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anon chapter 15 . 10/3/2011
I read this phrase in another fic and it's shocking how well it fits this chapter: "Dating by Stockholm." Geez, Erik!

I want fluff!
Keyklee chapter 15 . 10/17/2010
Thanks for the warning about this chapter. Now I see where you were coming from. (I guess would be really stupid if I didn't though)

It really is quite a step up and very different from all the previous ones so I think I really see how it might be a little shocking, or at least surprising. But then I think I really kind of like that. It's so intense and extreme and really ...making a statement and I think it was quite courageous of you to go through with this. And you know I think I can really see it as realistic and in-character for Erik. And it adds a certain bitter-sweetness to the previous chapters because it reveals how desperate he really was to keep Raoul with him and how much self-control he's constantly bringing up.

Poor Raoul certainly didn't deserve that. I wonder if he'll understand one day how intense the feelings Erik has for him really are, but I believe that he will.

I thought the descriptions in this chapter are phenomenal and you really make Raoul's hopelessness, pain and despair palpable and it feels all so realistic, I can really imagine it.(yuck rats)

And even though we see so much of Raoul's horrible pain and despair, those two short lines where Erik speaks of how much he suffered himself, make it really believable that his pain was just as big somehow. And I think that's a great accomplishment on your part!

I really like this chapter to be honest. As I like Raoul so much it's hard to see him suffering so horribly, but I really loved the intensiveness and meaningfulness this chapter holds.

I got to admit... I read a story where Erik keeps Raoul a prisoner for over a year, constantly mistreating and abusing him (it was slash but you know they weren't really in love, it started after Christine leaving and with Raoul remaining in the lair with Erik instead), but that was a bit too much for me. Perhaps that was though because they never seemed to fall in love, not till the very end, it seemed more like a Stockholm Syndrome thing. I'm sorry for rambling so much about that other story here, I just wanted to bring it up because I meant to say how I think this chapter and the pain Raoul goes through in it is to me very different and even though it's very heavy, I don't think you went to far.

I'm sorry I think this review is kind of messy!

Thankyou so much for sharing this story, I really love your take on Raoul and Erik (and Christine too) and I think you have a wonderful way with words, your descriptions are always fantastic and beautiful and I love your ability to make one see and understand what's going on even though you don't have to be explicit about it. That's really amazing! Thankyou so much!
Keyklee chapter 14 . 10/17/2010
This is such a lovely chapter. Erik's attentiveness and affection is just sigh-worthy. I really liked Raoul's reaction to everything, the suit, the roses, the hand on top of his, that was so sweet and lovely.

I really like too how Erik pretends that this all was not as special and meaningful as it is, or that it wasn't as big an effort. But Raoul's right, to figure out his measures must have been a little effort at least.

The kissing scene was so beautiful! And somehow I really like that Erik prefers Raoul in things he's bought for him. I find it kind of sweet, even though I think it probably is almost rather dark and a sign of Erik's possessiveness and thrive for control.

It's really a beautiful chapter! Thankyou!
Keyklee chapter 13 . 10/16/2010
I really liked that you addressed Raoul's family and their reactions to what they know, or what they think to know and what they fear. I think it gets rather often overlooked, especially in the movie because there's never really a mention of his parents or anything except at the very beginning. And I always thought Raoul deserves a lot of kudos for all the things he does, I'm sure his family would probably have reacted similarly to the way Philippe reacted in the book so I really like how you point out how difficult the situation for Raoul is in that direction. I also really like how you, even though he really doesn't want to deal with all that, have him doing it. It seems so much like Raoul again, to be willing to deal with all those unpleasant duties to keep people as satisfied as he can, he really tries I think for everyone to be fine, and that's one of the things I like so much about him, he's so considerate and kind, quite an opposite to Christine imo.

I love that he mised Erik, and especially also that Erik missed him. Though being separated from Raoul seems to have a rather bad influence on him. It seems to make him a bit paranoid, and Mme Giry only enforces his concern. I think it seems very fitting and in-character for him, those self-doubts and insecurities, as heartbreaking as they are.

What I really loved was how it was the thought of Erik's death that seems to be what really stirs Raoul's frustration and anger and fear the most (and not what happened to Christine), even if it's perhaps partly unconsciously so. I really like how you brought that in and across!

I love how Erik really tries even though it's so hard for him and very much against his character. There's something almost sad about him feeling the need to listening to Mme Giry's advice.

The ending was amazing! Both incredibly touching and sad but also foreshadowing. Thankyou!
Keyklee chapter 12 . 10/15/2010
I really loved the gentleness and sweetness of this chapter, how they always stayed close and those small gestures of affection.

I liked that Erik left his lasso behind, not that he wouldn't be pretty much as dangerous without it as well, but it seems like a very wonderful and meaningful gesture on his part.

Again, I really like how Raoul tries to not blame Christine at first, I really love that trait of him, even though it probably makes life more difficult for him.

I think what you have Erik telling and explaining about his relationship with Christine is brilliant, I think you're spot on. I think it's tricky because their relationship and everything surrounding it is so complex that I imagine one could write so much about, and it's difficult (I think) to bring it all down in few words and bring it across so well as you did.

I like how in the end the thing that makes Raoul acknowledge Christine's manipulative side is nothing that she's done to him but the fact that she has hurt Erik.

I really enjoyed the ending! I loved the tenderness of it, and at the same time I have to admit that I also liked Erik not being willing to forgive and forget just like that.
Keyklee chapter 11 . 10/14/2010
Once again I really love how the chapter represents the very different personalities and tempers of Erik and Raoul. I always liked it when Raoul was shown as someone who is kind and never expects the worst from other people. What I really like is how in this case Erik's rather cold rationalism and calculation seem to apply more.

