Reviews for Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad!
Eliza Donelittle chapter 26 . 9/21
Another great chapter. I love Ron's sense of geography. The beef stew and biscuits did make me laugh because biscuits in England are cookies and definitely not eaten with dinner.
He-who-runs-into-walls chapter 26 . 9/15
Worker bees are also infertile females, I think most varieties of hive insects have the system of large cast of worker females, a small male pool, and the single breeding queen
Finwitch1 chapter 28 . 9/12
Once you've done with Aladdin.. I suppose Sinbad the Sailor could be next.. with Ron complaining about being poor and other people having riches... and maybe some Ilias (after a comment about a Troyan horse or Achilles heel or prophecy!) and Odyssey... Circe clearly does transfiguration...
Swallow B chapter 28 . 9/11
Very funny. I loved the bit about the sultana, and the princess taking a bath 'starkers in the middle of the road'.

These stories do have a lot of weird and disturbing stuff when you think about it...

Great job.
yellow 14 chapter 28 . 9/11
Pretty good. Keep updating
LunaNotLoony chapter 28 . 9/11
"Sultana? There's a talking raisin in this now?"
Guest chapter 27 . 9/10
It's like Helga Hufflepuff's cup kept between mounds of gold and riches in a vault that opens by a familiar member. That's what the cave signifies, doesn't it?
Mists chapter 28 . 9/10
Very well done, and so much fun! I love how the trio pick apart these old stories like this. You always make each chapter fun. Excellent job once again!
Guest chapter 28 . 9/9
Great chapter. I loved Ron's comments on certain aspects of the story.
RandomCitizen chapter 28 . 9/9
Ooh a trilogy eh?
GingerWitchWriter chapter 28 . 9/9
A couple of laugh out loud moments there! Just knew Ron would comment on the sultana bit :p And, then the 'he's a peeping tom', I had a Back to the Future flashback...and read it in his voice! Lol!
Good stuff - must take you ages to research all the history on these 'fairy tales'.
BlueWater5 chapter 28 . 9/9
Love Hermione's digressions!
GumGumOnigiri chapter 27 . 9/9
"Pining after some old doomed love affair from his school days and using the son as a way to maintain contact with his unrequited romance."

Aahaaahahahaaaa...! Ooh I seriously doubt Snape has a potion that can cure that burn. XD
LunaNotLoony chapter 27 . 9/6
Another great and funny chapter. I love your portrayal of Ron in these; so many fanfictions reduce him to a blithering idiot or a tactless clown, but this is just right. Very funny.
yellow 14 chapter 27 . 9/1
Most amusing. Keep updating
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