions of Akatsuki (or probably ninja-imitators) in a foreign country.

In addition there's the attempt to fit this into the canon universe which leads to a pretty high "creep factor" when the romantic couple is ages 12 (Konohamaru) and 10 (Hanabi) give or take a year. And then to to have them undercover playing a happily married couple? Certainly a stretch.

I think this story might work better by being set a few more years beyond the current time in the anime/manga.
Random Zaku Pilot chapter 16 . 9/29/2010
sorry if i dun review often laziness a gift or curse or both but back to the subject on hand like the story soo far keep up the good job hope ya update soon
Fionn the Otaku chapter 16 . 9/25/2010
Another excallent chapter of this great fic, I like Hanabi and Konohamaru's reactions to the plan to have them pose as a couple, especialy Hanabi's. Another good part is how much Konohamaru got into his role. I also like the advice Konohamaru passed on about disguises and Sai's explination of where they got the carridge as well as the Horses. Yet another good part is Konan's animostity tword "Tobi".
S-Class Ninja Swordsman chapter 16 . 9/14/2010
Another good chapter redsoul41. Keep it coming. I'm loving the plot and suspense behind this. Especially with konohamaru and hanabi and itachi and kisame. I got your message earlier, yeah still having legal issues and along with school, work and taking on a side job I've been pretty busy. Working overnight all the time tires you out but enough with excuses. My goal is to try to clear my schedule some and try to post sometime this month sense I'm already behind. I know it's been a while and I'm glad you are still interested in reading my story as I am yours. Despite all that is going on I will still try to post sometime this month. Can't disappoint my . By the way thanks for the support.
RedRangerBelt chapter 16 . 9/13/2010
So why was Sakura so insistant that Konohamaru take his old scarf off? Is it 'cause he's supposed to be a noble and all? How do they do with acting like nobles? How is Itachi activating his Mangekyo Sharingan in his sleep? Wow. Konohamaru knows a lot about Hanabi. How does he know so much, anyway?
RedRangerBelt chapter 15 . 9/1/2010
Yes, good for Konohamaru, he's the most notorious Sarutobi ever. I guess he must be so proud that he beat his grandpa and uncle at something, aside from learning a perverted Jutsu. What do they do about finding the Ataksui? Are the ANBU root people the ones that really killed those civillians instead of Kaishin and Buraindo?
S-Class Ninja Swordsman chapter 15 . 9/1/2010
good chapter red-soul 41. Keep it up. was glad to see that you updated again, now it is my turn. I have been so busy and my legal matters should be over soon but I am still working on the chapter hopufully I can get time to finally finish it. I can't wait for the next chapter and for you to update.
Fionn the Otaku chapter 15 . 8/31/2010
Great fic so far i really like how you bringing Hanabi and Konohamaru together. That said i really thin danzo tipped his hand in this chapter, not only was he witnessed reacting violently to Kaishin's accusation but a ANBU murdered some in cold blood then shifted the blame. That and the other killing are not the sort of thing you can simply keep quite or cover up, at the very least it'll turn into something like the Kennady assasination where conspiracy theorys abound and denailes or attempts to debunk them only make people more certain there right.
Saoirse Darkwind chapter 15 . 8/31/2010
That was a nice chapter. I especially liked Danzo going all psycho. It was funny. :)
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