Reviews for Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad!
DarkPhoenix chapter 2 . 11/18
Snape turns out to be a prince in disguise and is transformed by love in the end? HOLY CRAP you are an amazing writer, keep writing!
Toralu chapter 23 . 10/18
I always thought this fairy tale was a curse more than a blessing, it can't be fun to have flowers and gems spewing from your mouth, you'd choke or cut your lip over and over!
One thing I wanted to point out was that Harry mentions Dumbledore knowing he was going to die, but just not that soon, but at this point in the story Harry had no idea that Dumbledore was dying, he didn't know that the curse was only trapped in his hand.
Finwitch1 chapter 23 . 10/17
Nice one...
A version I heard didn't stop with the kind girl's marriage to the king...
The step-mother did some sort of trickery to switch the girls (probably with Polyjuice or something), the king finds out, (crying child and the toads being a dead giveawa but that's not how he found out exactly) and asks the stepmother what she thinks a punishment for that crime should be. She ends up declaring her own sentence - a rather horrible death for both herself and the toad-girl.

Still, at least that was for an actual crime, and the stepmother got punished too...
Mists chapter 23 . 10/16
Very well done as always. Yeah it always was my perception that Ron wasn't against SPEW, just the way Hermione was going about it (and the name too). The most telling moment for that I felt came when Hermione was making those little hats and hiding them around the dorm and Ron uncovered them saying, "There at least they know what they are picking up now." The thing is, you can lead someone to water, but you can't make them drink. Hermione needed to show the house elves what freedom was really like so that they would start wanting it for themselves. I always thought that at some point Ron was just going to come out and say, "use Dobby as an example, have him go around and speak to various house elves, show them what they can have, that they can be free and happy too. It will take some time, but eventually they will begin to want freedom for themselves and then that's when SPEW should come in." Anyway, that's my opinion on that. I really love the bits from the books and the deep discussions you always add in. Wonderful job. I always enjoy reading your stories. Keep up the excellent work!
RandomCitizen chapter 23 . 10/13
Ah a lesser heard one here!

Guess they just wanted the image regardless of its history...?(maybe ironically? 'XP) Like the Swatiska...?
LunaNotLoony chapter 23 . 10/13
Great chapter- I love this story, though I'm wondering if the plot will ever advance, them getting a horcrux or so forth. I always find Ron rants so funny in these, and the Neville bit was awesome too. Did you forget the note from the * though, or was that just a typo?
notsing chapter 23 . 10/13
Again, I liked Ron being so practical. The idea that the Death Eaters choose a fairy-tale symbol is interesting. But would they be familiar with muggle fairy tales? I suppose Tom Riddle as a child might have been exposed to them though. Thanks for posting.
Sarahlouisec chapter 23 . 10/13
I love this story. I'm always so happy when I get an email with an update. I'm always a slut for trio friendship
rpfan1976 chapter 23 . 10/12
Ron is always so funny in these. Love them.
Dracarot chapter 23 . 10/12
You know if you ever reach the point where referring to their camping situation starts to cramp up in terms of timeline you can always fast forward it to either Shell Cottage (somehow I can imagine them sharing something of a bed time story before they all catch some zs) or if necessary push on to between the Battle of Hogwarts and the 19 years later and have it be their children who hear any further ones.

OF course that's just if you think this chunk of timeline starts getting to cramped.
TheSpiritOfFanficPresent chapter 23 . 10/12
Oh my God...thank you soooooo much for this!
banzi chapter 23 . 10/12
Nice chapter. Good work.
JanusGodOfPossibilities chapter 23 . 10/12
Excellent chapter. 4,000/10

Are they going to be hearing about the Wizard of Oz at some point?
yellow 14 chapter 23 . 10/12
Nicely written, keep updating
Alimpson chapter 23 . 10/12
From this chapter I came to the realization that what if Voldemort took snake polyjuice and that's why he looks the way he does? just a thought. (of course no mere mortal snake was good enough for The Dark Lord Voldemort... so he got parts fresh from a magical snake and threw them in.)
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