Reviews for When I grow up
lulu belle chapter 1 . 2/6/2010
Ok, I'm going to admit I didn't expect much from this piece, or to really like it that much. Song fics are hard to do, and mixing it with actual scenes can be hard, almost too forceful. But I'm here, and I'm reviewing, so I really really enjoyed it. Actually, I hope you don't mind but I'm going to save it to my computer so I can read it again later. FFN is annoying and loves to remove songfics. I don't know how many times they have suspended my account temporarily or taken my favorite stories down because of songs. It's absolutely ridiculous. And this song (though I had my doubts) really really does fit Parker. I thought of this song as being more stuck up, but now I think of it with Parker's crazy smirk as she pulling off another "impossible" heist, and it's perfect. It's like her theme song.

My favorite part has to be the part about her dad and stealing bunny. I love the "No one can get to her again. Especially not him. If anyone does... well, I AM 'a better theif' now. And pick-pocketer. And a safe cracker." It really show cases what that one moment, her father taking bunny away, really changed and defined her. Because of that, she is now the world's best theif with a myriad of other talents. And of course, I love "Now no-one will steal from me again." because it fits with the story, and it still displays the same element of creepiness that is Parker with her disconcerting, apathetic grin that makes all the characters say "there's something wrong with you".

And I love how you still really managed to tell a story. I was expectign this to be scenes mangled through a chop shop and strung together is an obscure order only by this song, but there is a flow, a plot and sequence of events. It really tells a story about Parker, and the song flow is great. The song is interjected in appropriate moments and the writing is random yet complete as if these were Parker's own random thoughts.

I love how you explain Alice and Parker's past. How it made her who she is and why the way she is. I think you handled her past gracefully; using the information the show provided without delvign too deep and making it some soap opera and perverting the character to a tragic figure. Parker is a survivor. All of her actions are based on survival, of proving her strength and dominance, and of course, for the thrill of the fall, the steal, and the chase.

And I really loved the mental imagry how you started most of the "paragraphs" with Parker's own words (or another characters') from the show. Because then I had that scene in my head, with the music playing in the background as I read her thoughts.

Good ending, I like how you had mentioned Nate beign the dad in a paragraph before that instead of trying to squeeze it all into one section at the end with Sophie as the mom (and how you alluded to that with the "Don't tell Nate I called" part. It allowed the idea to marinate with the readers before you introduced us to the main course of the piece. I love the ending statement especially, how they give her a semblance of normal she never had before. And the addition of Alice having a friend.

And who can't love the Alice reference at the bottom in the very bottom with the last lyric of the song (so fitting. and seriously, now everytime I hear this song, I will be thinking of crazy Parker and her insane Grinch-grin.)

So in short, I absolutely loved this. Didn't think I would, but I really, really do. I am sorry this review is so long (sadly, it could be longer if I touched on everything I wanted to praise you on, but I think I covered the bases with these high points). As I said, I wasn't going to review, now I'm logging in to favorite it. I do hope you write more. I will have to keep an eye our for your other character centered pieces.

This has inspired me to write my own song-character fics. Though we'll see if they are ever executed. Good thoughts and ideas.
BookWorm37 chapter 1 . 1/14/2010
This is really good. I liked the last part. Seems just so natural for a nutritionist to agree to go steal a painting with a friend. ... Of course, none of us are normal and she's probably wanted to steal one for a few years now ...
misssweetsweet chapter 1 . 1/7/2010
You need to split this up to make it easier to read. Remember: paragraphs are your friend!