I think depending on how one looks at it Christine really can come across as very manipulative, in the book as well as in ALW.

I also really liked that Raoul still isn't over that kiss, that's very realistic and I think it adds a really nice and complex layer to their relationship.

I absolutely loved Erik's love declaration, it was really beautiful and touching.
Keyklee chapter 10 . 10/11/2010
I love possessive Erik mixed with caring Erik.

I really enjoyed the way you described Raoul at the beginning, his silent grief and his relief when Erik offered him comfort.

What I also really liked was Erik's approach to the whole issue. The way he seems confused and not quite understanding of the mourning and grieving process. It's such a Erik-like awkwardness, and at the same time proof of his own solitude as he never really had one worth mourning for.

I thought another great factor was his jealousy at the realization that Raoul felt strongly for others.

I love the last paragraph, mainly for the development that Erik no longer wants Raoul to suffer and that it hurts him when he does, and especially also the mixture between this sentiment and his possessiveness.

I thought it was a really touching chapter.
Keyklee chapter 9 . 10/11/2010
I think this chapter is really great.

I love how it centers around sex but really is much more than just a sex scene.

I really like the way you're describing everything. It's not too explicit (I don't really mind that if I think about it, but I really love this middle way) but at the same time it's also not too euphemised to become unrealistic or to prevent my slow mind from understanding what's going on.

I really think it's a great reflection of their relationship and their personalities. And it feels really realistic, which I think is perhaps one of the hardest- (no, scratch that, not gonna use the word hard in a review about a sex scene) the most difficult thing about writing sex scenes to keep them realistic. And I think you did a really really fantastic job. I really loved it.
Keyklee chapter 8 . 10/8/2010
I think this chapter combined so many wonderful aspects. I really loved the way you demonstrated that they trust each other, truly trust each other. The idea of Erik sharing his novel with Raoul is wonderful, I think it really shows how much Raoul means to him and how much he cares about him as well, because I think general-Erik would be too smug on one hand and at the same time in an odd way too insecure to do that with others. I also really love that he was able to make fun of himself.

I loved the scene with the cravat, it was very intimate and sensual without being explicit.

Erik sharing rumours about Raoul to make sure people stay away from him seems once again like something he would so totally do. I loved the part about him watching other people watching Raoul. Great chapter! Thankyou!
Keyklee chapter 7 . 10/8/2010
I really liked how this chapter kind of showed the general differences in their personalities and in the ways they deal with things, how Erik's easily retorting to violence when someone's bothering him while Raoul rather searches for the blame at himself (I'm sorry if that's grammatically totally wrong!).

I really liked this sentence:

"The smug satisfaction he felt was well hidden by a mask of feigned concern, an important talent he'd learned to cultivate without his love's knowledge."

I think it's written very beautifully and is quite telling at that too.

I think you also especially did a really fantastic job at showing Erik's ability to manipulate people without them getting a clue.

The way he seemed happy when suceeding was kind of sweet though, almost dis-eviling his manipulation.
Keyklee chapter 6 . 10/8/2010
I have to admit that I have a weakness for jealous possessive Erik, no matter how stupid that might be. I thought his expression of "disapproval" was really very fitting for him, intense and straightforward without really saying something.

Poor ill Raoul! I really enjoyed the way you portrayed him in this state. He's stricken but still strong and doesn't complain, trying his best to have everyone content.

I thought you did a really great job at describing the stewart too.

I loved their meeting again, both the conversation and especially the actions.

Keyklee chapter 5 . 10/8/2010
That was really... hot. And at the same time very sweet. Like it was sexy, but also sensitive. It was also sad because they couldn't (can't) be together as much as they want but at the same time it was happy or at least hopeful because one really felt that they love each other.

So I think the discordant harmony works and fits perfectly because the chapter was in many ways a bit like an oxymoron but perfect in the way the contrasts were combined.
Keyklee chapter 4 . 10/7/2010
It was great to get a pretty gloomy and annoyed Raoul and a humoruous and almost comforting Erik. I love Raoul's ability to stand up to Erik and be just as quick-witted. The idea with the sandbag was really great! Very original, creative and funny!

Keyklee chapter 3 . 10/7/2010
I thought Raoul's reactions/emotions and the ...chronology of them is brilliant. It feels so right, so understandable and in a way really admirable.

When Erik kissed Christine that was dreadful, but when you explaint it and "solved" it so to say that really threw a completely different light on it, and one that seems to perfectly the Erik kind of logical thinking. I love their meeting and again all the things that went through Raoul's head. I almost feel like he had the right here to call Erik monster.

I'm glad Raoul scored, I think he really deserved to.

I feel like I should feel bad for Christine for being used by Erik like that, but if I'm honest I don't.

That was a really great and impressive chapter, the way you had a grip on the emotions was amazing, like you really had made that experience in Raoul's place and knew exactly how it makes one feel. That was really brilliant.

Keyklee chapter 2 . 10/7/2010
I really like the way you have Erik dealing with Raoul's "intrusions". I think it's very realistic. Poor Raoul! I love how you keep him willing to fight and really sacrify for Erik and their relationship.

You know that's exactly why I always felt like Raoul and Erik could work as a relationship. In the original version or also ALW he's sacrifying so much for his relationship with Christine and I think that's a huge part of his character and it's, to me, the reason why I think if he loved Erik (and Erik him of course), then that's exactly why it might work.

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